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  1. Nope, Internet relationship < IRL relationship, because it's 20% better good for you, but it doesn't mean you will be BFF's in all the cases, it's more like 25% that you will 75% that you woun't... or it's even less than 25%. And I'm talking about internet-only relationships here, where you only chat and talk via it, and don't meat them IRL. And seriously, you should talk to someone dear like your family, you will feal much better, I guarantee it. Ofcourse if you feal the need to. I will regret posting this when I wake up I swear... where is smoke there's fire... So I will not go on with this, not today.
  2. Good night everypony, It was a blast... auch my head, it's gonna expload D:

  3. Redirect this to Show Discussion ASAP
  4. Yes and no. I support the fact that people should help someone having difficult times. However, it should be done by people you know not in the internet, but by the people that you know in the real world. Why? Because It Will surely help them more to talk with theyr family than sharing on how they feal in forums(or any other way) and not saying a thing to theyr families/lovedones. Ofcourse, the best thing would be to do both, to talk to both internet "friends" and family. But If they should chose one, they should chose to talk to theyr families, because they will feal much better and they will receive much more support than from the internet. Well, they sure exist and they sure count and there are far more methods than posting. Though I bet that over 45% of people over do it thus becoming adicted to it. the other 65% (+/-) are just fine or atleast a bit overdoing it. I never really got the (for example) mass chating in livestreams, where over 500-1000 people say random things and try to impress the OP. Sorry but I really do not believe in things like really strong relationships only via the internet. Sure, you interact with more minds via internet but it doesn't mean they are all right/sane/smart but also it doesn't mean they are the oposite too what i said. And yeah, people love tiped words over spoken because they are geting adicted to technology/internet/non-face to face relationships. By the way, everything that I said wan non-offence. So yeah, don't get me wrong, I respect everyones tastes, but I too have my own. ಠ_ಠ (I will so rofl over what I said today and don't you dare to find this message)
  5. Damn, and I though I had a dirty mind xDDDD shame on you Twinlight. Anyways, +1 from me.
  6. Mr. Shoe

    HI :D

    Welcome to our forum Austyn, Hope you'll enjoy your stay here with us. And you are a brony for 6 months now? Why on earth did decide to join us here? well, it's glad to have a veteran here and how on earth can you have an avatar with 0 posts? ._.
  7. You shouldn't try to convert them, especially when IT could damage your relationship with your friends/ teachers. Seriously, it's better of to live with the secret that you are a brony. You shouldn't, because if you do, and if they will react to it in the bad way, they will surely (as you said yourself) bully you, cyber terrorise you, ignore. Believe me, I almost made a mistake myself. I kind of mentioned the thing about MLP and bronies and they reacted to it like "lol, they are just some idiots who over reacted to a little girls show. It's a good thing you aren't one of them, because if you would, we would immediately stop all relationships with you...". So I had to lie and say that I hated them too. So yeah, It's up to you actually. I'm just saying you shouldn't, because you may need them in the future, and they MAY not help you because they hate bronies aka you being a brony.
  8. This should be in sugarcube corner Anyways, what do you mean by pride? is it toys, shirts, fursuits, accessories or is it something more?
  9. Hm... I've been watching Pinkie aka robot overlord over the past few days and no, not that kind of watching. Anyways, so as I said, I've been watching his posts, his threads and his "what's on your mind"s and I saw something familiar in him. I saw a boy, lost in his world, not knowing what he needs nor wants in his life, not seeing what is he doing. It's something familiar to depression, or I think it's something like it, because I've seen lots of things over the past five years, and they weren't pleasant. Now, about the thing that bronies changed your life. Well, I don't know. It sounds kind of ridiculous. I never believed in internet relationships, especially when you just write, role play, comment each other, play and so on. What I'm trying to say is that internet "friends" that you have shouldn't change your life in a big way, especially when you don't know them in RL, because one could go insane, or as I said get a depression. Only Friends whom you know in the RL (example: family, school/work mates, neighbours, loved one's, childhood friends) should or could influence it. However, as I say, for each theyr own. Do as you like but be warned, don't go to deep in internet-only friendships, because it will go away someday and no one whom you knew (well, maybe some) will find you or get a contact with you in real life. I'm not saying you're that depressed, or you don't have friends in RL or you have problems in it, I’m saying you should talk to someone just to lay off your feelings to someone dear to you. (no, someone like your parents) Anyways, I liked it. It was from your heart. I approve it and wish that you would have wonderful times in here. damn i'm intoxicated...
  10. Don't worry, I'm still here, I didn't leave MLPF, It's just me and my friends were partyin' all day 'n' night... though after we were finished, we had a lot of cleaning up to do, If you know what I mean :L

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      Mr. Shoe

      lol pinkie, not that kind of stuff o.O shame on your dirty mind

  11. Damn, I can imagine you were sad as hell huh? ._. I would... Also, I'm bumping
  12. 6.5/10 I see you around quite a lot, though not too much (that didn't make any sence)
  13. Made a new Signature... Y U NO JELLY EVERYPONY? :3 to tired to way, so surprise me with your comments xD good night

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  14. Mr. Shoe


    No worries, just do the same thing as the cutie mark crusaders did, find some friends and do all sorts of random stuff, and maybe you'll get one soon Jokes aside, you'll figure it sooner or later. (maybe it's a flower or a moon? yeah, I have a poor imagination)
  15. Angel looks so cute and intelligent :3 Though Salem looks like a trouble maker heh.