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  1. The site that I shared should tell you guys which of the wedding furnitures you can get. The event ends at the end of the month so you should have all the time you can get. I wouldn't advise letting your villagers go if you don't have their poster(s) and picture(s) yet. There's a way to get their posters however they need to be resident on your island and you don't need their amiibo to do it so if you're making them move out, you wanna unlock their posters to your special goods catalog as a last chance. All you have to do is go inside harv's phototopia,via his land and then go to the edit mode and then go to your storage menu and then you'll see the residents icon there and then you can place in all of your villagers. After that, you can leave harv's island and their posters will be available to you in the special goods catalog under posters tab. As for villager's pictures go, well it's the same way as you get their pictures in WW, CF, NL, and PC. You just have to talk, give gifts, do favors for them (as needed), and return their lost items to them. here's the gift guide if you guys need it so it can help you build up friendship to your villagers. Jock villagers on the other hand, well in addition to what they're favorite is, you can give them sporting stuff like exercise bike, punching bag, and other stuff like those.
  2. That's pretty much creative there. When it comes to reception, that's the easiest part to create. the wedding part, well I normally put 6 benches on each side and 5 wall decorations on each side on the wall. I believe there's more to than just wedding furnitures. I checked the villagerdb for NH (which was useful as moridb for NL) and there's more wedding stuff to grab as well. Here's the list of the wedding items.
  3. You can send each other a friend request when you play together on one island at least once and then you go to add friend through your profile's page in the home menu and then search for users you played with. This normally helps without using a friend code. Of course to find each other, you'll need to know each other's profile after each online session. It kind of happened to me before when I sold my turnips at another person's island and got a friend request from this host without using a friend code.
  4. @Cash In - Just give me a PM (or contact me on discord if you got one in terms of online activity) if you need some recipes. I got a whole lot of extra recipes. I don't mind if either one of us visits. You may wanna ask the person who has the highest turnip price that if they're willing to time travel back. Here's my turnip prices. Monday - 78 (AM) N/A (PM) Tuesday - 103 (AM) 152 (PM) Wednesday - 167 (AM) 162 (PM) Thursday - (AM) (PM) Friday - (AM) (PM) Saturday - (AM) (PM) Sunday (Buying) - 94
  5. If you guys are asking about the wedding season event, there's no walkthrough. all you have to do is be creative with the theme like you normally move and decorate the house.
  6. I got a whole lot of extra DIY recipes if you need some, but I can share with others if they need it. it's a lot to list down so I can just bring (if a person is hosting) or leave it outside on my island (if i'm hosting) as needed unless we can trade DIYs, but I may not have what you and the other ppl here are looking for. To me, i'm looking for pitfall seed, and golden armor DIY recipes.
  7. Well I may be looking for celeste's visit and meteor shower right now. I'm currently low on large star fragments and I don't have enough gemini fragments to make a gemini closet. Large star fragments, well I need enough to make moon, and cresecent-moon chair, but also enough to make zodiac furnitures.
  8. Well Just keep an eye on your prices. if your price doesn't spike around Thursday or Friday (or sometimes earlier), you can try to find someone else who has higher price than what you have and it may depend on what turnip price you're seeking for. usually 400-500 can be minimum although I did see a 600+ bells per turnip last time, but I believe that one may be closed for now. The other part is that you need to ask the host if they're willing to time travel back. if not, then you have to sell what you can before the price changes at 12PM all time zones from the opening time and 12PM to closing time. both buying and selling prices are important so you'll see how much money you spent on the turnips and how much money you made on selling the turnips in difference and how much profit you made. also you may wanna notify the host that you're making multiple trips, but due to that save data corruption bugs & glitches that's been going on lately, you have to leave the island manually. The other part is that you want to avoid those that are charging admission fees such as items like hybrids, money, nmts, and diys per trip. For instance, during 4th week of april, I bought turnips for 91 bells per turnips to fill up the entire house and then I sold them for 617 bells per turnip at another person's island.
  9. I meant by cornering the stalk market (sorry to correct my post about it). 500 turnips for how many bells per turnip did you buy? the buying price is important so I can calculate how much you bought the turnips for and how much you sold them for on that day in difference from the buying price and the selling price.
  10. It's a nook miles. you get nook miles if you accumulate 10m bells in profit from selling turnips which is multiple trips in 1 day Well as much as I'd like to help you expand your search, it's not gonna be that possible here. Knowing the number of people posting here, it's not easy as it seems or haven't been able to keep their turnip prices posted and updated. The catch is that to do this search process is that you need a Nintendo switch online service membership. The other questions i'd like to ask are how much you bought the turnips for and how many in 100s?
  11. If you think that you weren't gonna make a lot of money with that amount of bells per turnip, it may be best to find someone who has higher price than what you have if you were to make a lot of money. It's true that the turnip wizard helps out a lot and say that you can sell your turnips at that price on that day, but if you wish to make a lot of money, then you may want to expand your search for a high turnip price. Cornering the stalk market can be done in 2 weeks (or more) depending on how big your house is and how much money you have including your ABD savings.
  12. what was your price if I may ask? if you waited further into the days within the week, you could've made a lot of profit. Sometimes these spikes may happen in Thursdays or Friday, but usually Saturday is the last resort.
  13. I got 543 bells per turnip however I will not time travel back so if you need to sell your turnips, please PM me and sell what you can.
  14. Scorpions can scare you that easily so you gotta be careful. they spawn regardless of weather, but you can go to the mystery tour If you're lucky to find and get one. The downside part is that they don't make a sound like they normally do in the previous animal crossing games. I do believe that this update has nerfed down the scorpion, tarantula, and atlas moth spawns. that's why it's hard to find these insects these days.
  15. The villagerdb is pretty much useful for our needs in NHs. I believe it's fully updated so all items are listed and what they look like. Some of the items we can't get are seasonal only so we have to wait till we get up to that point unless there's someone out there with southern hemisphere we can visit if that's an option to take.
  16. I think it's better to help each other out with the paintings and statues section of the museum rather than hoarding it all to 1 person. My friend told me that I had 3 real paintings / statues on one of my previous redd's visit after i ordered the 100% guarantee painting so I let my friends get the others for their own.
  17. One of us can take the other 2 if the other 2 aren't sold. I had 3 real paintings / statue before and I had to let my friends take them.
  18. You guys may wanna be careful how you get paintings and statues from your villagers. You'll never know if they're real or fake. I got a tremendous statue from one of my villagers through mail and it was a real one. This same mechanic applied from new leaf. The only way if it's real is to grab the item, place it anywhere on your island or your house, and use this painting and statue guide here to ensure if the painting and statue you got from your villager is real or fake.
  19. I didn't make my flag design. The thing about my flag design is the color palettes so I had to get one off from a code after I searched for it. It was an easy decision for me to name my town / island. the ones I had were chosen by best color palette used like in gamecube and wild world's. I don't have that much patterns to share around here so you guys won't get much from me. That's pretty much tough to name an island that's MLP related though. The megalo left side is what i'm missing so far so I dunno if you want anything to trade for it. What I do have are celeste's poster, and pocket camp items. Just as a warning that the posters and the pocket camp items can't be added to your catalog once acquired. celeste's poster can only be acquired if you have a celeste amiibo, used it on harv's island and photopia, and left harv's island.
  20. I'm looking for left megalo side to complete the fossil section of the museum and the fossil catalog, but it's kind of rare to get and it's the last fossil piece i'm gonna need. Sometimes these items are always the last thing I need
  21. I kind of imagined if you guys made some sort of MLP related flag design, but that's a tough part to do or pull off like ponyville, and crystal empire flags.
  22. Yeah that's the other downside part is that I don't visit people's islands if they charge a lot like selling turnips such as 99k bells, NMTs, and some others per trip. That's why I keep my promise not to charge people to sell turnips at my island if I have a high, but tips and donations are allowed and/or I can let them to keep the money they made in case if they need it.
  23. The problem with that turnip exchange site is that a lot of unwanted people may come and sell their turnips and you can't end the session due to that crash and save data corruption bug and glitches if they go afk on your island and you have to make these people leave the island manually unless you're making things private for this forums and thread. The most asked question is that if you're willing to time travel back to help other people out.
  24. 607 bells per turnip is a rare price. I haven't seen anyone who hit that price before.
  25. The latest updates nerfed down the spawns on tarantula, scorpions, and atlas moths so it's not that easy to get them or come by. You may be lucky enough to find one from mystery island, but the quantity of them may be low so you wanna exercise caution when catching these guys from the mystery island.