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  1. Can I go back and add that rule? My first post since 2011! Wahey!
  2. I had the easiest controlled assessment today, the teacher stood in front of the hall, explained how to do an if statement then asked us to write down how to do an if statement, that's 3% of my GCSE done.

  3. High definition ponies to mainstream?


  5. "I was going t-" Terra began before Macintosh galloped up to their congregation. Terra glanced between Evilshy and Macintosh unsure what to do "W-what's here?" Terra asked while staring at Macintosh as if he was an idiot.Terra, now staring at Macintosh, noticed the blood and took the time to inspect Macintosh's wounds he back away further, hiding behind Evilshy as if she was a shield. "What h-happened to you?" He questioned Macintosh while still standing behind Evilshy.
  6. Terra glanced across at Autumn as he sat near the window and began reading. Should I go over? No, he's reading. I suppose it'd be better if I left. Terra slid out of the chair and left the Relaxza room. Terra stood outside the Relaxza room deciding where to go. I can't go to my dorm, It's a bit late to go to the courtyard... I wonder if Evilshy is awake? Terra headed for the girl's dorms, dragging his hooves as he went. When he reached the Girls dorm hallway, he lurked outside wondering whether or not he should go in, he didn't even know Evilshy that well, she might not even like him.
  7. After Terra decided there was nowhere suitable for his plant he returned to the School. Upon entering his dorm he seen Big Macintosh spread across his bed cuddling the Luma plush he was suitably disgusted. "Why my room?" he said as he left the dorm after leaving his plant on his bed now heading to find an end to his boredom. Terra decided he would go find some place where he could be alone, at last, he headed for the Relaxza room. I hate this place.
  8. Banned 'cause I came downstairs to find her watching the Skyward Sword trailer.
  9. Banned 'cause that's awesome, also banned because I have the best mum ever.
  11. Again, not to be a pessimist but if the show was any later than seven it'd probably have it's rating cut in half as It's missing it's key demographic, kids.
  12. Makar


    Hi therE! I'm Makar. Welcome to the MLP forums! Just FYI It's awesome 'round here.
  13. I don't mean to be a pessimist but last series there was 26 episodes right? So if it was on twice as often it'd only be on for 13 weeks before the series finished so they'd have to make more episodes and it probably wouldn't work out cost effective.