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  1. Hey, as long as /mlp/ on 4chan stays alive, we stay alive. Might sound sickening but it turns out, even though the people on /mlp/ are all weird they dont rely on the show itself for entertainment. They rely on fanfics, scenarios and fanart. Even if the show discontinues /mlp/ will still be very alive and who knows, someone there might pick up were the show left off. (Sorry for the long abstence from the forums, ive found 4chan quite amuzing other than all the random porn floating around there.)
  2. Hammer --> Computer I mean seriously, if your addicted to it that much i suggest you break it then find something else to do. This addiction seems to be almost as bad as a drug addiction.
  3. Oh man! I wonder if twilight will be able to save the crystal ponies and save princess cadence at the same time! Tis gonna be good!
  4. Oh man! Someone post this on 4chan! Too late i volunteer. Famous viral video in 3... 2... 1...
  5. Well i already met 1 brony, and a whopping 4 pegasisters already. 2 of the pegasisters are pretty cool. 1 of them i meet everyday, brohoofs, talk about mlp and stuff. The other pegasisters i dont see as much. The brony however i see him once a day and his favorite pony is rainbowdash and he loves the .MOV series. When i first met him i was wearing my 20% cooler shirt and hes like "Omg your a brony" Then we brohoof and talk about MLP stuff. Feeling when you meet another brony:,r:0,s:0,i:71 Thats going on in your head.
  6. OPTION 1 Step 1: Get body builder friends that are bronies too step 2: Tell your friends to knock it off Step 3: They disagree? Tell your muscle friends what they are saying about bronies. OPTION 2 Step 1: Work out daily Step 2: Get ripped and become stronger than all your friends Step 3: Pick out each friend one by one and beat them up seperately ( most likely you wont be strong enough to take on all at once ) for calling bronies faggots ( Make sure you warn them before the beating )
  7. How often i would call all of ponyville? Pretty much what princess molestia would say. But i wouldnt really bother them to the point of annoyance.
  8. Ive spent over 75+ dollars on brony swag. Many things including t-shirts, figurines, hats and other stuff. I also have cableto watch MLP and other shows. Nothing very crazy
  9. Odd experience while browsing on 4chan, Today while browsing 4chan i noticed something about tulpas. I read it and the guy had a problem. First he started with a rainbowdash tulpa then he made a soarin tulpa. They talked to him and stuff but when they went into the real world he says that they started "mating" everywhere. He said in places like his bed and the teachers school desk at school. He says its so distracting he might fail school. This is one of the oddest "tulpas gone bad" cases i have ever seen XD
  10. Lunastep


    I didnt know it would actually call 911 without the quarter, also i didnt hear the operator so i thought i was just pretending. I feel really retarded for doing that now.
  11. Lunastep


    Yeah i like trolling, sometimes i can be a major troll. Not the kind that randomly curses but the kind that puts hot sauce in your drink, edits signs to say weird shits, or edits wiki pages. One of my biggest troll moments is... when... I called 911 cause some girls went into the boys bathroom. I was only 7 years old and it was a payphone at a hotel i was staying at. I thought you had to put a quarter in to dial 911, so i dialed 911 and im like " Hey there are some girls in the boys bathroom" and then i hung up. The police came and my parents got kicked out or fined or something. It was a pretty big mistake and they have never forgived me since. Also i fear police now.
  12. Im not sure i know you but know one should leave these forums
  13. Odd thing is i agree with this guy, i don't read too many fanfics, but clopfics to me are hilarious, i skip the sexual parts ( Which in my opinion are disgusting ) but they have given me such a laugh, more than any fanfic has ever given me. its all a matter of taste really. But i dont plan on EVER clopping to one.
  14. only obey rules 1-100 because after 100 they start repeating and start making no sense Oh and some are pretty smart rules. The cake is a lie BTW.