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  1. Birthday happy

    1. Chigens and Kay

      Chigens and Kay

      Wow, thank you! Sorry for late! I don't check back often T^T

    2. Ferret


      That's okay. I hardly check here either. I just happened to check in on your birthday, which was pretty cool I suppose.

  2. Anyone else encountering an issue where the top of the page ,containing the notification boxes and profile, is cut off?


    1. Rikifive


      Hmm... it works for me. :ooh:

  3. @Ferret

    Hi, have we met?

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    2. TheRockARooster


      Well, nice to meet you.

    3. Ferret


      Nice to meet you too. To what do I owe the pleasure?

    4. TheRockARooster


      I thought I would introduce myself

  4. On my way to the Airport to pick up my beloved! Yey

  5. A few come to mind. Game theory: Started coming off as really egotistical. A lot of his "research" was garbage. H3H3: Another YouTuber lost in the world of streaming. Really started showing off a dickish attitude and treats a lot of people who don't deserve it with disrespect. Finally unsubscribed after he responded to Projared's explanation video where he couldn't come up with sound arguments and resorted to insulting his appearance and trying to dictate how people should live their sex lives. A shame. As someone with Tourettes I used to admire him. JonTron: He said some terrible and misguided things a while back, but I was willing to try and at least enjoy his content. Sadly even that has gone downhill. Over reliance on prop shock humor and topics I don't care about. Ganegrumps: Jon left. Probably a lot of others. I forget to go back and watch them and then I just never see them again.
  6. Ferret

    Happy birthday, me

  7. 8 year joining anniversary. Time flies.

    1. Anti-Villain


      Been here 7 myself.

  8. Mostly personally good. I found the time to watch the rest of MLP and visit this site again. Reconnected with my ex and love of my life, and we got back together again hopefully for good, and free money from the government is a big plus too. ; )
  9. Why did you follow me? It says in your bio that you don't randomly follow people. :v

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    2. Ferret


      Well, I hope it isn't too rood of me to ask that you do. I'm not too terribly interested in meeting new people right now and my follower list ( which used to be called the friends list, don't know why they changed that) is kind of a relic of the good old days, when I was actually active here. 

      By all means though, if you want to try and be friends, do so. Send a PM if you want. I won't argue, I just may not respond in a timely fashion.

    3. Goofyg24


      Okay I unfollowed you. Sorry if I wasn't aware that you weren't interested in making new friends 

    4. Ferret


      Thanks, but as i also said, feel free to pm if you want to talk and maybe still be friends.

  10. She posted her first YouTube video. Send love.


  11. I recently went back and watched this one again. Went into it with high hopes since I remember it as being one of my favorites back in the day, but it really didn't hold up. I'd still say it was good at least. Lovely music, an interesting idea for a story and indeed good visuals despite the budget limitations they had. And speaking of budget, supposedly the show was originally supposed to have twice as many episodes, which would likely have helped out with the shows major pacing issues and lack of development for a lot of characters.
  12. Happy shared birthday.


    1. TheSupremeLeaderOfChaos


      Aaa happy birthday to you too!!! Hope it's been a great one! :pinkie:

  13. Merry Birthiversary! 

    1. Ferret


      how dare you 

      Thanks friend

  14. Pleasant fetal transmogrification day!

    1. Ferret


      I don't think I have a balloon for that title but thanks!

  15. Happy birthday! :muffins:

    1. Ferret


      Still got three hours to go on my end, but thankie.