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  1. full game section one is released. download at www.darkkyshadow.com/about.html feel free to report any bugs.
  2. beta version 0.3 is released. Added two fun minigames to BETA for testing. Fixed two text glitch. Added 6 new maps. Equestria maps is added to the game. Screenshoot of the map is added to this thread or on my website. V0.4 beta is ready! it now have achievements, a guidebook to menu. Two new AWESOME Equestia maps added. Twilight spell "Absorption" fixed. Possible NPC "Trixie" crash fix. Two more puzzle mini-games added for testing. 4 more teleport location added. Added over 10 music tracks!!! Thank Sim Gretina for most of them! , added 10+ types of new monsters, added changeling army, added epic two stage boss battle! Final section one of the gameplay is finished! Sadly, it won't be accessible in BETA. Special thank to Yurusumaji for reporting some of the bugs in game!
  3. MLP RPG BETA is now released. Download it from http://darkkyshadow.com/Download.html
  4. First I will have to say MLP cartoon doesn’t give me much of ideas on monsters but there will be MLP related monsters as bosses which they aren’t shown on trailer.I don’t sound like Twilight because I am not Twilight at first place (duh), but I am trying hard to achieve that.Humans are there because Twilight was teleported to Earth by dragon altar; it is part of the plot. I will be going on a vacation 7-14-2012 to Alaska, coming back in 8 days. Expect most of the game to be finished around then.
  5. That is not true when there is currently only two MLP RPG games. One of pony RPG then the second one is MLP RPG.Besides, it is made for the fans. Don't express your hate when you can play for free.
  6. Youtube trailer: http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=PEFAdqcCNbs&list=UUvqBFRZqoT2rtjJEFh0Vmsg&index=0&feature=plcp website: www.darkkyshadow.com/about.html