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  1. Anoroku

    Open Life in Ponyville

    Grayson grumbled as he walked through the rest of the town, finishing up his deliveries. It turned out that the sisters had no time to look at the clocks in his store and had quickly headed off for home. He was headed back there now, his bag filled with new books from the library. Hopefully he could read those to try and pass the time until some business showed up.
  2. Whoop, slow as sin day. Though that can happy early in an RP. The best thing we can hope for is that everyone can get on at one time.
  3. Anoroku

    Open Life in Ponyville

    A bit more mature as well, he noted, probably helped raise her sister with the parents gone... "It was no trouble, there's little to worry about in Ponyville and she seems more than capable of taking care of herself. As for the clock, have I got a deal for you. I've got quite a few at the store, for a good price, and if you're a short on bits, just come pay the rest later. You two seem like the trustworthy sort."
  4. Anoroku

    Open Life in Ponyville

    "Oh there's no need to worry. We just happened to bump into each other and I offered her a clock from the store I work at. She said both of you could use it for when you start at work?" Grayson tried to evaluate this new Pony, she seemed a bit more...brash, than her sister.
  5. Growing up is most certainly hard. You need to watch out, or like will punch you right in the face. I wish I had some better advide to give, but all I have is the tried and true, "Don't give up." It's something I've been hearing a lot, being in the same position and everything.
  6. Anoroku

    Open Life in Ponyville

    "Hurm, I see," Grayson could tell there was much more to the story, but he knew that trying to pry would do him no good. "Hey, how about we go back to the store to check out the clock, I've built quite a few. If there's one you like you can take it back to your sister. And don't worry about the price, you can pay me back later, we've honestly got more than enough clocks to spare."
  7. Anoroku

    Open Life in Ponyville

    "Well the cost depends on how extravagant you would like the clock to be, I do have a few simple ones at the store that..." he stopped, going over what she had said, "Wait, bot you and your sister work? That's rather mature for your age, what do your parents do?"
  8. Anoroku

    Open Life in Ponyville

    "Oh no, I've lived here my whole life. I actually live in a shop down the road, I build clocks and repair the odd device people bring in," he paused for a moment, "Actually, I don't suppose you and your sister might need a clock for your new home?" ((I think the Mane 6 are just simple mentions unless the author says otherwise, they might be more lenient for background characters but I'm not sure.))
  9. Anoroku

    Open Life in Ponyville

    Grayson nodded, he still felt it was somewhat his fault, but he had earned long ago that trying to argue with the younger ponies in the village was a pointless endeavor. Actually, he didn't recall ever seeing this young pony before. "Very well, but how about we move away from the door, we tend to be blocking traffic a bit. And if you don't mind me asking, are you new in Ponyville? I don't recall seeing you around before, and most Pegasus tend to stay up in Cloudsdale."
  10. Anoroku

    Open Life in Ponyville

    Grayson stumbled, trying his best to avoid falling and possibly smashing the clocks gathered in his bag. Managing to steady him hooves on the ground, he was able to get a good look at the purple Pegasus he had run into. "Oh, hello little one, are you all right? I guess I was too focused on getting out of the crowed rather than looking out for other ponies."
  11. Anoroku

    Open Life in Ponyville

    Checking his bag, Grayson figured that his first delivery could be for the Cakes. Their old clock had been unceremoniously shattered by a magic surge by their little unicorn Pumpkin Cake testing out her magic. They had commissioned a new one shaped like a large cupcake. He was particularly proud of how the design stood out, but part of him worried that their assistant, Pinkie, would try to eat it if she got too hungry. You could never really tell with that pony. He was able to working he way into the busy streets near the center of town and slid into the store. The cakes, and Pinkie, were
  12. Anoroku

    Open Life in Ponyville

    Grayson let out a sigh as he looked up from his work again to see no customers in the store. It looked like today wasn't going to be a big business day. Packing up his finished orders in a bag he figured that he could deliver them, and in doing so, try and meet some new customer. He was almost out of the door when he stopped and decided to add a few library books to his bag. He'd held on to them for quite a while and it was high time he returned them. Two birds with one stone, as the saying goes.
  13. Anoroku

    Open Life in Ponyville

    Grayson yawned, propping the door to the store open while all the clocks in the shop ticked in sync behind him. He peered down the empty street hopefully, but it was too early for any real business to start. The shop was off the main center of the town, so the only customers it received were those that knew their way around town. On slow days he would have to pass the time on books borrowed from the library, but today he still had a few orders to complete. They mostly consisted of clocks for ponies that felt they needed new or improved ones to go with their redecorated homes, but there were
  14. Hum, this looks like an interesting sort of roleplay, I am happy with the no Alicorns rule. I do realize this will mostly be a 'slice-of-life' sort of thing, but a plot with something disastrous happening, similar to Discord or something, would add a little spice to the game. http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/grayson-gears-r1184
  15. Anoroku

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    Greetings everyone, here is a picture of myself for all of you to enjoy. I am simply enjoying myself at a water park during the summer. One of the best days of that year.
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