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  1. Username sounds familiar, but I'm not sure. (I used to be Cloggedone btw, so if that helps)
  2. Changed my username. I know it's not that original, but I'm not an original person lol.

  3. Sony and Microsoft. Microsoft for my PC (though I'd run Linux if Overwatch wasn't total crap on Linux), and Sony for my PS4.
  4. General

    I'd say I am as of recent. I've had a tough year for various reasons, but as of recent, I've been able to really improve myself to the point where I'm having better luck at life.
  5. Yup. I've worn them for most of my life. Eyes cross if I don't wear them. Corrects an issue with the light not reaching the back of my eyes.
  6. Mega Thread

    hello the beach is sure nice today. might post some pictures in a bit
  7. A positive emotion that can be shown in all different spectrums. One such spectrum can be a fandom towards a certain type of media or subject (such as "Boy, do I sure love Overwatch!" or "I love MLP!"). It's more of a way of saying you follow something immensely, that it takes up a good amount of your time. That I call "fandom love". It's not necessarily the way of what normally people think of "love", but I think it counts. I think it could also count by saying you love to do something (such as "I love to do math!", even though personally I hate doing math LOL). Then there's the typical definition of love, showing affection to someone in several different ways, like you think of them as more than a friend or like a friend. Like, I could say I love my pets because they're like friends to me. That's the typical way of saying love.
  8. Technology

    You get to test new updates of Windows 10 before they're released to the public. It requires a Microsoft account association (but doesn't need you to login to the system with your Microsoft account). It's pretty cool, honestly.
  9. What release/build of Windows 10 are you on? I hope you're on the latest release (or later, if you're on the Windows Insider Program). You can find out how to check here: (post the Version part). Currently, I'm on 1703 (Creator's Update), but I'm upgrading my desktop to the Fall Creator's Update (which is only available through the Insider Program). Hope it's good!
  10. This and "Apologize" are really the only OneRepublic songs I like. Nothing wrong with the others, I just prefer those, this one more though.
  11. What do you think sets MLPForums apart from other forums to you? Why is that? Personally, I think the environment is more friendly to all types of people, you can always find a friend somewhere because most of the community isn't pointed towards one side, and I like that. Even if you're not particularly an active fan (like me), there's still plenty to do and plenty of people to talk to. I also like how even when we have any troublemakers, it's handled quickly, because most forums I went to, troublemakers would take a while to be dealt with.
  12. dedodated wam

  13. Anything really generic sounding, though everyone has a different opinion on that, so it's however you think of that. I wanted to make the joke on Family Guy how "Keith" is the least sexiest name, but I couldn't find the clip of it. xD
  14. Could you do a signature with my OC? Theme it how you feel fits with my OC. Non-donor size too, my donor status is expiring next year.
  15. We have something in my state called an "Indiana tenderloin sandwich". It's a massive breaded (usually fried too) pork tenderloin served on a bun with all the toppings. Sometimes, they have certain seasonings on them too. This is what they look like usually: