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Status Updates posted by Hawk

  1. Picked up Issues 1 and 2 of the my little pony comic at Hot Topic today along with some blind bags and those vinyl figurines of Derpy and Rainbow. Not a bad haul. ^_^

    1. Night Shine

      Night Shine

      I am so jelly of you right now that you could just call me Mr. Zap Apple Jam. >:U

  2. Been roughly a year since I first became a Brony. What a year it has been. I will probably put together a blog post to talk about that... or something else that has come to mind.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving! :)

  4. wOOt season 3! Now if only iTunes would post it in HD so I could buy it....

    1. Nas


      They will in time. They put up the wedding episodes the evening of the premiere.

  5. Going dark for the next 10 days. I am fucking sick of stumbling into some season 3 spoiler EVERYWHERE I go. Hell, I can't even go on Facebook without seeing something. This is worse than avoiding video game spoilers.... <_<

  6. RIP my Xbox 360 (2008 - 2012). You were a good console and you shall be missed. :(

    1. Jokuc
    2. Samurshy


      Xbox? I have had a couple. They all got red rings or the laser eye died, I finally got sick of it and switched to ps3


  7. That awkward moment when you say "Canterlot" instead of "Camelot" when talking with your friends. XD

    1. Finesthour


      ... what conversation calls for saying "camelot"?

    2. Colon Leftbracket

      Colon Leftbracket

      I said Spamalot once and we had a good laugh.

    3. Finesthour


      OHHHHH, the old kingdom.

      I read it as-


      Came. Lot.

  8. Just got a Gold Series Twilight Sparkle in one of those trading card packs. That made my day. ^_^

  9. brb, Discord stole my status update. I gotta chase him down and get it back... -_-

  10. Always so much to do and yet there is so little time.

  11. Registered on the forums now back to work on that fan fic.... in a little bit. Good lord I'm such a bad procrastinator... hahaha.

    1. NinjaCPU


      procrastination is such an annoying thing to have.

    2. Hawk


      It really is. I've tried to break the habit of procrastinating, but sadly it is easier said then done.

    3. NinjaCPU


      It's takes time to destroy that kind of habit. I'd gotten a bit better from before, but it's hard.

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