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  1. Kaneki

    Your username is (kind-of) the name of my bank.

  2. I was at an all night rave/psychedelic festival, and at around 2:00AM I decided to start walking back from the psytrance tent, and a random dude walked up to me and shouted "DUDE, IMAGINE THE SUN BECOMING A CELL AND SPLITTING LIKE AN EMBRYO!" He was obviously on some sort of substance (hallucinogens likely) so I went along with what he was saying. I then talked about how the moon could do the same, so he looked up at the moon and said "what are you, on drugs or something?" he smiled a massive toothy drug induced grin (you could just tell by his massive, massive pupils in the moonlight) and ran
  3. Become a pony? Where the hell do I sign?! I mean, I would feel bad leaving my family and friends though. If I could live in Equestria while I'm sleeping and my astral body is separated from my physical one, that would be ideal.
  4. I'd feel extremely awkward about it, then check myself into a hospital to see if I've either accidentally consumed some sort of hallucinogen, or I've gone completely mad. But seriously If it was a friend-style, non-sexual kiss, I'd be fine with it and just say "thank you." If it was more than a friend style kiss... I'd feel extremely awkward and a bit freaked out. I like the ponies, but not in that way, you know? Hugging is cool but not that kind of affection, please. :/ I mean, they are PONIES after all.
  5. My opinion on haters? Well, they're haters. Haters are everywhere. If you like something, somebody is going to "hate" on you for it. Whether people like it or not, they exist, simply because of human nature. I genuinely don't care about haters or their opinions - it's their lives. If they think all bronies are freaks, then they think all bronies are freaks. Ignorance is simply part of the human condition, and whether we like it or not, people are gonna be ignorant, so I say, just let them get on with it.
  6. My room... It's quite tidy, and quite bare since I just moved in. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b6oWnxbMZ-o
  7. BMO

    Music Shoegaze Fans?

    This album is definitely a good start when it comes to shoe gaze stuff... http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=9V6ObosETls
  8. I don't talk about the show publicly, however I don't try to hide my liking for it either. People around me are quite nerdy so most of them don't really mind, to be honest. I haven't really been "hated" for it, I think that's mainly because I don't talk about it though.
  9. BMO

    Music Shoegaze Fans?

    Do you like any Shoegaze music? Slowdive and My Bloody Valentine are some of my favourite bands from this genre.
  10. I say why the hell can't people just get along, we're all connected by unconditional love, anyways
  11. Well, it's 7:30PM, time for some Cider. Unfortunately I only have pear. I have betrayed Applejack and will now be sent to the apple moon.

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    2. Victoria and Co.

      Victoria and Co.

      You should be worried about the Doctor.

    3. BMO


      He certainly does hate pears, very much so.

    4. Vaporeon


      I think if there was a Bizzaro Applejack she would sell pears.

  12. I live with my parents, but that's because the UK is in the middle of economic meltdown, I'm only 18, and employers here play the stupid "no experience, you can't have the job" thing, so getting a job and moving out at 18 is virtually *impossible* and having Aspergers makes it even harder because I struggle to make eye contact.
  13. All my life I have always been easily swayed, and I have quite an emotional sensitivity to situations, people, music, art, anything. Pieces of music can be so beautiful I feel myself tearing up, I can read stories about tragedy or war/violence on the news and feel deeply saddened, or the smallest piece of good news can get my hyperactive. Do you consider yourself to be sensitive compared to others, or are you the opposite?
  14. Pianos, Keyboards, Synthesizers of all kinds.
  15. Does anypony else question the nature of reality like I do?

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    2. Samurshy


      Meh, I once was sure that I was a superhero with the ability to levitate objects. So I just sat in front of an apple staring it down for about an hour and a half hoping it would move.

    3. BMO


      I've always felt a sense of fakeness and unreality for some reason, as if this is all some sort of strange dream or hallucination - maybe, just maybe, we've all actually died and are re-living our lives during out last moments - think about it - the most powerful hallucinogen in nature, DMT, is capable of producing extremely strong time distortion effects - it can feel like YEARS have passed - what if this is a dream? Or, what if, this is the dream or another person in some other real...

    4. BMO


      BTW, DMT is released upon death and leads to Near Death Experiences.

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