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  1. Shardikku

    General Name the Tank Game

    Seaponytopia! Olde Salty The Magnificent? Princess Skystar's Stadium!
  2. Shardikku

    What are you doing for Halloween?

    Sadly, I can't trick-or-treat anymore. Too old- now it's just harassing folks for sweets lol It's a shame because we were kinda excited for it, then realised we're not really allowed to anymore:((((
  3. Shardikku

    Your initial reaction when you first saw MLP in your life.

    I watched a bunch of parodies on Newgrounds a year before I got into it. Then I stumbled onto Lesson Zero, and I was like 'Wow, this show looks awesome and cute and pretty!' And now here I am lol.
  4. Shardikku

    Color of your pants + Last thing you ate = Your band name

    Royal Cookies I like that. ROYAL COOKIES, WE WANT YOU! WOO!
  5. Merry Birthiversary! 

    1. Shardikku


      Awww, thanks bro:D

    2. Denim&Venom


      You're welcome bruh. 

  6. Shardikku

    Cider Season Trivia

    Looks like it's an excuse for a pony binge! I miss applehorse, I think it's time to rewatch it all!
  7. I quite liked it. Really cutesy feel to it. But probably one of the weaker entries into the G3 list. I watched it a few times, and I have to say, the holes in it really start to grind a little when you actually think about it, but if you just switch off and watch, it's quite enjoyable. The songs are also solid, and yeah, it's Minty-centric, so obviously, it's already a great hit. If anything, I'd recommend avoiding the YT reviews before you watch it, because they sour it a bit. But it's a nice watch if you're in the mood:)
  8. Shardikku

    Technology What code editor do you use?

    Brackets for light stuff and web stuff, because I love how lightweight and snappy it is. And how unobtrusive the autocomplete is. For C++ I tend to use Visual Studio because it's just so beefy and solid. And I've spent a lot of hours building many-thousand-of-lines projects. A lot of other editors tend to start dying a bit at the 2 or 3 thousand mark, I find. Also lovely broken CLR support. Python is either Pycharm (*unf* sadly I cannot afford a thing these days:(() or Spyder/Python's own IDLE. Both have their pros and cons: Spyder is awesome, has great displays, and is great for integration with Conda, etc. and allows you to test in a temporary file. But it's so slow to start on my machine. IDLE is fast, snappy, but lacking in some pretty basic features, like line numbers.
  9. Shardikku

    Anthro and Non-Anthro Creatures

    I mean, if we look at cats we have Opal->Capper, and there was the Chimera, which was part tiger, and that had pretty decent intelligence for a wildebeast. And for dogs, we have Winona->Diamond Dogs. I guess, althought there's no concrete evidence or answer, propose these are different species. For example: Housecat, wildcat, tigers/lions, and folks like Capper. As for the reason behind it? No idea, perhaps divergent evolution of some sort? Or simply evolution, and means to survive meant sucking up to the ponies as they basically rule the land and sky. lol, actually a quality question. I'm kinda trying to work this out now.
  10. Shardikku

    Funniest episode(s) of the show?

    I haven't watched ponies for yonks now, but from what I remember, these are the few that really had me laughing out loud: (in no particular order) Parental Glideance Saddle Row Review Lesson Zero (My favourite episode!) Slice of Life They just got me giggling. Loudly. Enough that one of my housemates came a-knocking to see if I had truly snapped or not lol
  11. Shardikku

    G3/Core 7 Alicorn in G3?

    There were a couple of candidates I could think of already being alicorns in G3- Like Star Catcher, who seems to be like a super chill Celestia, and maybe Kimono because she's so wise? I mean, why not Razzaroo? The Alicorn princess of Birthdays? Oh, I wish G3 made a comeback again! I can totally see Alicorns in G3 though, yeah, that works:)
  12. Shardikku

    General What's your favorite color?

    Blue is my favourite, but especially royal and midnight blue:)
  13. Shardikku

    Where are your favorite places to escape the world?

    My escape is simply walking. All across the city/surrounding countryside. It's just nice. Music on, earphones in, and feet hitting the pavement/track. There's nothing quite like it for de-stressing:)
  14. Hoooo boyy, It's been a while since I've been here! 

  15. Shardikku

    Would you watch a sitcom starring Celestia and Luna?

    10/10 would deffo watch. The Royal Sisters being silly, pranking each other, messing around, etc. is one of my favourite things.