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  1. Ok ill go first.... Lol My favotrite fb games are are TETRIS, WASTELAND EMPIRES AND ZYNGA SLINGO .... xD
  2. DallasDee

    'ellos ;)

    Hello there and welcome to the official number 1 mlp forum ever here you will discover new badges, roleplay, great topics and awesome loving bronys and pagasisters! Like me
  3. This my Littlepony I chose her to be green cause thats my favorite color and her hair color is what I have in my hair and the wavy is because my hair is also wavy and she is chubs like me TEHEE
  4. probley approved because you are saying sorry to everyone which btw in my mind is a fantastic thing to do
  5. omg ok soo my guilty one would have to be boyfriend from justin bieber even tho i really find him flipping annoying and his songs all to lovey dovey for me
  6. This is my first attempt of drawing a MLP character... I messed up on the wings a bit but thats what practice is for!
  7. I do believe the scariest enemy i have personally come across...is...is...um...i'd have to say...YOU!
  8. i'd have to say the best ever N64 game ever made would have to be Donkey Kong!!! I used to play that ALL the time!!!111oneone
  9. My favourite two games would have to be Nazi Zombies from CoD Black Ops and Tetris Battle on facebook.
  10. hello im new to this site hope to become a brony someday. But intill then im going to keep watching MLP and listening to brony music