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  1. Either the forum on Moshi Monsters or Animal Crossing Community. They're both likely.
  2. Imagine

    How old are the ponies?

    18 at the most, they do own houses of their own. Headcanon Ages: Fluttershy: 21 Pinkie Pie: 20 Rainbow Dash: 19 Applejack: 24 Twilight Sparkle: 22 Rarity: 23
  3. Imagine

    If you could stay at one age, what would it be?

    25 is a good age for me, your brain is fully developed, and you're old enough to do just about everything.
  4. Imagine

    Least Favorite Insect (if any)?

    Spiders, cockroaches, bees, wasps, all of the pesky ones.
  5. Imagine

    What's your favorite planet?

    I've actually created personifications of the planets, the sun, the moons, asteroids, and comets, but out of the ones I made, I think my favorites are probably Saturn and Pluto.
  6. Imagine

    General Media Childhood Ships

    Ash and Dawn from Pokemon was my OTP for about a year when I was 7...
  7. Imagine

    Favorite MLP Shipping and Why?

    I mainly ship things with cute fanart, and things with proof from said entertainment.
  8. Imagine

    How is your handwriting?

    Sloppy, but legible, very unconnected, as sometimes my line on a d or p or q doesn't quite connect.
  9. Imagine

    Shipping Day

    This is made for me, I swear...
  10. Imagine

    Bi, Straight, Gay, or Lesbian, perhaps?
  11. Imagine

    Which school rules do you hate the most

    Well, damn, where do I begin... 1. The Dress Code In my school, you have to wear uniforms, also no leggings, no skirts that are above the knee (this one is frequently broken and nobody does anything about it), no hats (i break this rule and only one teacher has called me out for it so i just don't wear a hat around her), and several other things like: DURR YOU MUST WEAR OUR SCHOOL COLORS AND NOTHING ELSE CAUSE U R A TRU SPATRAN 2. Drawing My teachers hate when I draw, they've got no reason. I never draw while they're teaching, I draw after they're teaching, but I've gotten a total of 4 drawings I've worked hard on taken from me by my English Teacher. 3. No Phones If any teacher sees you even with a phone for a split second, they'll whip it out of your hands and steal it for 3 days until you can get it back. I've also heard that they will look through your phone to make sure you aren't doing anything "inappropriate." Like damn, way to invade some people's privacy. 4. The Pledge Of Allegiance Now, this one doesn't bother me, but it may for others since their school may not have as much freedom. Actually, despite that my school is in the South, they haven't been a bitch to anyone about their religion and their sexuality.
  12. Pudding. God, I hate pudding. It's just so gloopy, and it doesn't even taste that good.
  13. Imagine

    What Level of Brony are you? (Chart)

    I have been getting less and less a fan of MLP, but I do still enjoy it, and its community. I have a bit of merch, having 3 Funko Pop toys and a T-Shirt. So, I'd say that I'm a Twilight/Rarity.
  14. Imagine

    Most Beautiful Sight You Have Seen

    Well, I think this one time when I was walking around my neighborhood on a windy fall day, this golden yellow tree suddenly started to blow leaves in all directions, and I just found it really pretty.
  15. As much as I love both Luna and Rarity... GO RARITY!!!