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  1. Howdy! For those of you that play Minecraft and happen to be looking for a fancy place to play, why not give Mine Little Crafty a try? We're a server primarily focused on the classic survival and casual chit-chat aspects, but there's something for everypony to enjoy here. You'll find the occasional roleplay going on, for those interested. We have serious builds, silly builds, homeless ponies, weird ponies, and yes, even crazy ponies. (We're not sure who let them in.) It's not just cobblestone houses and gravel roads, either! We have a large crew of builders that casually create show-like recreations of Equestrian cities! Check out our YouTube tour of our three major cities (plus a bonus!) Here! Not everything is done though. We are still currently building the Crystal Empire, so if you would like to take a shot at making a building for it, feel free to join up and read more on our website below. We're approaching our one-year anniversary since our grand opening soon and would like to invite any and every pony to come enjoy the game, make new friends, or even bring your own. Stop by our website at for more info or post any questions you have here!
  2. Howdy everypony, I've only looked around a little bit for something to show off my fandom, and two things elude me. Good decals for the rear window or bumper, and key chains/dangling toys for the backpack or such. I was wondering if anyone's sighted some really nice decals or key chains out there, as I've had less than awesome luck.
  3. That tree is lookin' really cool now! Evilshy's even in the underworld....
  4. Spider? I didn't even know such a game existed. Well, it could be worse, I guess. It could be about wasp-spider hybrids.
  5. Quantum states are crazy ideas. Crazy as in headache-inducing. Reminds me of A thought I had once for a scientific approach is the laws of conservation of energy and matter. Energy and Matter cannot be created or destroyed, they can only change forms. So it's obvious that our bodies decompose and fuel the next lifeforms (Plants, most likely), but what happens to the energy of our body? Most of the heat is lost to the atmosphere, all of the kinetic and potential energy is lost to the Earth, but what of the bio-electricity? Some studies suggest that a human's consciousness can exist outside of the body. I'm thinking of Of course, this all assumes that our self-awareness and intelligence is not just an advancement of neuron density in the frontal lobe of our brains. Either way, even Carl Sagan suggested we need more research about reincarnation. Not that he believed it, but he figured we need to investigate it.
  6. Increase: Pinkie Pie - I liked her before, but I seriously thought she was going to be over the top all the time. Turns out, as the show carried on, her antics were actually pretty well-timed and always made me smile. There's rarely a Pinkie Pie scene that I don't catch myself smiling. Applejack - Didn't think much of her before, but the strong, stubborn, but still gentle nature of the apple tree bucker has just grown on me like moss on a log. Rarity - I normally hate characters that are vain, but Rarity is a good middle ground between vain and lovely. It's shown that she just has more attention to detail than anything. Besides, she's got the best mane of any pony. Luna - After NMM, I thought Luna was just a defeated, docile little pony. Once I saw the Halloween special, I knew Luna was a really lovable character deep down. I hope we see more of her in Season 3. Decreased: Fluttershy - Before the show, I loved Fluttershy's character. At least, everything I read and saw pointed towards her being my favorite. As I watched more and more episodes, she's been in the spotlight less than expected, and is almost annoyingly shy sometimes. I still really like her for those few times when her real character shows. Princess Celestia - When I started the show, Celestia appeared to be a warm, heartfelt leader. The first huge strike was in "A bird in the hoof", when she never introduced her bird as a phoenix. Someone that smart and wise would have known confusion would happen. So, she put Fluttershy and Twilight through a bit of trouble just to "teach them a lesson." No sir, I think Celestia is becoming more like Troll-estia or Mol-estia.
  7. Allergy medicine and tooth brushing! I put so much effort into my teeth before bed that I actually feel a little more tired afterwards. That clean mouth feeling is heavenly!
  8. Sure thing Dasher! We can be partners for the event! I mean, if there's room...looks like there may not be space after all... Actually....I'm not too familiar here. Could someone clarify what we're going to be doing?
  9. Aw. Only 1/3 of the way. Darn. I was never good at QWOP-like games, anyway. I see people getting 100+jump all the time and I wonder what arcane magic they used...
  10. Luna! The poor woman just needs a little help readjusting after a thousand years. Can you imagine what being on the moon for a thousand years does to you? Turns you into Nightmare Moon apparently. I'd love to show Luna around if I could!
  11. It just hit me today, and I've been coming to this forum for about a week. When it's daytime, we see daytime in Ponyville for the background. In the night, it changes to a nighttime background! I was so excited and felt so dumb when I found out! Haha... So, has anything just whooshed past your head lately? Anything just walk by you for a while?
  12. Name: Nanniro Partner Name: I don't have one yet! QQ! Minecraft Usernames: You and your Partner(s) Mine is Nanniro. Skype?: Yes/No? Yes! My skype is luminanniro Minecraft: Legit! Other Games: Legit/Cracked/Torrented? Eh, anything free is open to me! Haha, but really, I don't have much of a games library
  13. Well, as I did a little research, I'd like to rethink my idea on how MLP will last. MLP has apparently been similar to Pokemon, spawning a few generations of different ponies and toy lines. Since the 1980's, they've been changing MLP's image to keep the collector attitude up. G1 went on until it's death in 1992-1995. G2 went on until 2002. G3 is still kinda around, as seen in some of the pony merchandise we see. Ever seen the "So Soft Newborn" toys of the ponies? They're of the G3 design. G4 is MLP:FiM's design. To date, it has been the most successful generation! G5 is already in the works for when G4 begins to dwindle. With that new knowledge, it is extremely likely to say that such a line as MLP could go on for decades. Although in different designs, ponies, and shows, it'll still be just about the same thing. FiM won't last forever, but MLP...there could be a new show in 10-20 years that revamps the franchise -again-.
  14. Sickness, spiders, embarrassment, heights, water, dangerous chemicals, chemical reactions (bleach + ammonia), snakes, wild animals, tainted food, being in the wrong place at the wrong time, accidentally being caught up in crime or with criminals, and the list goes on. I am a really scared and fearful person. I try to work on it, but it's hard.
  15. I live in Gulfport, MS. A place only known for it's seafood, casinos, and what little music came from here. We're also known for Hurricane Katrina! The worst hurricane to hit the US in modern history. The closest major city is New Orleans, LA. That sprawling place has a rich history and culture, but since the hurricane, it hasn't fully recovered and likely never will. It has the highest murder/manslaughter rate per 100,000 people for 2010, even though it only has a population of approx. 350,000. It's not that city itself is bad, but it's been handed some tough challenges by nature and politicians. It's still a very strong city, though! Very few southern cities share the glory, history, and culture of New Orleans. A real gem of a city.