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    i like SPG, rainbows, homestuck, drawing, superheros, computers, sleeping, swimming, video games, baking,my family and last but never the least...... PONIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Wow i haven't been on here in a while...

  2. I Beleive That Rainbow Dash Would Be The Next Best Thing. And I Say This Because Above I Saw Some Things That Were Talking About Her Aggresion Being Too Severe. I Do Not Agree With This Statement Because Agreesion Is Good In A Leader, Although Too Much Agression May Be A Bad Thing.
  3. pegacorn! i love them who wouldnt want to have magical powers and be able to fly? My reason, my oc!of couse! if anyone is on board with the idea, please say so because no one else so far..
  4. that is nice that you dont want tis member of the community, but it is a sign of dissrespect to disobey your parnets its not cool. i listen to my parents and i am still a pretty cooll person. thoough it is not fair to be forced to like or dilike something you should still respect and love your parnets. because family is always there for you no matter what
  5. ynow rainbow dash is great an all but she is a showoff and a braggrer and the only she is my favorite is because i am so much like her...
  6. Seriously Everyone. The "End" Was Yesterday. Are You All Gonna Go All Up And In Here? I Can't Beleive How This Behaivior Is used This Is Unbeleiveible.
  7. well i changed my avatar.... didnt like the nepeta

  8. Me: watching mlp fim last episode of season 2 just cracking up. Pinkie Pie: the changelings are in canterlot/ ponyville and then this happens... "do me do me!" as the the changling starts changing into her buddys. then all of them start beating off changlings. pinkie pie is using a PARTY CANNON!!! and here is me sitting on the couch, just craking up on the couch and it was just fabulas!

  9. Okay everyone you got *this* pulled into it. Here is how it goes, the Mayans put their dead in the wells, where they got there water. Here is the problem. The water- get this- was contaminated giving the gift of poison. Everyone kept dieing and the corpses kept piling up in the well killing more and more Mayans! Or my other thorey THEY RAN OUT OF ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. i drew my avatar! i was inevetilbly going to but i have finnaly done it

  11. i drew my avatar! i was inevetilbly

  12. Now i am kind of a nerd. In Dragon Ball Raging Blast 2 I was regular Goku not super Saiyan or anything and I was in Galaxy Mode and the boss was Legendary Super Saiyan Broly and here was what it came down to. Broly and I were neck and neck and he was about to use Omega Blaster and i dodged we were both almost dead and then i used my Ultimate Move. While we were both in the red zone, I hit him and he- he was K.Oed and then i jumped up i was all like-"YES! YES I FINALLY DID IT EVEN THOUGH I SPAMMED I DID IT!!! AND I HONESTLY DON'T CARE THAT I SPAMMED ANYWAY YEAH YEAH!!!!!" and then this happened to me: yes this was me. no i am no john eggybut hey i can feel whatever i wanna feel like. that time i just wanted to fell like john ebert
  13. just sying dude but why do you never text me or factime/call me?

  14. i was sick today...:(