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  1. jacibobsthebrony

    Gaming Oy, right in the childhood!

    I loved playing classics like mario sonic and pokemon but I used to love stealth games. Metal gear solid and splinter cell were two of the greatest games Id ever played. I still play them today.
  2. Hope everyone has a great christmas :)

  3. I remember watching the excorcist and the ring in 1 night. For some reason they stick in my head the most. So its between those 2 for me.
  4. Im dont hate rarity I just dont like her as much as the others so of course Id help! But dimond tiara on the other hand Id just laugh and walk away without a care in the world
  5. Please someone anybody just type brohoof to me please.

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    2. PonyEcho


      /)/)/)/)/)/)/) /)

    3. Lonewolf
    4. Pulcinella


      Brohoof. Lol, f the police. (Don't, actually. Police are good)

  6. Damn I cant belive that bronys have become so popular and that most people on the internet are now bronys and my best friend is a brony. Its a little bit crazy but its so awsome! Thank you to everyone that have made bronys what they are today! :D

    1. jacibobsthebrony


      And I came back! I just cant resist this awsome forum!

    2. Fluffykins the Cat
    3. Solar Wind

      Solar Wind

      Your welcome.. /conceited jerk face lol

  7. Im leaving. I just cant take all the jerks on here. Im still gonna stay a brony eventhough its ruined my life. So bye fellow bronies ive met on here ill miss you. I know no one will give a shit but bye anyway.

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    2. Despair


      All the jerks? What? I've only seen 2 or maybe 3 idiots on here. Oh well.

    3. NavelColt


      Jerks? That's a laugh. Have fun, cause I assure you you're gonna get far, far worse elsewhere than the minimal amount of negativity found, here. Good luck on your journey ^^

    4. jacibobsthebrony


      I found atleast 30 on here. I might come back on but ive had alot of things to deal with recently im always unlucky on the internet always encountering the jerks but most people on here are ok. Thanks for the comments

  8. And if any of your friends arent bronys how woud you react if they did tell you they were one. One of my girl friends recently became a pegasister and I went a little crazy. I started jumping up with joy. It was the best feeling Id ever had. We talk about the show always now and Im so freaking happy!
  9. Your all awsome!

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    2. thegoodhen


      I'm so sorry. I had no idea. I'm not going to go ahead and say I feel you because I don't understand how tough it is for you. But still, spreading negativity around you isn't the way to go. I can't do much for you. But if you ever need to talk, hit me up with a pm, ok?

    3. Devious Detonation

      Devious Detonation

      Yeah, sometimes my words can be harsh, but I keep thinking that we should have talked in PMs since the begining... What's done is done.

    4. thegoodhen


      I fully understand it. I just do not approve. But I can't go around telling people who have gone through what you've gone what to do.

  10. YES! My girl friend has become a pegasister! This has to be one of the best days of my life!

  11. YES! My girl friend has become a pegasister! This has to be one of thee bes

  12. After reading these posts I wish I would of joined earlier I have no idea why people are leaving and this upsets me
  13. I went watching the dark knight rises yesterday and one word describes it all....... EPIC.

  14. Dogs definately! I dont hate cats but Ive had some bad encounters with lots of them. All cats hate me for some reason. And its the opposite when it comes to dogs. Dogs love me.This is my dog called bear
  15. By the way Im not trying to being sexist. If you think the show you watch is girly or not is up to you
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