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  1. Here's my 3ds friend code: 3523 2161 8035 Feel free to add me @NineStrike I added you
  2. Just finished reading Flowers for Algernon, and oh my god, that ending :'(

  3. 40 835 Tell me that for once I won't have to edit my count! Edit: I got it!!!
  4. -40524 Counting is so off, it's in the negatives!
  5. quattro mille quattro cento novantasei 40496 That's what I think it is?
  6. 40457 @SparklingSwirls Yup, the new spelling that nobody ever follows because it makes no sense and that exists for the sole reason of accommodating people who can't spell
  7. 40 535 Rappelez-vous, les gens! Selon la nouvelle orthographe, il est parfaitement censé de mettre des traits d'union partout! P-A-R-T-O-U-T!
  8. Quarente-mille-quatre-cent-vingt-cinq (with the new accepted spelling!) 40525
  9. 40414 Hello there, dear fellow!
  10. quarente mille quatre cent douze 40412
  11. 40, 261 cuarenta mil doscientos sesenta y uno! (Please tell me I got that right xD)
  12. Tons, and tons and tons. A lot from My little pony, at that. To be honest, I never really cared too much about the genders of the characters in shows and video games. Sorry for continuing to be off-topic, but I personally see Sheik as male, simply because Sheik is a costume meant to be seen as male, like if a girl was playing Romeo from Romeo and Juliette in a play. It's a matter of perspective whether you see him as male or female for that reason.
  13. 4/10 not sure I ever saw you before
  14. I'm only 5'4'', which is about 163 cm I think. I just hate it, everyone is tall on my father's side and I'm a freaking midget! Dx What's funny about this is that where I live (Quebec), we do use the metric system, except for height and water temperature for whatever reason.