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  1. Tsukihi


    so he a slut B^)
  2. Tsukihi

    Sad face :(

    You could work on your sense of lighting. There's certain spots that imply the light is shining directly from the left, others that imply it's directly from above, and others that have it somewhere in between. It's a bit messy. Tears aren't actually blue, so it's kinda making it look weird. e_e It would probably look really nice if you traced and just remastered some of your line art to get better smoothness. Or maybe got someone to vectorise it. 7.8/10, though.
  3. If you ever want a thread deleted, simply use the red "Report" button that's located in the same row as "quote," "multiquote," and "blog this." There must be a legitimate reason to your request; moderators do not like simply getting rid of content if it's not necessary.
  4. Tsukihi

    What are your favourite things to do on MLP Forums?

    Get out. Spam status updates and get in trouble because of it. Spam status updates and get away with it. Spam status updates. Spam.
  5. It should be pretty self-explanatory, but when you go to add a user to your ignore list, you can choose whether to ignore their post, signature, messages, or a combination of the three. Just check the boxes to block the respective feature. Checking "messages" also blocks the user from commenting on your status updates, by the way.
  6. Tsukihi

    And now for something completely different

    I love balls! Only Jinkasu's, though.
  7. Awkward black borders on the edge. Black text on dark image in the background. Colour coordination generally not good. Positioning of image too far to the right. Background image itself is low quality. 3/10
  8. Tsukihi

    Ask Dawn stoof

    *Gives the whole "you're just finding the wrong people" shpeel*
  9. Tsukihi

    Ask Dawn stoof

  10. Tsukihi

    Ask Dawn stoof

    Y R IS SO SOCIALY INEPT???????????? >B^(
  11. Tsukihi

    Editing status

    I would guarantee this is just a limitation of IP Board, because status updates seem to be handled and set up exactly the same on every IPB forum I've visited. Statuses are really not that long. You could easily type it again rather quickly, so it's not really a big problem. With the future plans for the site, I'd think they could add it easily, but for now, there's no point in doing so.
  12. Tsukihi

    Ask Dawn stoof

    y r such anime pleb !? B^)
  13. Tsukihi

    What band is the user above you?

  14. Tsukihi

    Tell Me Who You Are

    B^) plum desu