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  1. There's a way to tell that the fake wild paintings. for the fake left half, it's same color as the real right half. same goes for the fake right half which is the opposite. Just to let you guys know that i have sanrio items thx to my brother's mate for providing. I'm just gonna try to get chelsea for now so i'm hoping to kick flip out. If anyone wants sanrio items, i can help provide. As usual, these items will not be added to your catalog which is the same deal as pocket camp items as i know about although if it's for someone else, lemme know and i'll just drop them on the island near th
  2. KirbyFluttershy

    Fluttershy Fan Club

    Reminds me a lot like assigning fluttershy mii as a imp job in miitopia.
  3. KirbyFluttershy

    Fluttershy Fan Club

    A fluttershy hugging eevee. that's just cuteness overload there. what's even better if it was all of the cute pokemon even the baby pokemon too.
  4. The paintings and statues are the toughest to complete since we have to start expanding our search for redd with the paintings that we still need to look for. the paintings that eludes us the most are scary and graceful paintings although some of the statues we're looking for also eluding us as well. we just haven't got much luck with our searching around here (since it's only 3 of us around here).
  5. well if you got a lot of coconut trees planted on your beach areas, it may take a while to find one. you have until august to find and catch one. Just catch bugs along the way if that helps also make sure no furnitures are between the coconut trees also go slow when you're trying to find one. last time horned hercules eluded me most of the time and don't get too close to them and the tree otherwise you won't make the catch.
  6. I got meteor showers for the night on my island if anyone wants to come to my island as isabelle announced it. just be sure to contact me through discord if you guys want in.
  7. Someone can craft you a golden watering can, but it will not count towards the golden tools nook miles though. A 5-star island rating isn't that easy. it's not just paths and fences, but also furnitures around the island too. If it helps you even more, you can dream a random island to get some inspiration from the other ppl. Keep in mind that gold nuggets are hard to get so it's not that easy to find one and golden tools aren't customizable and breaks after certain amount of uses like all other tools.
  8. I already have both paintings. it's just not the ones that i'm looking for and it's hard for me to get my hands on them.
  9. it's not that easy. you'll need a lot of trash items and spoiled turnips around your island to get a fly to spawn. last time. i tried to catch a fly from spoiled turnips, but, there was ant combined with it.
  10. redd may have 2-3 real paintings and statues so it's not guaranteed and you may wanna check your catalog if you already have donated the ones that i have so far, but if others here have already donated the ones i'm looking for, i can just get it off from their islands if they have redd visiting with available paintings and statues i'm looking for. I do have my friends to help me with the search other than here.
  11. The paintings and statues i'm missing are Wild painting left half, Scary painting, Amazing painting, Moving painting, Gallant Statue, Motherly Statue,, rock-head statue, and valiant statue. those are the things i have left on my museum.
  12. I was gonna send a friend over, but she sold her turnips too early for 122 bells per turnip on her island i believe.
  13. you wanna have your turnip price listed here so we will know.
  14. It depends on my brother since he normally gifts the steam games to me, but since i'm playing his games through steam shared library, that all depends on what games he will get regardless if it's on my steam wishlist or not.
  15. Sorry. i don't have any turnips on me plus there wasn't anything worthwhile when we deposit a lot of money into the ABD. We haven't gotten any updates since the last one, but there are some talking points about the next and future updates like ppl wanted brewster and others back. To me, i wanted booker and copper or if all possible, their successors like sow joan's granddaughter, daisy mae. The other part that ppl wanted was gyroids to be back as well/ here's the related article. The others we need, well we do need more furnitures to buy and/or craft since some of us have all the DIY
  16. It depends on if your island is at 5 star island rating and acquired the golden watering can recipe. the other part is getting inspiration and island decorating tips from other ppl. if your island is not a 5 star island rating and haven't acquired the golden watering can recipe, then you wanna focus on that and then make changes to your island after. What i do know is that there are seasonal items so you wanna keep your trees spaced out and have room for their seasonal items to come in. don't add a lot of flowers as they take up room for the seasonal items to come in and this includes fin
  17. You can also get one at the mystery island with NMTs (nook miles tickets) however if you get hit by the scorpion at the mystery island, you will be sent back in front of wilbur instead of your house. just make sure you make the catch count. if it helps, try to move slow on them, but you can try to re-route and go around them. that's how i caught one of those scorpions.
  18. I might be in for a spike, but i have to wait for the PM price to come in.
  19. Yeah. if you guys have redd visiting on the same day, it all depends on what real painting and statues you have available. only buy the paintings and statues that you don't have and donated. once you buy the painting and statues from your island or another person's island, you can't buy another. that's how it happened to me and my friend before.
  20. Actually there's a way to find a villager you're looking for even if you tried to search everywhere on the island or last place to look, but not sure if it works on NH. all you have to do is restart via save & quit and then continue.
  21. I had 417 bells per turnip as a PM price yesterday, but i didn't get a chance to post and share it here or rather was waiting for the next post.
  22. The online play is optional, but usually we need all the help we can get such as redd visiting, stalk market, meteor showers, and other visitors. Yeah redd can have all fakes which it normally happens. some statues, scary, and graceful paintings are the ones that eludes me the most as they were fakes and haunted. i haven't seen any of those real paintings and statues lately. all i get was duplicates and i tend to buy them for those that need it.
  23. you could've gotten the gates opened for us and other ppl that needs meteor showers. Celeste may appear regardless of how light or heavy the meteor showers are and if isabelle announced it. I got redd visiting yesterday and had 2 real paintings and 1 real statue. i took the wild painting right half and my friend took the ancient statue. the mysterious painting was the only one left.
  24. Rollercoaster prices are normal. usually if you're trying to get a spike, you'll have to get a steady decline first and then you wanna keep an eye on your turnip prices within that week since the spikes may come in at a steady decline. The chances of getting a spike on rollercoaster prices is slim as i know about.
  25. your 12PM times are little off. i believe what you meant to say that it's AM EST
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