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  1. Merely summarizing my inner evils will take at least, what... a lot of hours? Something like that... All I can tell you is that I practice glaring evily daily, infront of a mirror. I doubt anyone can top that, because it looks REALLY evil. .....But yes. I'm pretty sure there are some issues here and there - an over-inflated feeling of self-worth, vanity, reduced empathy... Currently, the worst issue is my laziness and tendency to procrastinate, because they seem to be the only ones which have an outright negative effect.
  2. Sorry, I have no idea who this guy is. Who is he...? (Also, is it really necessary to have a picture that big...? >.>)
  3. Yeah. Yeah. Not that that's obvious as hell, but... thanks, anyway. :[ I guess I'll just keep trying till I manage to learn myself, then.
  4. Scary stuff scares me. Oh shit.

  5. For noticing that someone else noticed something that was rather obvious. Congratulations with that. Oh wells.
  6. I tried a few. At first, it didn't work because I didn't take it too seriously. Eventually, I went through another session, but then I did take it seriously. However, no matter how deep in a 'trance' I get, the moment the recording starts telling me about 'myself', I start feeling awkward and uncomfortable, and start questioning every little thing uncontrollably. It's quite annoying, but atleast the 'trance' felt pretty nice. Summarized, trouble getting myself convinced because mind goes "look, eh, this is getting weird. wanna stop?". (sigh) Edit: By the way... No offense, but I find that some of the voices sound a bit unsettling. :[
  7. Wait wait... there was an episode that had Chrysalis kill Princess Celestia and Sombra's Slaves? I never knew about that. o_o ...I jest. Although I admit, you confused me at first... Anyhow, as it currently stands, I can't particularly point out anything as 'disturbing'. I mean, of course, you have the breakdown sequences with Pinkie and Twilight, but even then I couldn't see it as 'disturbing'. Now, if anything, I would call Angel's supposed death (Castlemania) somewhat disturbing, if only because it came out of nowhere. It also broke suspension of disbelief, but I don't think that counts as 'disturbing'.
  8. Sorry for that stupid outburst a few days back..

  9. Hey book, it's, like, 4 in the morning... Just... just let me sleep... please...

  10. Guys!! Nintendo!! E3!! In three minutes!! *fan girlish shriek*

  11. If E3 doesn't have Zelda, I'll be pissed. :1

  12. "So I'm not going to tell you the date, so let me tell you ALL about how I'm not going to tell you the date." Why, Dickens...?

  13. That... is a very difficult question you pose there, Alpha. Why? Well, all it takes is one glance at the FanFiction website, and suddenly you have a dozen or so more crap to choose from. Quite difficult, considering I am in a constant hunt for good Zelda fanfiction... I can't think of the 'worst', but one I happened to come across made for a good laugh... The basic gist of it? You had Shadlink (actual name... Also, I find I pronounce it as 'Shit Link'. Hah.), born in the Twilight Realm with the fourth piece of the Triforce (Bravery, which... well...) and he had to reunite the Twilight Realm and the Light World... Again, not the 'worst', but just that sticks out in my mind at the moment...
  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_9vSXSwTJIU I don't really have much to say. To make up for that, here is something else, more recent and more lazy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3RlIzy1yWwQ
  15. So... what, does she just drop dead while the other six ponies + Discord just happen to be in the same room? Why? Twi seems to walk off fine and nobody addresses an external factor in play, so all factors seem to point to her just randomly dying all of the sudden. Ah whatever, it might be just me (but I hope it isn't).