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  1. So, after this post was made and I saw how many people had said they would play Minecraft, I thought it would fun to have an MLP Forums UHC. For those unfamiliar with UHC (or Ultra Hardcore) is a gamemode where you can only regenerate hearts with golden apples or potions. And usually it is used for PVP matches. It's unfortunately on PC only as far as I know, so this would be for PC Minecraft only. If there is enough interest, I'd be up for hosting one of these. We could do teams if there is enough interest, and I could set up both an MC server and Mumble server, or we could just use Skype calls for each team. So if you have suggestions or would like to participate, feel free to reply or message me, and hopefully we can make this happen!
  2. We should have a Minecraft UHC. For those who don't know, this a Minecraft competition where you can only regenerate hearts if you use potions or golden apples, and it's a PVP competition. It's basically a Hunger Games style competition. I may host one myself if a few people are interested and the forums didn't want to set up a server for it.
  3. I'm quite fond of math, myself. It's always been one of my favorite subjects.
  4. The last video I watched was Zisteau's last Mindcrack episode
  5. It's been quite awhile since I've posted here or been active on the forums, but I'm going to try and get back into it.
  6. I see what you mean. Thanks! I'll see if I can work out a better pattern for them. I appreciate the input! Hopefully the next one will turn out much better.
  7. Yeah, that seems to be the part that needs fixing according to other people. Do you think it would look better if I added a miniature wing on top of the other one so it looked like the far right pony in your signature or would it be better to go with wings like the pony beside that where they are more oval shaped?
  8. Ok, I see what you are saying! I will work on switching fabrics for the next one I make! Plushies are hard haha
  9. Hey, Horus! This forum is quite friendly, I hope you like it as much as I do! Welcome to the herd!
  10. What about them is odd? I'll work on it, but I'm not exactly sure what you mean. The size, shape, color? Thanks for the feedback, though! It's actually felt if that matters. And is there a specific place you see that as a problem so I can understand what you mean by the waves and all? Thanks, though!
  11. Thanks! It's 13 inches tall and 14 inches long if you include the tail (I'll add that information to the original post). And I see what you mean about the wings; I'll work on it in the next one.
  12. I recently finished my second plush (the first did not turn out well at all) and was wanting some feed back. I made it to sell for my economics class and wanted suggestions from people besides my friends. Positive and negative feedback is appreciated, and I won't take it poorly if you have bad things to say. Thanks! It is 13 inches tall and 14 long if you include the tail
  13. And a message for you too! You seem to leave a lot of messages but not receive many :D

  14. He looked up inquisitively and began to think. He thought back to the time when he was alone. Nature was his only keeper, and they communicated through the music he now shared with others. "I do. I remember being taught music from nature." But it was a waste of his breathe; time and time again he had answered her question with this same statement, and she would let out a sigh thinking it was another one of his stories. He just wished it would click in her mind that he was no ordinary pegasus.
  15. He frowned when his foster mother messed up his hair, and her hoof knocked his goggles over his eyes. He pushed them back to his forehead and smiled when she asked him to demonstrate his days work. He hopped onto the stage and began to play a tune on his acoustic drumset which played like a series of bango drums. He added subtle tones with the suspended hollow sticks and other trinkets he had made, but his stomach's growling brought him to sit beside his foster mother and begin to eat. She hinted at him to slow down, but he continued to cram food into his mouth, for he was eager to finish showing her what he had done. The sun was setting, and he knew she would soon make him head in for the night.
  16. Verde heard the calling of his "mother," but he did not want to go just yet. He had spent the day creating a simple stage and instruments from branches and other natural materials in the wood behind his current home, and he wanted Aleya to find him next to it as a surprise of sorts. Of course, it was quite simple for him considering his unexplainable connection with nature. Regardless, he danced and skipped around his creation waiting for Aleya to come searching for him. In his excitement, he let out a squeal as young children often do. He quickly put his hoof to his mouth, angry with himself for giving away his location. He heard Aleya coming closer as her hooves crunched the soil.
  17. You could possibly change it to something along the lines of what would you change about a pony from the Mane 6 if you had to or could, that way it makes people happier, but I'd have to say Spike too, just because of the importance to all the ponies. (It's painful to say because such a good character.)
  18. That's what I have been thinking. It's more wishful thinking than anything else. It's not even that I want longer episodes, I just want a full length season. This is my first season since I became a brony, and I wanted the full experience, but I can settle for 13 episodes, I guess
  19. I know it's a long shot, but is it possible that Season 3 will feature 44 minute episodes instead of the regular 22 minutes? The confirmed 13 episode schedule would fit perfectly with the other two seasons if the time for each episode was doubled. This would also allow for more detailed and planned out story lines, making the audience range even more flexible between adults and children. It's just an idea, and it's possible that this has already been speculated or that there is proof of the regular 22 minute episodes, but I wanted to get other opinions.
  20. I like Cutie Mark Chronicles, particularly because I love the filly versions of the Mane 6! And the stories are very good for each one. Also, the season 2 finale (episode 25 and 26) was sooo good! The story played out very well, and This Day Aria was one of the better songs in my opinion (along with BBBFF). Lastly, Sisterhooves Social is a pretty good one because Sweetie Belle is one of my favorite ponies, and I liked how much she was featured in that episode. (I know you only asked for one, but it's very hard to choose.)
  21. All right, Verde Wub here, reporting for duty. I'll try my best to post often, but I have school and many other things I must put first, so sorry if I'm slow
  22. I stay in bed most of the day, usually watching YouTube videos or browsing various sites. I try and go outside for at least an hour if it's a decent temperature to get some fresh air and prevent myself from screwing up my neck by half-sitting in bed all day.