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  1. !Surprise!

    Minimum post lengths

    Well the only reason the posts are getting better is because we're being forced 100 characters, really. *Braces self for hate*
  2. !Surprise!

    Ask Surprise!

    How many Rainbow Dashies are there?
  3. As much as I love Luna, Solar Empire. Celestia has had more time for magic. I'm taking this waay too literal am I. Or is that the point?
  4. !Surprise!

    Ask Surprise!

    Silly, you're Rainbow Dash #22!
  5. Her sister turned evil, and had no choice but to send her to the moon. And I think chaos would get well, too normal after a while. But still, chocolate rain <3
  6. !Surprise!

    Ask Surprise!

    Golden, of course! My mane is "rich" (:
  7. !Surprise!

    Ask Surprise!

    Oh, thank goodness you understand!
  8. Well imagine if you had awesome powers that you and your sister were trusted with... Then because of dark forces she could not handle, your sister turned into this evil overlord and tried to test your powers.
  9. !Surprise!

    Ask Surprise!

    A spy? N-no! I'm just filling in for Pinkie! That's it! Yup...
  10. !Surprise!

    Ask Surprise!

    It's this really really weird world where these tall, hairless animals can stand on two legs! I don't know how they did it, but when I asked them how they did it, they just gave me a weird look. Maybe I surprised them?
  11. !Surprise!

    Ask Surprise!

    Hi! I'm Surprise. I was once going to be in the show, but a pony named Pinkie Pie replaced me! Anyways... Ask me anything!
  12. First, I would wonder what Pinkie Pie is doing here. Second, I would be freaked out she's kissing a girl.
  13. If they cancelled it... I wouldn't be that devastated probably... But I would be sad for no new episodes But there's always re-watching stuff, fanfics, fanart, etc
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