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    Racecars, VTEC, 60's - 70's model cars, NHL, Pittsburgh Penguins, Funny things, Not being serious, Sarcasm, Sunset Shimmer, DID I MENTION RACECARS?
  1. RAEce Car

    My thoughts on the "Applejack is a background pony" joke.

    Bronies think their jokes are funny.... but SURPRISE! they're not. Just like "LOL MAUD PIE.... ROCKS" isn't funny. Bronies' jokes aren't funny. Applejack should stand out for the fact she's levelheaded and handles situations well. Common sense trumps all. And dat accent and her fuckin' great hat.
  2. Well, considering I live with my boyfriend and we're both night owls - there's plenty to do. Usually we make food around midnight, watch movies or youtube videos, xbox, cuddle, then nsfw things. we usually are up til at least 4 am every night.
  3. RAEce Car

    Web Rucka Rucka Ali has gone too far....

    He obviously aims to upset and anger.... and succeeds. x) So idk what you expect.
  4. RAEce Car

    Man fired for being a Brony....

    Depends. If it's a slight interest or even strong interest, but they aren't shoving it in people's faces, then why bother? They're not bothering anyone. Let 'em like what they like. But if it's distracting from their work ethic, they go around talking solely about MLP, and are obnoxious and don't shut up about it... then I see why they're getting fired. Just because you like something - you don't have to shove it in people's faces and that be the first thing they know about you. Part of the reason bronies have the reputation they have.
  5. RAEce Car

    Hape (hugging without consent): your thoughts on it?

    Hape.... offensive? No. Slightly funny if someone says it jokingly. If someone actually believes they got "haped" and get upset.... I'll find them to be ignorant and to be overreacting. Online hugs are "meh" to me. Unless it's a close friend.
  6. Obviously it varies for different woman, but I assume you want personal accounts from different girls. So how it effects me: 1. Feel sad/lonely. Even if not for a real reason. Just a sinking feeling in your stomach. 2. Cry/overreact to things that normally wouldn't bother you. 3. CRAMPS. 4. Prone to breaking out (just a few zits though) 5. Tiredness Commonly, women become irritable. I rarely do. Just get sad, not angry.
  7. RAEce Car

    The Clichéness of you!

    I like Monster High and pretty much anything cute or pretty. Like girly colors and glittery things. Love doing my hair and makeup. Idk, mainly just my girlyness.
  8. RAEce Car

    Do you have a non-pony waifu/husbando?

    Chevette is my top waifu uh idk, I don't think I have one but the closest is definitely my major crush on Abbey Bominable. I loooove her. Too cute for words.
  9. RAEce Car

    What's Your Catchphrase?!

    "10/10 not great" "Totally tubular, wicked radical" "Pretty grovy, man" "Gotcha, coach"
  10. The majestic border collie. Why you ask? Well, simply look at it. Beautiful, uncannily so. Intelligent, obedient, and cute. My kind of puppydog.
  11. RAEce Car

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    awh thank you i appreciate that
  12. RAEce Car

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    Been awhile. Chevette took this.
  13. RAEce Car

    Slenderman Stabbing

    Lmao it's soooooo incredibly FUNNY when people blame movies, music, games, FICTION for ridiculous/crazy actions done by unstable people. Basically, people will blame everything "but the innocent 12 year old kids". Well, let me tell ya: I read the articles and that shit was PLANNED OUT and they KNEW what they were doing. Most people in society know the difference between fiction and reality.... so the few who DON'T obviously had problems. So how could you blame anything else BUT their own mental problems? It's not like everyone or even the VAST majority of people subjected to Creepypasta are psycho killers. Right? Right. Therefore, I put the blame on the kids. 12 is damn well old enough to know right from wrong. I'm pretty sure they're mentally unstable or just evil. Yeah, they should be locked away. It seemed blatantly premeditated, thus leading me to believe they're twisted enough to hurt people again.
  14. RAEce Car

    What was your first home town or city like.

    Ah, a small town in West Virginia. All we had was some drug stores, gas stations, and like 2 places to eat. Everything else was 30-40 minutes away. It was peaceful. But lots of lazy people who didn't wanna work. Pretty much everything was in walking distance.
  15. RAEce Car

    Gaming Favorite Mortal Kombat character?

    Skarlet was nice. I don't think her boobs were as bad as everyone elses and she looked more proportional. Sheeva is so gross.