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  1. MyHeeno

    Ummm, Hey?

    Hey there BattleArena! Welcome and enjoy your stay on the forums! What kind of dogs do you got (I'm not much of a cat person...)? Sorry to hear about your Guinea Pig...
  2. Have you guys seen the comments from that dude/girl (haven't cared to check) named Icky Etardo???? He/She keeps commenting with stuff and it's making me laugh!
  3. MyHeeno

    New Person

    Hey there Zedra! Welcome to the forums! Do you do any art or write any songs? Also what games do you really like to play other then Minecraft that are multiplayer? Also why have you been dubbed the "text ninja?"
  4. I showed my friends Friendship is Witchcraft first and they feel in love with that! Soon they were wondering what the actual characters were like and I showed them the very first episode... And they fell in love with it! I never forced them to watch it, they just wanted to. (Never make somebody watch it, they will not like it if you do!) So now a lot of my friends like the show and are bronies!
  5. Just the other day somebody was telling me a fanfic of Season 3, in the end all of the mane six turn into the elements of harmony. (I have no idea why, I guess trying to defeat this villain guy) But that ending made me so sad and pissed off!
  6. Muahahahaha! One more for Rainbow Dash! You have to admit though, Fluttershy does have Rainbow Dash beat on the cuteness scale... But Rainbow Dash is cute at times, so that makes up for it! (Right?) They both have their flaws though... Rainbow Dash is cocky most of the time, Fluttershy is a big pushover... But alinol (Cars 2 reference) they are both awesome and adorable characters!
  7. MyHeeno

    MLP School Supplies?

    Alright, that is what I was thinking... (After I posted my first comment) I haven't really checked around for anything... But If I find something I will let you know!
  8. MyHeeno

    Hello Everypony....

    Hahaha! That is funny! Every drawing of mine just sits on my desk... Then friends come over and see it and laugh at me... But oh well, at least you have somebody that can give you pointers on how to improve your drawing styles and stuff.
  9. MyHeeno


    Hello! And welcome to the forums! It's nice to meet a fellow Metallica lover here! And you write Fanfiction! Show me some of your work right now! (I love reading soooo... ) Anyways... have a wonderful time!
  10. MyHeeno

    Hello Everypony....

    I know exactly how you feel... I have drawn pictures, but they suck, so I don't post them anywhere! (which is weird because my dad is amazing at drawing, but I suck) and I do play instruments (Piano, Guitar and Bass, trying to learn to play the Cello) But I don't like to play them in-front of anybody...
  11. MyHeeno

    MLP School Supplies?

    Doesn't Walmart and Target sell school supplies year round? Otherwise I get stuff at Office Max usually, or online if I want something certain. Such as an awesomely amazing calculator! (It's just like a computer!)
  12. Hello there AnonBrony! Welcome to the site and enjoy your stay! Anyways I too play video games! (Surprisingly) What kind of games do you play? And for what system? If you play PC a lot (and play the same games) we should play something sometime!
  13. MyHeeno

    Hello Everypony....

    Hello there FlutterShysFolly and welcome to the site! Do you like to draw or play any instruments? That would be so cool!
  14. MyHeeno

    Greetings! :)

    Howdy! Nice to meet you Hawk! Have an awesome time in the forums! You better post your novel somewhere so I can read it! (I love reading)
  15. I agree with you Reoga13, very good job! Would have been 20% better if you would have had your guitar plugged in. Other than that, it was awesome! Also how long have you been playing guitar?
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