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    when times seem hard, just remember that gerita is canon.
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  1. ur gay u shud poop yourself cuz ur a l00zar hahahaahah u got trelled

  2. Future Allie Way

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

  3. Future Allie Way

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    omg you cutie (?´?`?)
  4. equestria: where having drawings of apples on your buttcheeks clearly makes you a satanist referencing the forbidden fruit.
  5. I feel like everyone hates me and people just pretend to like me. Like, even if it's my best friend that we're talking about I never really believe it even if she tells me that she doesn't hate me. Once i made the mistake of talking about that to my parents and they just made fun of me UwU
  6. Happy birthday!~ I hope you come back soon v.v

    1. Future Allie Way

      Future Allie Way

      I'm almost two months late to say this but eeee thank you OwO

  7. Warning: HUGE picture I never even finished this. The cutie mark is incomplete, the hoof seems too short, and the letters look weird. But I'm Not Going to finish drawing it any time soon, so I decided I might as well post the thing before it drowns in my pictures. BUT ANYWAY Ye it's my OC Lemon Frosting. His (yes his) cutie mark is a magnifying lens with words underneath, because he's into mysteries and all that :3 I should make a separate post with his description but meh. In a nutshell: A kinda mare-ish colt that likes mysteries and clues, is lazy, reads a lot, likes to eat,
  8. I had another weird clockwork nightmare :v

    1. Pinkazoid


      I hope you get super squirrel aids

    2. Future Allie Way
  9. I woke up at seven for some reason and I was bored so I decided to draw ponies. I don't have a picture of the original sketches but I drew my OC again, only in my computer this time. Allie's Half-assed Sketchy Thing Semi-tutorial (I used ArtRage btw :3) Step 1: Sketch some figures and outlines and basic shade thingies Step 2: Choose random colors like there's no tomorrow Step 3: ??? I don't even know Step 4: Slap some colors on that thing and final product. As you can see she's 2cool to have two eyes. It's definitely not because of my inability to draw bot
  10. Wow, reading the replies, I feel like my way of "escaping reality" is weird xD I always take in many details about my surroundings and turn them into problems. So, I usually just curl up into a ball on my bed, put on my headphones, play music on my iPod, close my eyes, and talk to myself. ALLIE WHAAT
  11. OH ASHDGKJFL That is the coolest pony-related thing I've seen this year (literally xD) It's so amazing OuO Sobs because I will never be able to sew anything so awesome ;v;
  12. Oh my god, the song, the song I recognized the song right away, holy schnitzels. I had completely forgotten how much I loved playing Kirby games over and over again because I loved the music (pff definitely normal), and that song, oh god, I spent hours with that song in the background :3 k and on an actually-post-related side note, my sides fell off. So much wat eue
  13. As excited as I am for this game to come out, I must say I don't like the new graphics. I don't know, it just looks kinda weird, but that doesn't mean I'm not gonna buy the game. Ah, sometimes I think I'm the only person who's not excited about a 3D Pokemon game... I mean, it's awesome that the game has specific animations for the attacks and stuff, but it just seriously doesn't even feel like Pokemon anymore. Idk i might just be crazy or something ok dont hate me
  14. *glomps* o3o

    1. Future Allie Way

      Future Allie Way

      *glomps back*

      Happy 9:30 xD

    2. Akemi Homura

      Akemi Homura

      Yey, you must now accept my skype request ^.^

    3. Future Allie Way
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