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  1. This is the ship spark that basically started it all. Spike almost kissing Applejack is a pretty hilariously adorable moment between the two.
  2. I admit it. I like Spike. Yeah, I know. It's a complete and utter shock, right? Who could have guessed? Alert the presses, everyone! MallaJong likes Spike! What others don't know, though, is my appreciation for the AppleSpike ship. Sure, my favorite MLP ship is the rare and mystifying RainbowSpike. If you've been reading Spike's Rainbow Dash, you already have an idea why, in my opinion, I believe it's the most glorious vessel of all time. For two individuals of loyalty bound by romance conceive formidableness like no other. Enough about that ship, because this blog post is about
  3. He gets his due when the AppleSpike episode (S3E8) comes out. There are going to be so many ship sparks available to the fans it will be crazy!
  4. Why is this episode one of the best episodes of all time thus far? 1) Scootaloo-centered episode. She underwent so much character development and sported so many varying facial expressions in one episode that a d'aww and a HNNG! couldn't NOT be produced from the viewer. And guess what? Scootaloo turned out to be an extremely entertaining character! 2) It held consistency with Cutie Mark Crusaders behavior, Rarity's humourous bourgeoise appeal, Applejack's head-nodding maturity and Rainbow Dash's spunkiness. These are all characters that we love to see interact with each other, and the
  5. I loved it. Spike is the best character in the series, and he truly shined in this episode. A lot of SpikeLight shipping sparks on this episode, and Pinkie Pie's Fluttershy disguise was an ultimate WTF moment.
  6. Same for me, my friend! I remember I always laughed at Spike's lines, and ended marking him as my favorite character in the beginning. There is a Spike-centered episode coming called "Spike At Your Service"! Class Door-In-The-Face joke. Hahaha. I'm sure Spike is going to be jumped by all the Crystal Empire mares if he get returns.
  7. Mane 7. That actually does sound about right. When it comes to Spike growing a pair and saving an empire, I think he is definitely a necessity when it comes to Harmony. He also got Twilighy Sparkle out of that trance at the bottom of the stairs. If he wasn't there and Twilight would have gone by herself, she would have been BUCKED!
  8. I believe it is safe to say that Spike is the all-time SWAGON in the history of Equestria. There's now a Canterlot Castle Window dedicated to his heroics at the Crystal Empire! That is top-class James Bond material right there! Give Spike ALL the medals! That dragon has just climbed higher into the list of my all-time favorite dragons, baby! Spike was getting some lovin', too! Is it me or were there A LOT of Shipping Sparks between Spike and Twilight Sparkle in this premier? Either way, Spike was getting down and dirty as he sped through the sky, heading straight for the evil of Kin
  9. MallaJong1

    Everybody panic

    I love the Breaking Bad reference. Thank you for that. The moment I noticed "meth" had been linked, I kept thinking "Please be a Breaking Bad picture! Please be a Breaking Bad picture!". Hahaha! Walter White/Heisenberg all the way, baby!
  10. MallaJong1

    General Chat Thread

    Only 1247? Check the date. Spike's Rainbow Dash has been up for a little over a month, and it's incomplete. I was not in a contest either. I am just making note of the support Spike x Rainbow Dash has.
  11. MallaJong1

    General Chat Thread

    Well, it seems thousands agree with me. http://www.fimfiction.net/story/46048/Spike's-Rainbow-Dash
  12. MallaJong1

    General Chat Thread

    Spike and Rainbow Dash are perfect for each other. It is odd to me that they are not shipped often, when it is plainly obvious that they have many coinciding interests and likes. There, I said it.
  13. Now I am talking about the BEST of the BEST! The ones that made you laugh so hard you cried! The ones that had you awestruck, dumbstruck, lovestruck and just plain stuck...to your seat. The ones you always look back at just because it was the funniest, most clever, most awesome, most beautiful MLP meme you had ever come upon. The classics, the newbies, the bosses. THE BEST OF THE BEST! Post them here. And...go.
  14. I understand that YOU UNDERSTAND you have just become part of the problem, but, seriously, you didn't have to make a post complaining about other people complaining. Let them do their thing. Who cares? It's a fandom, not the election of the century.
  15. So, yeah, how many times do you think you're going to view My Little Pony Season 3 Episode 1 when it is released? It will be out for a week before episode 2, right? Personally, I am guessing I'll watch it 2-3 times. I like the show, but I am more excited for what the fanbase is going to create.
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