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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. Merry Birthiversary!

  3. Merry Birthiversary!

  4. Some might remember synchtube streamings I used to do. I just made a channel on similar page, anyone can join in in have noone to listen to (there is also a chat, but I won't probably react much)

  5. In no way. I grew up in a household that does not celebrate any holidays.
  6. Just to inform you I haven't died yet!

  7. Where is my mind?

  8. There's no such thing as the friendzoone friendzooo-ooone
  9. I am the Wretched Egg. I am the princess of ban. I am the Sun. I'm a Tsunshun. I'm a monophile. I'm an INTJ. I colour birches. I dreamed of creating a walking carnivore plant. I have a scarf which I always have with me. I miss. I hold a promise. I hope. I like cold and snow. I despite overly affected people. I keep a dream diary. I love paper hats and paper boats. I love books. I have a thing for glasses. I donate blood plasma. I enjoy using a duct tape. I adore long wavy hair, sadly, my hair is straight whatever I do. I love the sounds of violin. I've changed my diet habits and lost 3 kg so far. I've solved a Rubik's cube. My favourite sport is lying on the kitchen cabinet and nose licking. I want to name my son I will never have Vincent (after my unicorn) and my daughters I will never have Amelia and Melania. My natural hair colour is pale ash. My hands are always Ice cold. Carnivore plants and daffodils are my favourite plants. Chaotic neutral. Mentally, I am an asexual. Oficially, I am a bisexual. Time to time, I go Yandere. Time to time, I randomly bite people. The only thing I want to dominate is the world. Once directly truly heartbroken, once undirectly truly heartbroken, once undirectly lightly heartbroken.