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  1. I am DJing on alicornradio right now... http://alicornradio.com :)

  2. Hey ya everyone, it took sometime to get access to my account again since the migration for the mlpforums to "poniverse"... I wanted to make a topic about hoofsounds and as well alicornradio as well. What is hoofsounds? A Google Chrome (and coming soon to Firefox) application that adds a button next to your address bar where you can select a radio station and even livestream... if they are active you can listen in or watch... plus there is a chat button to join a station's IRC chatroom. Not all Brony Stations are listed, Maybe no permission or no interest adding the station or stre
  3. FInally got a fix for my account... I am really wondering why this migration happened... :/

  4. @@akalink, If there is no download then I will ask you in a message for a alturnate way to get the file. If there isn't a way I will talk to the you about place to the file for transfer.
  5. @, consider the G-rating a challange, if you can avoid swearing, then most likely it will be placed on the stream. @, go ahead and submit your work let me review it. @, Even a male...
  6. Go ahead and submit your work, I will be checking the songs that way... It helps me listen/download and place on my radio, and if I have to convert the song file all the details is on soundcloud.
  7. do it filly, I must have all the pony and non-pony music! that is g-rated (even not g-rated but I won't place it on my station so ya that sucks specially if its a good piece.)
  8. hey any musicians on soundcloud that want to submit their works to Alicornradio and have their music have a chance to be placed on their radio can be submitted to this group https://soundcloud.com/groups/alicornradio Alicornradio is a G-rated station so any music submitted needs to follow that rule or we will not place it on our station. Also, If you have a radioshow or read fanfics that you want to have me listen too submitting a preview of the show be a awesome... the best way to get me to listen in. @alicornradio
  9. http://livestream.com/alicornradio Alicornradio will be doing a livestream today, be reviewing artwork, games and wishlist for season 4. This thread will be used as a chat room to answer questions and have us lok at artwork. I Like to inform that the stream will not be censored but we will avoid NSFW IE adult content. Do not link it please Please leave us links to your deviantart or the images on this page and I will look through them and show the stream if I feel it be neat to see or cute... its ponies so yes
  10. so I heard the going rate to get to equestria via portals is about 6 sexitrillion dollars... If its all vounteer work and around the clock we could get there by the weekend. Honestly I find being a pony far more interesting than what I have right now... even if I was a millionare I would prefer to be in equestria.
  11. @@Dark Horn, Or to summon the holy fluttershy... but I want to summon ALL THE PONY! like now.. so I can make my empire culture unstoppable and promote love and friendship.
  12. @@Derpy Hoops, followed! and such, I hope you follow back :3 Hey make sure to toss some questsions around to each other so we can be super active
  13. @@Scootalove, a single 8 player game can last hours or days long. maps can be massive solar systems or small astroid belts so there is a lot you can get out of this game and the summer sale on steam I got trinity under 7 USD.
  14. @@Dark Horn, I thought it was worthy to call the dwarf planet equestria and once I took control of the universe I would repopulate a constellion with space ponies let the balance of harmony begin.
  15. @@GrimCW, I did renamed the planet myself but the space ponies is a achievement in the game. only able to get it in single player games searching planets.
  16. I finally found it, the space ponies, I can die happy as a rebel leader knowing that Twilight is doing her job quite well as a princess. who else would get ponies into space and make a data archive... related tweet
  17. Let the fun be doubled doubled.... QUAD FUN! Just need more tumblr blogs to follow! O.o noaw! I need all the pony and more... music, art and stories I asked their best dreams and I thinking of questions to ask other blogs as well! I also think I would like to know their opinion of luna and celestia.
  18. Its been a year since august since alicornradio started and I like to ask if any brony has an idea for alicornradio turning a year old? I'd like to do something than just let it slip by. we have a deviant group, steam group, twitter, facebook and soundcloud
  19. followed! :3 still looking for more tumblr.... brony tumblr just need to see if any other brony on here has a tumblr they will share!
  20. Its not so hard... come on... LINK IT!~ LINNKKKKK ITTT! and I don't mean link from zelda, I mean a URL of the address of the blog in question. ponies. Excellent... :3 there gotta be more brony tumblr than this, let others know of this topic and share it across the internets! we need to seek out ALL the brony tumblr!
  21. Ethan Pow

    Together Forever

    we know each other for a year, I went ahead and asked, she accepted and I enjoy everytime I get to talk to her. Thank you. Thanks Its good to find someone you enjoy talking too and soon I hope I get to be with her hanging out.
  22. Ever since I joined secondlife, which was like back in 2006 or so my name been EthanPow eversince... though I some drama that occured I wanted to change my name but I pretty much stick with it. my avatar I change once a month or so.
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