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  1. Wait, what? I go inactive for a few days and suddenly there is talk of the fandom falling apart? Good lord, I had no idea leaving the oven on would cause this... O_o No, but seriously. Is this really a thing? I don't see it happening honestly. It will take a lot more than Twilight sprouting wings to destroy the fandom... hell I don't think much of anything could destroy this fandom entirely.
  2.   & Oh god yeah that episode was amazing. There has been several times I've gotten close to shedding a tear during this show. This is the first time that I actually did. One tear, but still lol.
  3. Fillies and Gentlecolts, welcome to Pony Drought 2013. Now begins the wait for Season 4, which was confirmed as far as I know. The fan base will sustain itself through its creative awesomeness like always.
  4. Cooler said it best, and likely speaks for quite a few of the people that supported the theory that Twilight would go Alicorn: But seriously though, I don't mind at all. In fact, I think Twilight looks awesome and rather adorable as an Alicorn. Although I might be a bit biased since well, you know, I am an avid believer that Twilight Sparkle is best pony. I am looking forward to seeing how this occurs in the final episode. I doubt the writers will disappoint, those guys are amazing at what they do.
  5. When there is reason to cry, regardless of being a man or a woman, then by all means do so. Holding that kind of stuff in is bad from what I am told. I know I've cried several times since I became old enough to be considered an adult and will admit it without being ashamed. Also, some tears are not sad but rather happy ones in some situations. I know I may be near tears of joy when I graduate from College as it has been a very long and hard journey at times.
  6. I look back fondly on the day I finally jumped down the metaphorical rabbit hole and became a brony. I wouldn't say I miss those times, because there was a great deal of fear in that first month. I was terrified of what my friends and family would think of me. Fortunately those fears were not needed in the end as my family and all of my real friends were perfectly fine with me being a brony.
  7. Oh believe me, you are far from the only Twilight Sparkle fan in existence. I've said it once, I've said it twice, I've said it hundreds and hundreds of times since the day I first stood proudly beside the Brony banner one year ago, and will probably say it many more times: "Twilight Sparkle is best pony." Also, welcome to the forums.
  8. The Brony Phenomenon? A fad? Yeah I'm gonna go out on a limb and say... no. I believe that Bronies are here to stay. Name one fad that got conventions, brought people together, inspired so much charity, created entire communities on forums and in online games, created countless volumes of music, art, and videos. Name one fad that led some people to happier lives and, in some cases, sparked their desire to write, sing, draw, etc. Honestly I'd say it's far too soon to predict anything about the future. To my knowledge, nothing like the Brony Phenomenon has ever happened before. So who kn
  9. I watched the documentary last night. Holy crap it was amazing. I really enjoyed watching it, and will probably watch it again and again and again. I felt it really captured the essecne of what Bronies are about. The animated sequences with a certain someone singing nearly made my head explode from the awesomeness... along with laughing hysterically. I cannot wait to get the blu ray discs next month, totally worth every last penny I gave to that kickstarter.
  10. Hawk


    Nice! I remember hearing this song back during the summer when my friend showed it to me... gave me a damn toast addiction... >_< And yes this song gets stuck in your head really easy... no idea why but it does.
  11. Picked up Issues 1 and 2 of the my little pony comic at Hot Topic today along with some blind bags and those vinyl figurines of Derpy and Rainbow. Not a bad haul. ^_^

    1. Night Shine

      Night Shine

      I am so jelly of you right now that you could just call me Mr. Zap Apple Jam. >:U

  12. I wake up in the morning shirtless and only have some sort of PJ bottoms on. Once I wake up I switch to other clothes like a t-shirt and jeans or something on the lines of that.
  13. Yeah I'm not out to "convert", I'd say it's more awakening others to the possiblity that you can like a show that is intended for a target audience that you are not part of and not feel ashamed of it. But like many things I have been a fan of, I just show support for it. I wear the t-shirts, wear the Brony Bracelet on my right arm, make references to the show, post pictures/video/songs on my Facebook, etc. I will occasionally talk about it as well. That's all I need to do. I've gotten quite a few people I know to try out the show just by doing that. Even my parents finally gave the s
  14. Never. Not in a million years. Absolutely not. Don't count on it. Negative. No way jose. Nein. Uh-uh. Nah. And of course: NO. I think I've throughly stated my views on this subject, but just in case it wasn't obvious: /thread
  15. I know it's been said a bunch of times already, but I'd say that Breaking Bad is pretty good. I picked up Season 1 off of iTunes for 9.99 and I've been enjoying that series. I don't watch anime very often but Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood is great, my best friend and I had a bit of a FMA marathon last week since I got the entire series on blu ray. Aside from that and of course My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, I don't watch many TV shows. The last one I really watched was Lost on Hulu back in my freshman year in College as I had nothing better to do.
  16. Let's see, here are a few examples that I can think of: -Pretty much most of the fourth area in the first Rayman for the Playstation. My god that game was so brutal and unforgiving. -Quite a few things in World of Warcraft. - The final section of Radiata Stories with the god damn sand that sent you falling back down.... oh that reminds me. - Tower of Babel from Xenogears. Good... lord... I sitll have nightmares about that abomination of a dungeon. One wrong move and you go all the way back down. Between that and loss of fuel for your gears... goooooood times. -_- As fo
  17. I can assure you that you have not missed the golden days. I've been a Brony for a year and I have never once seen anything that looks like the fandom is declining. Hardly. I think that the best has yet to come and I'm looking forward to seeing where things go in both official pony content and what we the community create in response.
  18. Not really. Alicorn is a term that has existed long before My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Evidence: http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/alicorn and then of course this piece of artwork that was drawn and submitted 4 months before the show started and the term Alicorn is used: http://www.elfwood.com/~cori/Alicorn-Sketch.3562239.html As for the original topic, I'd completley agree with the OP. When I watch Season 3 I do not see Pandering or excessive fan service like so many people are crying and whinning about as if the show got handed over to another company or something.
  19. I can't speak for others but I'm not a fan of the extremely violent and gorey fan stuff and I'm a guy, so gender really has nothing to do with distaste for over the top "shocker" violence. I've never understood why people like stuff like Cupcakes or any of the R34 content but it doesn't really matter. This darker element is always present in fandoms to some extent. I wouldn't say that the people who create and enjoy that stuff are not respecting the show or that they might be missing the point. But unfortunately their videos and art innevitably gets found by people who don't know what
  20. If I had a dime for every time a "The end of Friendship is Magic" has shown up on forums or discussion posts I'd be rich enough to buy at least seven or eight Ferraris and seven mansions. -_- I really doubt Rainbow Dash training at an academy means no more RD and it certainly does not mean the end of the show. Worry about that if and only IF Rainbow suddenly doesn't show up at all for the rest of the season, which I'd say is pretty unlikely. Stop the doomsday talk/theories/Hasbro Overlord conspiracies until after there is some concrete evidence of it. Like, for example, a press release
  21. Hmmm... for Christmas I predict I'll get a few video games, most of them being for the Xbox 360. I imagine there will probably be a few t-shirts thrown into the mix. That's all I can think of at the moment but I do tell my folks that I enjoy surprise presents that I never saw coming. Those are awesome.
  22. Worst: -The death of my last dog, Yoshi. I wasn't there when he died but I still felt pretty sad about it. It was almost like when I lost my absolute favorite dog several years ago, only nowhere near as painful. Best: -The Aftermath of Summer Bronycon 2012. I still dont' know how or why, but somehow something changed inside me after I got back from Bronycon. I had a great deal of negative emotions bottled up in me from various issues I had been facing over the past few years. When I got back... all of that was inexpecliably gone. - Various stuff I've done in WoW was pretty aw
  23. Hawk

    Derpy offensive?

    No, Derpy is not and has never been offensive. Bronies were the ones who noticed her and gave her her name. Then what happens when she is finally brought into the show? A bunch of whiney, thin skinned cry babies, and of course soccer moms (the second worst scum of humanity next to Fox News) start crying OFFENSIVE! If anything I find Derpy absolutely loveable. I wish she was a minor character that spoke more often. Also, that infamous episode aired on my birthday... best... present... ever.
  24. Yeah I never agreed with other bronies about the Mare Do Well episode. I personally enjoyed it and all the other episodes she's done I think Marriwether Williams is just as talented writer as everyone else on that staff. The wonderbolt academy episode was spectacular, I loved how they handled Rainbow Dash in that episode. Wait... people actually had a problem with Putting Your Hoof Down? Fluttershy fans taking issue with her having some character development or something? *Facepalms*
  25. @OP /hug Nothing, and I repeat NOTHING is even remotely pandering in Season 3. At all. And I'm sick of people whining and crying like a buch of little babies about it. It's like Derpy Gate all over again only it's not just the thin skinned whiney bitches that are crying. Now it's a bunch of people acting like this is the worst season ever (albeit it has had a few issues but it certainly isn't bad, not by a long shot and that is for another topic someday). FYI, the comic has far more references and what some of you people would call pandering. My advice is to Bronies who are cryi
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