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  1. My favorite items? that's easy Poke & master balls - Love the assists and Pokemon KOs except for goldeen who's useless in some way and clefairy's metronome for splash is also useless Fan - This is 1 way to deal a lot of damage and burn time so why not? Has shield break effect in the N64 version upon smash attack. Assist Trophy - Same as Poke and master balls, but the only useless assists are nintendog, and mr. resetti. Hammer and Golden Hammer - Gotta love these items even when paired with Super Star. Love the headless hammer even though it has nice launch power and dam
  2. Well borderlands 2 is my most longest played game followed by terraria and Rollercoaster tycoon deluxe, but before those 3 games, it's mostly final fantasy XI in terms of the longest play time before i got the game on steam.
  3. Well as a nintendo player, I know there was some of the best remakes I know about Best remakes are Kirby Super Star ultra which is a remake to the original version of Kirby Super star for SNES. It has all the original modes from Kirby Super star and has new modes to play and controls were a lot better though. Honorable Mentions would be Kirby Nightmare in dreamland, Pokemon FR/LG/HG/SS/ORAS/BD/SP, LoZ Link's awakening remake, and Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn.
  4. KirbyFluttershy

    Fluttershy Fan Club

    Happy Fluttershy day to all Fluttershy fans here.
  5. Not the highest price as you guys were expecting, but this is my turnip price for the week as of spike. Monday - 79 (AM) 75 (PM) Tuesday - 71 (AM) 66 (PM) Wednesday - 62 (AM) 59 (PM) Thursday - 55 (AM) 92 (PM) Friday - 142 (AM) 303 (PM) Saturday - (AM) (PM) Sunday (Buying) - 91
  6. Mine was created by my own work. It shows my interests and favorites. I know it's been outdated, but without image making program (like photoshop 7.0) that i lost on my previous computers, it's not gonna be easy for me to find another one and make sig pics.
  7. Normally I use photoshop 7.0 for sig pics and avatars, but ever since i lost that program from my previous computers, I stopped making sig pics and avatars till i'm able to find another suitable image making program.
  8. Gold nuggets sell for a lot if your island ordinance is on bell boom. if not, then you have to sell the gold nuggets on whoever's island that has a bell boom ordinance. I would highly suggest saving them for crafting if you have HHP DLC.
  9. Well we don't get anything new for AC NH's 2nd anniversary, but yeah. it's been 2 years that AC NH was released. some of our island's anniversaries are on that day as well. I started on the release day so 2nd year of my island now.
  10. Sorry for the late update on the turnip price, but i had 304 bells per turnip as a AM Price although it may not be the spike you guys may be looking for so i may suggest searching higher price than what i have for those that are still doing the stalk market.
  11. Merry Birthiversary! 

  12. The HHP DLC is optional unless you want the new reactions and flood up your entire island with diys and cooking recipes found on HHP island plus you get the special character photos via using animal crossing series and sanrio amiibo cards after making their vacation home on that day and then the next day, you'll get their photos. Tom nook, nooklings, and isabelle photos are optional because you can obtain them from the nooklink via nintendo switch online app on your smart devices. Not only you will get those, but also you'll get new DIYs from niko upon giving your materials to him via his
  13. Sorry man. you just missed the last large spike I had. you may want to expand your search for higher price than what we have. If you guys have HHP DLC downloaded, then you'll get extra turnips from joan after you built the hospital, but she only appears on monday mornings.
  14. I hope i didn't mean to crash on midge's bday party today cuz i didn't realize it was her bday today while seeking out who was crafting or cooking on tom's island. Oh and i bought the tractor before the shop closed down.
  15. It's not possible to have celeste when K.K. slider is on your island so the chances of celeste appearing may be 0% > slim chance. had that happening before when i had showers on saturdays just fyi.
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