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  1. It does, thank you very much! I do plan to get Photoshop *cough*pirateslife*cough* so i will be most pleased if you could notify me once your tutorial is uploaded.
  2. I consider myself to be a decent artist, most of my works are atleast semi-good, but there is one thing missing from the majority of my artwork; shading. I find it very difficult to shade and or imagine shade. Since shadeing ass emotion to the piece I would like to find out if anyone could give me tips on this topic. Thank you in advance, Commadore (keep in min it'd not Commander, Commadore has no N)
  3. CommadorTheCyborgPony

    My OCs

    Every Pony in the show who has a cutimark has one on eachside, If there is a pony with a cutimark on only one side it is a blooper. He forgot it.
  4. CommadorTheCyborgPony

    My OCs

    They are definitly not the worst OC's I have seen, Thats what i get for surfing 4chan.oeg/mlp/. The 1st one is good, 9/10, The 2nd one is bright and hard on the eyes. The colors dont match either, 5/10. The last one is an allicorn, needs a backstory or 2/10. Also it needs wings, the colors dont match, and it's missing it's cutie mark (3/10). Otherwise the artwork and craftsmenship is good on all of them, just need some tweaks before they are good.
  5. Me again, now with some improved art. My last post wasn't the best to here is the improved version (Made in 18 Minutes): Made with Paint Tool SAI, constructive criticism is very mcuh appreacated! I don't think anyone saw this post earlier, so I guess i will bump it up... a 100 characters a day keep the spammers away!So bye noaw.
  6. I don't know how to spell Arnold's last name so I couldn't tell you... But what i can tell you is that he has plenty of backstory infact me and my friend Mellow are making a storybased tumblr.
  7. It is a rushed job but Commadore (my OC) is suppose to have that edgyness, he is a cyborg after all . I didn't notice the tail though, it does look pretty bad. Also the chest, it does look a bit weird in it's proportions. Thanks I'll keep it in mind
  8. Got a new pen for my tablet this chrismas from my parents, when I got some time to use it I drew this in about 10 minutes: Made with Paint Tool SAI, constructive criticism is welcome!
  9. Nope. His name is based off of one of the first computers, the Commadore 64. I dont know why I dropped the E though. But anyway I hope you enjoy it and participate in asking questions! Sorry for this but Bump! H h h h h h h h h h h g g g. G g f t ff f ff f t h v v. F c c ccccccccx c cc x c did f fd f fd f d d d d dad d f d g fg g f fg g f f f f f d d d f f f f Updated, Whoo Hoo! Finally i have gotten post #2 done, it would have been longer but i had a few technical difficulty's along the way, to say the least. Enjoy!
  10. Agent Mellow/ Ben4Blood. I have known Mellow for 2 yeard over skype and we chat everyday, infact I'm talking to him right now. Plus i made him a signature. Ben4Blood and me know each other IRL for 6 years and talk over skype, though not as often as me and Mellow.
  11. So Today my good friend Agent Mellow was all like "oh hey, your good at drawing ponies, could you make me a signature?" And i was all like "Hell Yes!". So after 30 minutes of intense labor and 1 minute of begging him to give me some money here it is! Please give me some feedback, it helps me out a lot!
  12. I checked that because why not? more questions and more types of people able to ask. Looking forward to your questions!~Jayfeather Answer a question, should clear up a lot of things! Only 2 of my friends have followed me, but that's ok, as more people see it, the more people who follow me!
  13. try again, it isn't a private blog After 45 minutes of trial and error i got it to workSo maybe you can ask now. I'm looking forward to it! FInally got it to work people! Now ask questions so i may get started on the artwork.
  14. It is the Grand Opening of the Commador the Cyborg Pony's Tumblr! i just thought i would announce it here so i can get a kick-start to answering questions! Expect (for now, as it just started) about 2 short post's each week, or 1 long post. depends how many questions i get or how lazy i am. Here's the Link: http://commadorcyborgpony.tumblr.com/
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