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    Well, I Like the story on how all the ponies from mlp got there cutie marks. I Think its very touching on how they did.
  1. For out of the mane 6 it was a tie between Fluttershy and Twilight Sparkle, But I had to Go With Twi. For the secondary pony I chose AppleBloom Shes Just so cute and adorable. And for the teritary background one i chose DJ P0N3. I know right?! Shining Armor made the last to episodes of season 2 in my opinion, and they are missing Princess Cadence too, I Hope they make more episodes with Shining Armor and Princess Cadence.
  2. Out of all of them I think you can best describe me as the the real-life brony fan, and maybe some of the love-and-tolerater. Also, a bit of the fanatic.
  3. Well, I Recently transferred schools, and at my old school mlpforums worked, but at my new school its blocked, Which i find quite funny. But I Could see why some schools block it.
  4. When someone that has a iphone, They just leave it on untill it locks its self, I Mean really they have the lock/power button for a reason.
  5. Runaway twin by Peg Kehret Its a really sad story at the beginning and the end. But its also very happy at the ending too. Its a really good book. I Suggest it.
  6. Dude wheres my car must be the worst movie ever. Its just too stupid in my opinion to be a movie. Especially the humor.
  7. I Wanna say that there around 20 or so; but i'm not sure. I never really thought of how old they are though, that's a good question.
  8. I Really wish that twilight sparkle would like spike back and that they both date. I know that would never happen because its a kids show, but i really want them too :3
  9. I Really don't know i kinda went off of topic there.
  10. Demonic Knight. I Could probably give a better a better name if i knew the personality better, And nice drawing!
  11. The same thing happens to me too! Especially when i'm watching a scary movie i just cant bare to watch. Sorrt i kinda went off topic there.
  12. I Love that song man. Still do today. That post deserves a bro hoof.
  13. I Always wanted to watch it but i never really did ever get to see it Seems like a really good movie though
  14. My friend doesn't really use youtube ever either. So you're not alone. But she doesn't have a account on mlp forums D: plus theres probably more people like you. You're not missing out on a whole lot on youtube either. i personally find it annoying when some one goes like "OMG YOU HAVE YOUTUBE? LOOK UP *input some stupid video title here* ITS SO FUNNY HAHA. " Then i watch it then a brick has more expression than me.