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  1. Teh Boi

    The end

    I wish I was as naive and optimistic as you, child. I truly envy you.
  2. Teh Boi

    The end

    It was an honor, gentlemen. I shall go down with the ship. I bid you farewell. We all knew this was coming, yet we did nothing. There's no going back now. MLP FiM is near it's death. It was a fun ride, but everything comes to an end.
  3. Cast Away.... oh god, the feels. I am going to watch Aladdin tomorrow on the DVD player, because Aladdin is a pimp, and pimps have tons of bitches and gold.
  4. I will probably use my eyes and ears, perhaps sit on my behind so I don't get tired. Maybe I'll watch it on my bed. The possibilities are endless!
  5. I like family guy, american dad and southpark...i r goen cri nao. *cri cri cri* At edit of my OP, why? Now some parts of the post make no sense. The nyukah moments...
  6. I love the Boondocks, the humor is just so good. And the characters, I just love the Ed Wuncler III episodes, Uncle Ruckus's episodes are pretty damn funny too. And let's not forget about the moments with Stinkmeaner So, what other animations do you like?
  7. While I do collect videogames, I don't have rare specimens. And I wouldn't consider Mario World to be a rare, I have 2 copies of that game. Now, Super Metroid and Super Mario RPG the Legend of the 7 Stars. Those are rares, and I need to get them for my collection (I already have them in the virtual console, but I must hold them)
  8. Favorite Pokemon? Joltik and Squirtle. Favorite game? I loved the 5th gen (Haven't played the sequels yet), but Gold and Silver also have a very special place in my heart. Just remembering that Christmas, under the tree, opening my presents and holding the box. That shiny, golden box. I also remember that my cousin used to tease me with the Kanto region, because I didn't knew how to get there after beating the game.
  9. My all time favorite is Team Fortress 2. After that, I can name a few: -Half-Life (the whole series) -Portal 2 -Da binding of Izik -Terraria -Fallout New Vegas.
  10. I am well past the awkwardness. I mean, I got my desk full of pone. My Laptop is ponified. I occasionally talk about it in front and with my friends.
  11. Whenever someone compliments my beard, saying that is manly as fuck or that I look like a lumberjack. I love my beard so much. Hairy gene pool ftw.
  12. When Half-Live 2 Episode 3 is announced. So, 2015-2017? Or perhaps this November, yeah, that seems plausible.
  13. Since the thread is about VIOLENT movies, and not horror ones... I might have to say John Rambo, Expendables 2, and Scarface. They are really violent (but I fucking love that kind of movies) what the fuck?
  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rd7Wh4vrVyk I would love this song. I just love it, feels so magical and spiritual. That's how you leave this world in style.
  15. I try to get better, but It is also a lot of fun to be a pyro and to rush in front of 4 heavies and 3 demomen.