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  1. Damn me for not having a more powerful editor! Probably for the best since the audio quality would be greatly different, thanks!
  2. Let's get down to business, I'd like to do some fandubs, but as I only have WMM I need the videos without the voices of characters talking but still with the sound effects intact, does anybody know a place where I can find such things? If you do would you mind telling me, thanks?
  3. I got the book at a yard sale along with 5 others for just about 2 euros, so, yes, that was good, as for the author, I won't dare try to read "A song of ice and fire" in english, I'd be spending days just trying to understand some chapters, and I'm waiting that any network over here buys the game of thrones, so, yeah, do not spoil it for me
  4. That's spooky, but it really happened here's the wikipedia page for the book: still close enough to creep me out Anyway, new names for a boy, Maxie, Pete, Eric New name for girl: Tina, Lilly, Leslie (I don't know if it's a girl name or not)
  5. I'm sure it's a coincidence but I recently read a book where the main villain was called "Daiman Julian", the fevre dream was called, so is just a coincidence am i I right?
  6. If it's a boy I'll either go with "Michael", Raul, Xander or, if I really could choose (while I doubt it will happen) Archer, ever since I played that pokemon game I can't get it out of head, it sounds so awesome, or, Ethan, Connor (John as a second name), Gary, Taichi, Ken, Matt, Izzie or Adam (such an uncool name but that's what me girlfriend suggests in the unlikely even we ever have a kid) For girls Sora, Luna, Kari, Hikari, Mia, Amy, Peach, Daisy So many references to name, so let's see who can find them all
  7. That isn't such an unpopular opinion, I mean the haters far surpass the fan girls so, I don't know about that, while if we are in the subject of fangirl I could say that my other opinion, which I forgot about "Justin Bieber sucks" is unpopular Also, another one I actually like rebecca black' Friday, it's so cheesy
  8. The Simpsons are still funny (though not by a whole lot) Futurama should have been canceled Scrubs season 9 ain't that bad Disney sequels, in general, aren't that awful (I said in general) Portal's the best Valve series
  9. I was getting tired of replying to all the new members who couldn't upload an avatar, and while I'm not one for complaining it was clear that they hadn't read the rules, and just entered the forum and registered blindly (which is fine for itunes and such, but no to a forum)
  10. My school has a rule that states that you can't record inside the school grounds due to privacy concerns, so maybe that's part of the reason, otherwise, that was a little bit...I don't know, mean? Anyway, funny video
  11. I don't know how I'd react, it's very easy to say "I'd jump kick and destroy the airplane and then I'd slide along the building" (not that anyone said that) but I think that I wouldn't run in circles, I mean the survival instint would kick in, I would not jump, I have a fear of heights, so I'd never jump, but I'd probably cry while I tried to signal for help, with my shirt or something, but then, I'd pass out due to the smoke and I'd be burned alive
  12. Kanto: Squirtle Johto: totodile Hoenn: Mudkip Sinnoh: turtwig I will never pick the fire starter in any game Also: Pokemon mistery dungeon (the first one): Machop (or pikachu in my first run trough)
  13. Each game is different, my favourite would probably be San Andreas, I still play it today, and I've never even completed the game, but my first one was gta 2 on dreamcast, so that's in second The others, I've never completed, I bought vice city because of the mall, and gta3 because it only costed 7.99$, but San Andreas was better
  14. Sorry if if sounded rude or obnoxious, but yes, they got episode from kanto to unova, I do believe there are hundreds of them, I, myself, have spent some nights viewing the first season episodes, and it's completelly legal The site is in case you can't find it (though it's probably the first site that pops up) So, the only intro I can fully remember is the english version of the first opening of pokemon, but we here had all seasons dubbed, as the rights have been bought recently and they have dubbed seasons 10, 11 12, 13 and 14 in only 6 months, so we had an episode almost daily, but the truth is, the video I'm about to show only has some intros, that's because it's an old video, but it has most of them until diamond and pearl Openings from pokemon (portugal) Ah, nostalgia
  15. I guess I should say that you can watch free episodes online in the official pokemon website, I don't know if there are all of them, but there's a large part of them, so go watch them I can't see what's the other show because it gives me an error, so thanks