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  2. Perhaps we could reboot it and called it "AUTTTHW Reboot^2"? Or perhaps just come up with a better title.
  3. @~The Snowy Wolf~ Holy smokes, this thing still exists! I do miss the good ol' days of RP. This one would be perfect for myself, I feel. I am much more literate than before, too. I have some time after classes where I could respond. I don't remember where we left off though! It's been three years... I mean, I did leave early, but I'm still into it. *edit* Holy crap, I didn't even say I left this thing. I just dropped off the face of the earth. What is wrong with past me? What a dick. I should have at least said something then.
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  9. @, (During your post) When Sapphire requested Cyril release the bits of what remained, he piled them into the corner where they would be least disturbed. He felt a bit guilty at the comment on the radio, but he did not expect the hug at all. Even though she did mention it earlier, it made him blush a little. It's harder to see Cyril blush, considering it just makes his already dark purple coat a slightly darker shade. Yes, it was a short and friendly-pity hug, but it meant a lot to him. Cyril was only slightly surprised at the appeared armor, as it wasn't exactly the kind of armor he expected her to summon. "Beautiful..." was all he could mutter before he moved in his newly formed armor. It seems to meld with his skin, but that was only due to it's summoning. He acknowledged the movement towards the gate room, where Lightning said to meet him. "Let's hope that this issue can be easily resolved... and thanks for the hug..." he added quickly.
  10. Cyril took a second to look at Sapphire. Why was she all of a sudden in such a new mood? It's not like she really was concerned about him... right? Nonetheless, the offer took him off guard and a bit speechless. He never had any ponies asking if he needed help, or wanted anything. Though, he never really was in situations like this. "I-... i'll..." Cyril's eyes began to water, but he pushed away the tears and wiped his eyes with his forearm. "I will be alright... Just need to get over it. She was just a VI anyways. She didn't have any real feelings..." his words came out sheared and inside quick breaths. "I just wish I could see my sister right now. She always knows how to cheer me up." Cyril watched Lightning storm (GET IT?) off down the corridors. At the note of Sapphire's armor, he noticed that he was almost alone when it came to protection. Each of the main ponies on this ship had some form of external protection. Cyril, however, did not know much on defensive magic. He was always more of a pony who tended towards offensive or utility magics. "Is there anything I can wear for protection, Sapphire?"
  11. I wanted to make it seem like the ship's AI destroyed her for exploring and poking around. I can change it? Unless Specter wants to accept responsibility.
  12. Cyril was unmoved Lightning's incursion. He stopped in his tracks to stare lowly at him for a bit. "It's the remains of Mir... The ship took her from me." Cyril continued past Lightning towars his room. Or at least, towards the area in which he believe the room he took was. He didn't have time to talk. He just wanted to bury MIRVI somehow, because he knew there was no fixing her. He had a magical spirit bond with Mir, and now she was gone.
  13. Cyril laughed hysterically. The whole moment was getting to him. He couldn't cope with the fact that Sapphire was being so unreasonably depressed and upset. "Why did I melt them? Oh, I do not know. Why is Sapphire so set on not doing anything? Because two of her ideas got shot down? I'm sorry, but I am too set off by all of this right now. I need to go calm down. If you wan the ponies to be informed, you do it." With that, Cyril walked off out and to his room. Without Mir to guide him, he didn't have as good a sense to where he was going. Gah, what am I doing... The one time I am assigned a job... I have to get partnered with the most beautiful yet depressed mare on this entire ship. Cyril having conflicts with himself got lost in the hallways. He could not find his room, and ended up somewhere deeper into the ship's engineering section. He sensed dead magic, and couldn't help but pursue the origin of it. About ten minutes into his searching, he found the remains of... "Great Celestia... no. Please no..." Cyril fell to his haunches, scanning over the bits and ashes of his former droid. "Maybe her memory data core... maybe I could see what happened..." Cyril dug through the piles of ash and metal hunks to finally find the core. Thankfully, it was heavily protected with magic and strong metal compounds. It was the one thing Cyril would want most if MIRVI would be destroyed somehow. He magically twisted open the casing and pulled out a chip, plugging it into an exterior magic projection slot. A small image of the last half an hour of MIRVI's memory appeared, starting at the earliest. It was a bit before Cyril sent her off, so he fast forwarded about twenty minutes. At about the twenty seven minute mark, a metallic voice resounded, but was in another tongue. A few more times it sounded, increasingly aggressive. After the third call, Mir was quickly vaporized by some sort of beam. Unknown in structure, it seemed to come right out of the wall. Cyril looked up from the projection to find some sort of nozzle as to where the bolt came from, but to no avail. "Blast it all... I can not believe this happened to you... You promised me you would-... you would-..." Cyril choked on his words, hardly containing the emotion he felt. Somehow, he kept all but a single tear from releasing. "I'll fix this..." he breathed out shakily. He stood back up, taking all of the parts into his magic and continuing his search back the way he came to find his room.
  14. Cyril was conflicted onto what to do now. He could either give up and use the radio, or... "No. You're not getting away that easily." Cyril grabbed both of their radios in his magic and destroyed them, melting them into one pool of melted metals and electronics. They quickly cooled under the same magical power. "I don't care if its faster OR easier. I want you to come with me and tell each pony. Besides, the radio would only transmit on one frequency at a time. I don't think everypony is on that frequency." Cyril walked to the doorway, motioning for Sapphire to follow him. "Come with me."
  15. Cyril laughed, but not out of humor. "You see? That was a great idea. I think it's perfect. However, we still need to gather them into one room. I need your help telling each pony in ship to meet in the gate room. Are you up to that?" Cyril was at his last means to get her to go and be happy. If this didn't work, he didn't know what to do.