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  1. As far as I can tell it works just fine. I haven't seen any effort needed on my part to preserve messages. I only checked once but it had messages from several months ago when we started. Gotcha.
  2. Discord can be used as a text app as well. That's actually where I host my current RPs. I've never had to talk to anyone on it for RPing. The only real irritation is a 2000 character post limit. But that's easy to get around by breaking it up into smaller posts. Sorry about that. My phone doesn't always autocorrect to the right things.
  3. And yes hello to you to too. Its a small wonder the three of us are still here.
  4. I guess you could say you're in luck, because I've been meaning to log on and disable email notifications for a month now. I just couldn't be bothered to do it. I'd be willing to keep going but my vote would be to move away from the forums and to a platform like Discord because I'm not really a fan of these forums. Though this isn't a democracy so its all up to you Hederik.
  5. ((OOC: Sorry for mentioning everyone, for some reason my enter key stopped working as I was writing the mentions. After several attempts I've given up. trying Also sorry if I didn't include a responbse to everything, I was running short on time to write this.)) @All @Convergence @Golbez @Scribblegroove @PonyOfWar @Dark Horse @everyone else. Mirror glanced towards the purple stallion as he so arrogantly introduced himself. There were many ponies like him in show business. Loud, selfish, arrogant, and prideful. Sometimes they could actually back up all their talk. It was still t
  6. So long as you use a controller the game plays exactly like the console version. I have Dark Souls on both. I can't say I ever noticed any issues. The mod you download takes all of three minutes to install. It really isn't much of a hassle, it just fixes a few things that the developers didn't optimize for PC.
  7. @Golbez@Scribblegroove Mirror could feel herself blushing behind her mask, she didn't deserve that much credit. Not for lying to Cherry at least. Mirror shook her head agreeing with Logic, "No...this isn't something she should be a part of." she said as she handed the letter to Logic. The showmare took a moment to tug the right side of her cloak back over her foreleg and closer to the center of her torso while Logic compared their letters. After Logic was done, she wrapped the letter in the faint purple glow of her magic. "Okay." she responded. As the two mares approached Crow
  8. @Golbez Mirror Image reached up with one foreleg and returned the shorter mare’s hug. A small voice in the back of her mind was screaming that this was just a coincidence and not some scheme to expose her in front of Logic. The magician pushed the poisionous thoughts back down before they could fester. Afterall, Cherry would have been the better choice. There was no reason to panic just yet. The unicorn returned Logic’s nuzzle lightly, careful to keep her new mask from moving around too much. Once their greeting was finished, Mirror stepped back so she could better look at the
  9. @Scribblegroove Just letting you know I will be making a post in the next 24 hours. Sorry for the wait. Work's been keeping me busy. I'll get it done some time tomorrow though.
  10. I like the PM'ing ide. In fact I was thinking of doing that instead of spoilers just last week.
  11. The better part of a night and day had passed before Mirror could catch sight of the golden spires standing majestically over the mountain side. Her hoof tapped the wooden seat impatiently as the royal city grew steadily closer. For the hundredth time that day, Mirror pulled the letter out of her saddle bags and re-read it. The deadline to arrive was noon and she couldn’t exactly afford to be late. Not with the potential consequences for tardiness so high. A glance towards the sky revealed that Celestia’s burning sun was ever nearer its zenith. She knew that she sshould have left e
  12. I'll be making my post today (so in the next 15 hours or so.) Likely I'll be writing it up while I'm at work and then I'll post it once I'm home. Sorry for the delay.
  13. Hi Scribblegroove, I noticed you posted a link to an older RP. Is this an ad seeking more players to continue that RP or is this a new start of that RP? I just want to know if I need to do some reading or not to prepare for the RP should I be accepted. Let me know if you need more information than this. Name: Mirror Image Role: Scout OC page link: Special equipment: Her purple cloak and her mask, though other than being comfort items for her, I don't think there's anything really special about them. She would probably carry a dagger or a knife for self-defense/combat. Other th
  14. SilverHeart

    Technology Which OS do you use?

    On my gaming desktop I have Windows 10. On my school/work laptop I have Ubuntu Mate And on a flash drive I carry on my keychain I have Kali Linux installed. Overall I would say I windows 10 the most but I really need to slow my gaming.
  15. SilverHeart

    Open The Dark Millennium

    @@Once In A Blue Moon, @@Hederik, @@AzureNightLight Silver released a breath she hadn't been aware she was holding, relieved that Cirrus was in fact Cirrus and not a wolf in sheep's clothing. She risked a glance in Cat's direction but couldn't quite read her reaction, though she imagined it was much like her own. For pretty much the first time since she had stepped forward, Silver turned her attention to the mare giving orders, apparently their new leader. She was passingly familiar but, like most of the of the Cadets not in her class, Silver knew little abo
  16. SilverHeart

    Open The Dark Millennium

    @@Once In A Blue Moon, @@Hederik, @@AzureNightLight, @@Colenso Rivers, Silver opened her mouth to respond, but Star was too close. So was Hardy. Even she knew not to raise the ire of the two most powerful and highest ranked ponies in Equestria. And so, she said nothing and allowed Carto to get the last word in their little argument. Following the others in their group down the rocky trail, Silver resigned herself to stew in her anger, self-pity, and fear. The latter of which grew with each step towards the cave below. Cirrus' arrival heralded a slightly improved a
  17. SilverHeart

    Open The Dark Millennium

    ((OOC: Well I missed too much to ever make up for it with a single post, so I'll respond to what has happened recently.)) @@Once In A Blue Moon, @@Hederik, @@Colenso Rivers, @@AzureNightLight, Silver Heart stood nearby watching as more and more members of her squad volunteered for their position. In fact, her squad seemed to make up the majority of the new unit. Midnight's presence alone made her feel that she had to volunteer out of a sense of duty. But she didn't want to. Going deep underground with cramped and dangerous tunnels, a single wrong turn or bad luck could cost all of them
  18. SilverHeart

    Open The Dark Millennium

    @@Hederik, Silver groggily sat up and rubbed her eyes with the back of her hoof. The last thing that Silver remembered from last night was introducing herself, Cirrus, and Colenso to the ponies around the campfire. After that everyone seemed to break off into their own conversation and eventually went to sleep. She glanced over to where the Colonel had made his wake-up call. Silver gave a soft yawn and stretched, unused to sleeping on the hard ground. Her hoof hit something, or more accurately, someone. Specifically Cirrus, who at some time during the night closed what distance had been be
  19. I guess it also stands to reason that if any of you don't think you can get another post in, just tell me. I'll go ahead and advance the scene.
  20. @@Golbez, @@Mentis Soliloquy, @@Hederik, @@FortyTwo42, ((OOC: One more post for each of you before this scene is over.)) Mirror hugged Cherry tight, pulling the drunken mare against her. She held her for several moments, ignoring the others in the room. She laid down next Cherry. "I'll carry you to our room. Just hold on and close your eyes." Mirror said quietly. She helped Cherry climb onto her back. Once she was safely balanced, Cherry carefully stood up and slowly walked towards the door. She pulled it open and walked through leaving the others to deal with Initial and the potential
  21. SilverHeart

    Open The Dark Millennium

    @@Hederik, Movement catching her eye, Silver looked away from the flames, a certain beige pony was beginning to stir. No doubt due to the discussion of dreams, somewhere around their campfire. "Hey there, how are you feeling? Better, I hope." Silver asked. She glanced down at the short-ish distance between the two of them and smiled at Cirrus. The campfire painted everything in a dull orange glow, but Silver thought she could see a slight blush on Cirrus' face. @@Colenso Rivers, A familiar voice mumbled something that she just barely caught, Silver glanced in the direction and saw
  22. SilverHeart

    Open The Dark Millennium

    @@Colenso Rivers, @@AzureNightLight, @@Once In A Blue Moon, @@Hederik, ((OOC: Nothing like a pint of hard apple cider to get the creative juices flowing. Also welcome to the RP Azure!)) Like the rest of the Cadets, Silver left the lecture hall and went to her dorm room, where she equipped her armor and gear. After getting dressed for battle she assembled in front of the One Way Door with everypony else. Silver, like many of the ponies present, waited nervously numerous emotions ran wild through her mind. Two emotions stood out from the rest. The first was disappointment. Walking throug
  23. SilverHeart

    Open The Dark Millennium

    @@Once In A Blue Moon, @@Hederik, @@Colenso Rivers, ((OOC: I'm gonna try the Once In a Blue Moon style of posting for this, see how it works out for me.)) Silver returned her gaze glaring daggers. Even if it was superficial, Silver finally had someone to blame for taking her freedom and agency as a pony. Nearly a decade of her life and the entirety of her future were stolen, just because she happened to have a slight knack for helping sick and injured ponies. "That bitch!" Silver swore just loud enough for her squad, sans Reverie, to hear. She spent the rest of the briefing
  24. SilverHeart

    Open The Dark Millennium

    @@Hederik, @@Once In A Blue Moon, @@Colenso Rivers, Silver reluctantly raised her hoof up before speaking, "You said 'mostly chang-" She was interrupted by Colenso. Silver grunted quietly. His question, however, forced her to look at Star from another persepctive, other than some malformed freak of a pony. The answer seemed obvious to Silver, she would gladly let them all die for her. While she waited for Star to answer Colenso, she briefly turned her head so she could see Cirrus more clearly, today's news, even on the best of days would be hard to take. Silver waited until Star had fi
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