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  1. 439,917 Whaddaya say after being gone for seven months? I got older, I guess. @Caps, I would like to let you know I'm using Linux pretty much exclusively these days. After spending several hours on it, I've finally hit nirvana with setting things up the way I like on Ubuntu. It wasn't easy. I had to learn a whole lot of shit I never would have needed before as far as using command lines and digging into folders buried in root. It's been kind of a journey. But I've done it. Eh, well, kinda. Still having some software issues as far as making Ubuntu play nicely with my hardware, but that may be because this laptop is 7 years old. Anyway, I thought that as something of a long-time Linux user (idk how long), that you'd appreciate hearing my experiences as someone who's still new to the platform (even though I've flirted with Ubuntu since 2011 lol)
  2. 435577 Think I'm pretty sick of cats. I'm never going to be able to own decently nice furniture with them around. The armrests on my recliner that I got for college graduation are fucking destroyed. I had that chair three years and nothing. It takes these cats eighteen months to tear it to pieces. Then there's the digging in the litter box late at night for a half hour at a time. Speaking of litter, these stupid, useless animals get it every fucking where. Pros: Cute Catch mice Cons No god is cruel enough to have created these things. Cats are created when Satan himself sweats into the fires of Hell. Put the litter box on one end of the house, it'll still be everywhere Save yourself some money and just sit on the floor. No piece of furniture will last long with these fuckers. I'm done with cats. I'm a sworn dog person now. Dogs are so much better than cats. My dog only needs to be walked and let outside to pee and fed and watered and pet every once in a while. She doesn't scratch everything to pieces. At most, she will make something stink if she hasn't been washed in a few weeks. But cats? No more cats. If my girlfriend comes home with another fucking cat, we're single. I can't deal with these useless animals anymore. Now they're running around the house and making as much noise as possible at 10 PM. fml
  3. Sarah Connor is one of the main protagonists. So they're teaching Google what Sarah Connor looks like I guess. I thought it was funny. 435480
  4. It's a Terminator reference. A classic. This gif You may have seen it on image boards. It's from the second Terminator movie. 435472
  5. 435372 Desserts spelled backward is stressed and this is the most profound thing I have discovered this week.
  6. 435315 @Fillypino Fried A classic. :')
  7. 435185 Know what I don't understand about Rise of the Tomb Raider? Why is it that Lara keeps using her bow after killing a horde of enemies that all use automatic assault rifles? Like, she gets her first gun off a dead guy, and it's a frickin REVOLVER. Why? Why wouldn't you get an AK off these dead dudes and start mowing them down?
  9. 435067 @Fillypino Fried Genius.
  10. 434926 This is me every day regardless of if I have to work. :T Reminded me of this
  11. 434900 Haven't played FO4. Xbox is malfunctioning atm
  12. Watched a few episodes of that. Think it was the second episode that they ride on the exercise bikes and he gets flooded with ads in his bedroom. Like, for whatever reason, I can see the world going in that kind of direction. 434894