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About Me

Hey, Everypony! KirbyFluttershy Here. If you guys haven't heard of me, I was recently Named as KirbyHamtaro out of most places. I became a brony since December 8, 2011, 2 days before Secret of my Excess Episode.


I'm 24 Year old Boy from CA, A Nice Person, but Really Quiet and I don't talk much. I can make friends easily depending on Interests, and Language-wise.


I like to play Video Games. I play games such as Kirby, Pokemon, Legend of Zelda, Mario, and Final Fantasy series. I play Final Fantasy XI Online as my all-time, but For Those that never seen me around in Asura Server, I was Named as Chiririn, a Full Time Summoner Job and Part Time Samurai Job.


I'm pretty much of a Graphic Designer, but I don't get that much of a improvement on my work so It's just same old work and I happen to make a Userbar before, but Not anymore.


For Language, Other Than English, I speak Basic Japanese, but not Full Japanese. I do Tagalog (or Filipino), but I Don't speak in that language.



Now About my Brony-ness,


I Love Fluttershy, Sweetie Belle, Cadance, and Celestia, but It's mostly Fluttershy that I love the most and those reasons are she's cute, graceful, a great singer, and Sensitive. Not many people know that I'm Brony except a few of my friends and family.


It's Nice Meeting you all, and I'm Hoping to Chat and Make Friends with you guys *cheers*.