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  1. Fluffy Pinkie has been going through Very hard times and is leaving the internet. I have been told by him, as a great friend, to let you guys know he's leaving permanently.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. I kinda miss talking to you on Skype. Are you ever on?

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    2. techno915
    3. Huntress


      I'm talking to my friend on the phone right now so once I'm done with that Ill get on

    4. techno915
  4. So, are you a Whovian as well?

    1. Naive Wolf Josh

      Naive Wolf Josh

      Most definitely, I may have started with Eccleston, but I've been enthralled with the entire series ever since. I'm even a large fan of Pony in a Box Productions and their interpretation of Doctor Whooves.

  5. It is my favorite show, along with Doctor Who.

  7. Here is my OC, Sterling Storm:
  8. Nope! she is not done. she will be learning about responsibilities as a leader as well as continuing friendship lessons. i mean, one of the major parts for the past 3 seasons has been learning about friendship and virtues and such. why would they take away such a major part of the show?
  9. for those of you following my blog, i know i'm behind. a lot. i've been sick and busy with college/university. once i get about an hour or so of free time, i will update it. and if my thing says i'm always online, it's because i keep this tab open just in case.

  10. yes, they know. do they approve? no. idk what research, if any, they've done, but they don't understand why the show could be liked by a guy. we don't talk about it much though.
  11. hi Austin, I'm Austin

    1. Swick (ded)

      Swick (ded)


    2. techno915


      maybe YOU'RE the one not possible!