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  1. Phantasy Star Online 2 Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door Wario Land Kid Icarus GB Batman Arkham Asylum/City (just beat Asylum, and moving on to City) And I have a sudden urge to play through the Ys series.
  2. I am an introvert, and pretty proud of it. Though at first, I thought that I was just different, and just tried to force myself to be an extravert, but I wouldn't be myself. Instead, I decided just to be more open minded of things. I don't have to be an extravert to be able to make new friends; it's just a bit more difficult.
  3. I'm saving up for a computer that I can already afford, Adobe software, a Cintiq tablet, and... no idea what else. I think I may have enough money for all of this anyways.
  4. The moment cold water hits my skin... it feels like acid piercing through me. I can only stand hot showers.
  5. lol, I figured as such. aklhrgafghdf
  6. Is it just me, or everyone just overlooking Psychonauts? It's one of the greatest 3D platformer games that no one has played. Or some of you had played. Limbo was odd, but not horrifying. Fun for what it was. Amnesia was quite a thrill, but I just can't get scared by it. I guess it's just how my mind works; I WANT to see what is going to kill me. The monster designs are kinda funny looking, though I know I'm supposed to be more horrified by it. I played some of Bastion, and it's fairly fun. Love the music, and the gameplay is fun. I haven't played enough of Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery to get a good opinion of it. But yeah, people need to play some Psychonauts. It's good. For your brain.
  7. Damn son, that's awesome! Why have I not seen these before? ;_;
  8. I'm well known in a way already, but perhaps not by everyone. However, if I had kept doing stuff for the fandom, I'd probably be a bit more popular. I don't do stuff to be more popular though; I just do stuff out of habit. "I do what I want."
  9. Give me the hottest salsa you can make. I'll eat it. :3
  10. My obsessions... Memorizing pi - I got bored in math class in high school. Looked over at the wall, saw 100 digits of pi written on it. Also looked in the math text book, and noticed there were a looooot of digits of pi. Then on my calculator, it only had about 8? I memorized those, then noticed that it rounded up the last number. Then I decided to look into it more, and then sooner or later, i had ~82 digits of pi memorized. I looked back at the wall that had 100 digits written on it, and that's when I noticed A MISTAKE. Yeah, nothing special. I kinda recite it if I'm waiting forever for something, then start singing randomly. Cows - moo. Cheese - made from milk, which comes from a cow. Ponies - Didn't see that one coming. Video Games - Mainly JRPGs, Nintendo games, 'Tales of' series, some Sonic games...
  11. I celebrate easter by eating candy chocolate eggs, and jelly beans... and ham for dinner. Usually I'd go to church, but work prevents me from making that a possibility.
  12. The story was also really sloppy too. Just when did that blue chaos emerald enter the time loop, and when did it ever leave? For whatever reason, it's like a terribly written fanfic, with shipping of a hedgehog with a human girl. Although, as for Sonic 06 itself, it looked a lot better in beta, with more animation, real-time shadows, better physics... Then the final product came out, and it looked and played like it was a beta. Sonic Generations though? Good game. But for whatever reason, the ending (Sonic Generations spoilers ahead) felt like it was a prequel to Sonic's Schoolhouse. Dr Robotnik was too displeased with how he never managed to catch Sonic, so he quits, and goes teaching or something. But ya know what? Nothing ever seemed canon in the Sonic universe. The plot is just all over the place.
  13. If it's anything like Sonic 06 (sounds exactly like the premise for Sonic 06), then ugh...
  14. I meant in general, not gender specific. But I've seen a loooot of large people a few times I was in the states... @_@
  15. Fine, I'll explain "average"Not the "AMERICAN" average weight (too big) and not too skinny, (there's no meat no those bones... what the hell?!) average is somewhere in between those.