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  1. Facebook, Twitter, Email etc Instagram if I have time I like to check up on BBC sport and see what football results I missed I might add here, again, now
  2. I shower every day I am fine superficially socially, but most people don't try to get beyond that; sometimes a nice barmaid or a friendly local will, and I know I am more awkward then but also more appreciative Quirky? Well my age and where I live, having any interest in MLP would be a quirk!
  3. I don't know the last time I managed to log in here. Thanks for the email with the charity info, I'll try later on this month to help out.

  4. Fleetwood Mac's 'Go Your Own Way' but if searching Youtube get the live 1977 version, by 1979 they're all stoned and screw it up!
  5. Thanks. I guess I didn't realise there WERE benefits that i have now lost. I had my settings in my profile set to ads off, and I haven't changed that. I don't know if someone else did? I have tried to find how to actually alter it, but so far it has defeated me Regards Lupus
  6. I got this message that said I could not reply to it "Your group promotion given during your last donation has expired. You have now be demoted to a different user group. Thank you for supporting this forum." What does it mean? Also, I am seeing adverts of the top of the screen and a message telling me to register to not see them, and of course I am registered. I use wifi in pubs and cafes and adverts screw with the bandwidth so I chose not to let them display, but they are displaying Confused Lupus
  7. LOL, I have no idea! In fact I doubt they are aware it exists as a TV show (after all, I wasn't before). They are probably vaguely of the actual pony toys, but probably forgotten the exact name. They have seen my desktop but probably didn't think about where it came from, or what those 'ponies' were (not necessarily easy to know its a pony if you don't watch the show).
  8. I don't smoke, but I like it around me. It feels really weird that its banned indoors in pubs now. When the smell drifts in from the outside, that feels right....
  9. Are older bronies more inclined to like Applejack? She was my favourite pony, and though I see great moments with all the others, she remains the one I enjoy watching the most. I love purple so Seafoam, or whatever her name, captured my beauty-roaming eye, hence my little pic. But in this thread so far I count 3 Applejack fans, something that seems statistically unusual from all those "AJ never gets the love" posts.
  10. lol, when I read you were looking for older bronies I thought like me (over 40). To me, you're still a younger brony, just not a young brony. I was vaguely aware of the show for a year without even considering that it was something I might want to watch (I hardly ever watch cartoons and Avatar The Last Airbender had been the last one I'd bothered with). It was only when I saw John de Lancie tweeting about the show that I thought "Huh, that's Q, he's fantastic" and downloaded from Youtube the first couple of episodes. I was amazed at the quality, the quirkiness, the characterisation and just the fun feelgood factor, and was hooked. It was also a very bad time mentally, and it probably saved my life.
  11. Well I was thinking of getting this but its not available on and shipping to the UK is coming in at over £15 - more than 3 times what the book costs at best option! So, why's there no European print of this? Hardly makes sense
  12. I'm guessing its just marketing. There's no point trying to rationalise consistency when the marketing department has been at an idea!
  13. I like the look of the new make over here - as long as nothing has been hidden!

  14. This stuff is cool! If I boufght Pony merchandise I'd be salivating