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  1. Of course it's "okay"! You should live your life in whatever way makes you happy. I actually can't stand the thought of being married and I never actually think about relationships until I start to have feelings for someone.
  2. LUNA LUNA LUNA LUNA Yeah, I'm one of those commonplace Luna fans, but I just adore the princess of the night! She is the best pony for me.
  3. Any of the Spike or CMC episodes, since they don't represent the main ponies and the episodes about the CMC or Spike tend to be filler (excluding The Cutie Mark Chronicles).
  4. Definitely Diamond Tiara. Trixie has a reason to be arrogant; it's part of her performance to challenge other ponies and claim to be the best at doing tricks. Diamond Tiara doesn't even have a reason to be mean, she just is. She's also more of a bully than Trixie, who was mostly just a rude showoff.
  5. It's from the first one. It's when Twilight mentions she's from Canterlot and Rarity says "I've always dreamed of living there!"
  6. I'm so fascinated by the "crack" in Rarity's hair. It's always intrigued me. You can see it well here, above her horn there is a section that's not completely together. In this picture you can also see there is a line drawn on her horn that separates it from the rest of her head, but this was only in the first two episodes and in the rest of the episodes her horn looked more attached.
  7. Well I didn't really get to talk to them all that much, but once I was at the mall and I saw four different bronies in one day. Two of them were standing around together & obviously friends, one wearing a Rainbow Dash shirt and the other wearing a Vinyl Scratch shirt. I complimented their shirts, and only one of them said thanks, but he didn't look at me. I guess they were both just shy? Later on I saw a guy with a Rainbow Dash bracelet but I didn't say anything to him because he was walking quickly. Later on, I saw a guy with a Fluttershy shirt as he was walking by, and I told him I liked his shirt but I don't think he heard exactly what I said because he looked at me confused as if he heard me but didn't know what I said. Oh well. Oh and I forgot to mention, I have a cousin who's a brony! She visited us earlier this year and I found out from there. Pinkie Pie is her favorite.
  8. I've read about ambiversion before, and it does apply to me more than standard introversion, but I still call myself an introvert because by definition I am, considering I prefer solitude over social interaction. I do believe in spectrum theories pertaining to most things about people, including personality.
  9. I like the sun because it makes me feel happy and energized, but I enjoy night time too. I get my best ideas at night. Also, best princess (Luna).
  10. I find it so interesting how most people on here are either an INTJ or INFP, especially since INTJs are supposed to make up a very small portion of the population. I too am an INTJ. I have a slight preference of introversion over extroversion, a moderate preference of intuition over sensing, an extreme preference of thinking over feeling, and a slight preference of judging over perceiving. Actually, about 50% of the population is introverted and 50% is extroverted, if what I've read is true.
  11. I never play music out loud, I always listen to it in earphones out of habit. When my parents are home, I just go about my normal business while listening to my headphones. But when they leave, I go completely insane.
  12. I have an iPhone, not an iPod, and I can only fit a third of the music I have in my iTunes library on there. I listen to Pandora radio a lot too. My primary genres are classical, screamo (but I honestly hate that term, it screams poser), "classic rock" (not really a genre but it gives you an idea), many genres of metal, and edm such as trance, house, and dubstep.
  13. I think it's because the regular sizes run out so fast because so many people take them. I tried to get a Pink Floyd shirt from there several weeks ago and the only sizes left were XS, XL, and XXL. It happens frequently.
  14. Some ~controversial~ opinions/thoughts I like communism in theory but I'm not foolish enough to believe it would actually work; money acts as motivation, without it people would stop working and society would inevitably collapse. It could only work in very small communities of people who genuinely care about one another. I believe in punishment that fits the crime. You reap what you sow. Anyone who thinks that poor people choose to be poor and can fix poverty by just "getting a job" is painfully ignorant. The jobs that poor people have are very low paying and it's difficult to move up in this economy. Hell, it's amazing enough just to find a job. On welfare, you barely have enough money to scrape by. You sure as hell can't buy much nutritional food with it. Most people don't/can't take advantage of it.
  15. Also I'd like to mention the irony of people on a My Little Pony forum discussing the age limit for certain Halloween celebrations, haha.