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  1. I really loved this episode! Discord just stole the show! BUT The ending was really rushed :/ and actually didnt like the ending. I don't like that Discord turned good in the end. I actually liked him better when he was bad. But you know, it's for the good of the show. So I liked it but I didnt.
  2. I was the same as you OP! I didnt care much for her but then I saw Anthropology the musical and fell in love! I then read it and looked more into her through fandom search and other things. Now I am a fan and she is one of my favorite ponies!
  3. "Ooo I've heard of that one... But there's just so little information on it.. It's like they're trying to keep it secret. I'm not exactly sure what it does. There is no info about it." Blossom said as they walked out of the room. "I mean, I hardly know what it looks like!"
  4. Blossom gasped and looked up at him with sparkling eyes at the mention of "rare plants" Her mind began to race through all the different kinds that she knew and which ones were the hardest to get. She had gathered enough money to buy at least one rare plant each year for the past 2 years. She wasn't sure if she would be able to afford it this year. The thought of asking Draco came as it being a little too much. Blossom stood up, getting ready to leave with Draco "Really? I mean... I couldn't possibly-! It's just so much to ask!"
  5. "Oh... I'm sorry..." She hugged him gently and kissed him on the cheek. Blossom felt bad for asking and decided to wait until he was ready to reveal anything to her. Until he was comfortable enough. "Hey, let's get out of here." She smiled "we could have some cookies and milk and cuddle next to the fire if you want."
  6. "I'm not really bored but I do like talking to you a little more than singing. But where would we go?" She asked while tilting her head a little. Blossom blushed as he nibbled on her ear "And...what do you mean by gone? If you don't mind me asking..." She didn't want to pry too much but she couldn't help asking.
  7. "Ok. Well maybe later." She smiled "It seems that your great great great grandfather passed down a lot of things to you, huh? That sounds exciting. I wish my grandparents passed down things to me. Most of all the stuff went to my mother and sister. By the way, do you have siblings?" (OOC: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!)
  8. Blossom blushed and didn't say anything toward his comment about her being cute. She looked at his pocket watch as she leaned on him a little "oooo I like you pocket watch. My mother used to collect them and she passed a few down to me. I have them in a small display somewhere in the house. I kind of forget where...they're really nice though!"
  9. Blossom kicked her feet a little "Yes I'm having lots of fun!" She giggled. "I wonder how long we get to rent this room... Because in other karaoke places, we only get about 1 or 2 hours. Speaking of which, what time is it anyway? I don't have a watch on me so..." She laughed nervously.
  10. She sat next to him and looked at him with a worried expression "Well is there anything else I can do to help get that chain off? I don't want you to feel that heaviness." Blossom took his hooves in hers and smiled again "I'm here for you if you need anything, ok?"
  11. "Yea..." She looked down at the empty cup in her hooves. "Well then I guess it's my job to warm your heart up!" Blossom smiled and leaned over and kissed his cheek. Her face was all red now from embarrassment and couldn't believe that she had said something so cheesy.
  12. Blossom gasped "THAT'S YOUR HOME?! I've flown by there millions of times! Your house is huge! And it's the same for me... But I guess it won't really be like that from now on, huh?" She smiled up at him then grabbed her hot chocolate and drank the rest. "You think I could come over some time?" She hoped she wasn't being rude and pushing anything onto him.
  13. Blossom sighed a little "Not really. My father passed away when I was very young. My mother lives with my sister in Canterlot. She lived with me for a while but my sister got a job working for the princesses and became very wealthy. She insisted on mother living with her and so she did. Now it's just me in my little cottage. But that's ok. Because if my mother was there it would be quiet awkward and we wouldn't be where we are now." She smiled up at him and winked. "Which reminds me... Where do you live? If you don't mind my asking."
  14. "Well..why wouldn't I? You're just everything that is amazing. I can only describe you in one word; amazing." Blossom giggled and kissed him on the cheek as she nestled into his arms. "What about you? Why did you choose me of all the mares?" (OOC: MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!)