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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Just a notice to everyone: I'm likely gonna barely be on at any time, no matter what I said about "back from my hiatus". I'm just not into foruming anymore. Maybe I'll return one day, but until then, see ya.

  3. I made this thread when I was much younger and retarded... This was made more than 2 years ago lol Not even close to being active on this site anyways.
  4. I'm thinking you should get a spray bottle, fill half with dish soap, half with water, and spray the (literal) bugger.
  5. I'm thinking how cool I was for killing 3 wasps with nothing but a bottle of water and soap.
  6. Just owned a wasp that was attacking my den for 3 hours. Tip for you guys: fill a spray bottle half with dishsoap, half with water, mix, and spray. Dead in less than a minute.

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    2. Blue


      Rub it in, let them eat it and bring it to the hive. It will kill the hive, and the dead hive will send a message to other pests saying "there is death in the area".

    3. ~Muffin of Chaos~

      ~Muffin of Chaos~

      You really need a newspaper column. I bet you'd have a ton of other things to tell others. THat meat trick would help MILLIONS.

    4. The Razor Wing

      The Razor Wing

      Happy Birthday

  7. Spent a bloody hour and a half trying to kill a wasp. It's either gone or sleeping, as I can't hear it. Ahahaha.

    1. Jennabun


      God wasps are so annoying and scary. I hope you made it go away for good!

    2. ~Muffin of Chaos~

      ~Muffin of Chaos~

      Update: Was able to kill it with relative ease!

  8. I love Little Caesar's... Anyways... Granted Closer, but now there is an even larger amount of overcrowding on the plane. I wish for a box.
  9. YOU SON OF A BI- Well, since I already did Leafeon, I'll do Noire. Noire x Tom the Boulder. It will be SHIIPPPEED
  10. Looking back on my earliest posts and profile info... I cringed. I need a way to change the "How did I find this board" thingy. Or remove it, preferably the latter.