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  7. (( OOC: Don't have my banners atm, lel. )) The mare simply watched as the rest of the group jumped into action to put an end to the monster's wrath, and the scuffle was over before her input was required. More than anything, she was peeved for not getting to beat up a demon that time around. Letting out a short sigh in disappointment, she soon brought her weapon back into her saddle and then turned to look at the destruction caused during the fight. Lory was somewhat impressed to see that the train was still moving to begin with. She was becoming somewhat impatient: eager to arrive at their destination as soon as possible. Otherwise, she would really want to break something. She trotted over to Elias. "Mind telling me what's the deal between you and Bambi?" Lory didn't ask: she demanded. "Such a weird coincidence for us to find 'er in this train, huh? What a small, small world this is..." She made sure to add a pinch of sarcasm at the end. === Helios smiled calmly, still holding the patient in his hooves. "There is no need to thank me." He told him, slowly helping the pony back up on his - three - hooves by giving leverage with his wing. "Perhaps the ponies who would be deserving of your gratitude are the ones who bravely fought away the beast." He tilted his head towards the group: a proud, satisfied smirk still gracing his feature. It was a weight off his back to know that the group's combined efforts weren't in vain. With the possible exception of a few individuals, it did strike him like he'd chosen the right team to join. After confirming that the armless pony was out of danger, he made his way towards the others to check in how they were doing. "What an exciting promise of a journey..." He joked out loud; a hint of actual excitement in his words.
  8. I have a funny feeling my affection towards 2D characters is not healthy.

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      Well, y'know... Just caring too much about them and then becoming depressed and not being able to sleep when something bad happens to them in the video-game/cartoon/television program in question. :c

      Don't worry, my TV show is a sponsored autobiography.

      And I'm not the sort of scriptwriter to go doing bad things to my protagonists all the time. :P

  9. Lory simply stood still, watching in horror as the beast attacked the defenseless passenger. She didn't know exactly how to proceed - how to act in order to help. If anything, her reckless assault would most likely only worsen the situation. Maybe enrage the monster, ending up hurting the victim even more. After Techno jumped into action, frozen in fear she simply prayed everything would work out. If the opportunity would arise - in other words, if no innocent bystanders were in the way -, she would act. The mare was rung back to her senses on Elias' request. She stared at him for a few seconds, questioning herself of his intentions. Like at the inn, it probably was some way to deal with the situation she wasn't aware of. Either way, any attempt at resolving the problem was welcome. "G...Got it!" She nodded. Ripping a chunk of hair out of the monstrous being shouldn't be much trouble, she assumed. However, as soon as she dashed off towards the beast, she was met with the unexpected. Lory's eyes accompanied the body in slow-motion as it was abruptly and forcefully flung towards Helios and Legion. Eyes shot wide open, she was stopped in her tracks once again. "F...Flame spell!?..." She appeared to be caught off-guard at first. She kept looking back and forth at the dying pony on the ground and the beast wreaking havoc at the opposite side of the cart. It was about a somewhat delicate subject: one the rebel mare wasn't exactly happy to speak about... To say the least, she much preferred fighting against the beast with her physical, albeit makeshift weapon, than casting a spell to help the pony in need. After a few seconds of reluctance, she ultimately decided to disregard Legion's orders, choosing instead to step forward and face the enemy. "HEY UGLY-FACE!!" She called out, flourishing her weapon around the air as to call his attention. "COME AND GET SOME!! Grade A pony meat right here!" === With an oof, Helios was brought to the ground on the impact: the chef bleeding profusely over his grey chest fur. Raising his head back up to meet with the monster, he furrowed his brow in displeasure, soon returning his attention to the hurt pony on his hooves. "Understood." He nodded, doing as he was told. He grabbed the coat and pressed it against the pony's stub: in a matter of seconds, the coat was already completely drenched in blood. Scanning over the area with a quick motion and noticing that Lory wasn't ready to assist, thinking rapidly, the professor swung open his right wing, spreading it across the cart. Under his wing, a hidden leather belt was found, with a selection of mysterious-looking vials and small glass containers strapped onto it. Skimming through them, he soon chose one of the vials: one containing a viscous, marble-white colored liquid* inside. Popping the cork open, he held opened the unconscious chef's mouth with one hoof and tilted the flask over the his mouth with the other, making sure every single drop would go down his throat. "The wound is too wide... This might not be enough." Helios thought out loud, still attempting to stop the bleeding any way he could. A few moments past, the stallion grabbed yet another marble-colored container, following suit to the last one and forcing the pony to drink it. "Come on... Pull through..." (( OOC: (*)The liquid is basically a homemade herbal medicine made by Helios using an ancient zebra tribe's recipe. It's meant to accelerate the user's immune system and cell transportation, healing wounds considerably faster... A health potion, if you will. :v Doesn't need to work, if you don't want it to. ))
  10. The mare gasped in shock at the deer's words. In her mind, working through her memories attempting to reach the time earlier when the doe had told them about the captured foals. Abruptly so, she was rung back to her senses: she'd completely forgotten about how dangerous that situation was. About how many more lives were at risk. Gritting her teeth in anger, she promptly unsheathed her trusty lead pipe, levitating it to her side. "My offer still stands; remember? I kick your skinny-old flank, keep the children and the crates." She warned while pointing the weapon towards the doe. In such a crowded, narrow space, Lory didn't feel much comfortable with starting a brawl. But perhaps she'd have no choice: plus, that could be their best chance. Yet, most of the rebel's conviction was lost once those two engaged in an over-lengthy kiss. She fought against the urge to barf while watching the scene in pure bewilderment. Her expression swiftly became one of utter shock, however, when the unfortunate chef began deforming into some kind of beast. "Y...You demented witch!" She exclaimed, assuming a defensive stance. Her muscles were tensed up, frozen in surprise. Yet, she was ready to fight. === "I do believe I have seen and heard enough." Helios spoke up, raising up from his seat and making his way to the corridor between the chairs. His first instincts were to assist the innocent civilians caught in the crossfire to escape, but from the looks of it, all of them were locked in with those monsters. Facing the corrupted pony, the professor determinedly held his ground: his chest stuffed forward and his composure; ever calm and collected. The days he'd spent working alongside the Solar Guards were not forgotten in the slightest. "If possible, I would still like to suggest that we remained courteous as to avoid the hurting of innocent bystanders." He directed his words to the evil doe with resolve. "But if you so wish, we could take the more arduous road and... as my comrades would say..." He shifted his hooves onto the train's floor. "Do this the hard way." From the looks of it, Helios didn't have any sort of weapon at his disposal but his large size and even larger wings, safely tucked in. But of course, he did have a few tricks up his sleeve he was willing to use if the situation ever turned dire.
  11. Ah, sweet! No worries. Sorry about that, it's just that I was a bit confused after I went back a few pages and looked at our first encounter with the thing: Unsure whether a small continuity issue or intentional, but it kinda bamboozled me... Apologies for my nitpicking.
  12. @GoldieS Just a question before I have to go and edit my last post real quick... Is that doe in the train the same one with the rat from before, or is it a different one?
  13. As soon as Lory heard the familiar voice approaching, her ears immediately perked up. She'd always had a certain aptness for remembering sounds and voices and associating them with their bearer: therefore, she knew it meant trouble then. Didn't take too long for her eyes to meet with the mysterious doe from before, slowly walking across the train cart. The mare simply peeked over at the doe and the stranger that accompanied her, still facing the window and trying to stay low profile. "Ah, crap nuggets..." She exhaled, burying her head inside her forelegs, disheartened. For some reason, she half-expected Elias to call the demon's attention. She assumed the cat wouldn't be one to let an old enemy walk by unnoticed. So much for taking a breather, she thought. Now with Elias taunting the doe, trouble was inbound: no use trying not to attract attention anymore. After a brief period of reluctance, Lory lifted herself up from her seat. "You lost, Bambi?" She asked, staring at them both; a menacing look in her eyes as if saying 'go away or face the consequences', similar to a wild animal defending its territory. === Inside the train, Helios followed after Ozzie and Legion, picking a vacant seat next to the Lunar Guard commander. He planned on discussing their objectives and priorities for when they arrived at the town, but such plans were interrupted once the apparent commotion began taking place. At first, the stallion looked confused. Even though the rest of the group seemed to know the doe, he did not: whether friend or foe, was a mystery. He simply eyed as some of the party members rose up to what seemed like a wild-west stand off. For his part, he kept his attention focused at the scene, ready to take action if needed. "An acquaintance of yours?" He silently asked Legion, albeit he probably already knew the answer.
  14. Lory eyed the newly-arrived Pegasus stallion for a few seconds, scanning his shape from top to bottom. She had her brows furrowed in an annoyed expression - as of custom -, still half-asleep. "As if we needed more Royal Guard freaks foalsitting us..." With a dismissive click of the tongue, she complained under her breath. Turning her head, ultimately she decided to follow suit to the rest of the group and ignore the Solar Guard's presence, promptly boarding the train. Inside, she took an empty seat next to a window in the coach class, staying a considerable distance away from the rest, staring out into the distance with her hoof on her chin, holding her head up. === "No need to worry about it, Mr. Ozmodius." Helios responded to the greetings with another formal bow. Afterwards, a kind smile graced his feature. "It is simply understandable how unquiet their youthful minds must be. The recent events taking place across Equestria have been quite... unexpected, to say the least. Admittedly, I am a bit troubled, myself." He explained, then turning to face Legion. "General Chalice told me about your group, Commander Onyx. He explained the situation and kindly asked me to assist in your searches." He sent a quick glance at the train. "I have established a minor base of operations in the Town of Nowhere, from where I have been closely studying the runes and the uncanny occurrences possibly related to them." The professor lowered his head a bit, becoming somewhat mournful. "The Town could use all the help it can get... It would be a pleasure to accompany you." He confidently stated, walking his way towards the train. "Shall we embark?"