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  1. A mentioned in a comment below, this account belongs to a violent-anti-brony that actually made terrorist threats against a theater showing the new MLP movie.

    This account needs to be banned.

    1. PinkiePie97


      It's possible he already is banned. Since the forum software was upgraded, we can view anyone's profile, regardless of whether they're banned or not.

  2. Open letter to staff:

    Please fix the text entry box in the forums so the box showing how many characters you've entered doesn't obscure part of what you're typing.

  3. We have four in the show already and confirmation with Twilight that powerful enough unicorns with the right guidance can ascend, so I don't see the issue with well written and used Alicorns that make sense.
  4. All consumer fireworks have been legalized at the state level in Iowa and my city and county choose to honor the repeal and allow them around the appropriate holidays. It's a big milestone and it's gonna make it a fun 4th this year.

    1. FlitterFlutter


      While they are not legal here... the police just turn a blind eye. 

    2. Shoboni


      My city basically had that going because it's like 45min from a discount fireworks store right on the MO border.

      There was largely an unspoken "preferably stay outside city limits and don't cause trouble and we'll pretend we didn't see or hear any"

      They're officially legal on paper now, though and fireworks sellers are already discussing getting permits to open temporary stores and stalls during the window in which they can be sold every year. 

  5. Technology

    I have a wireless one from the company in a similar design and I really like it. The side buttons are great.
  6. Technology

    I've heard some bad things about Alienware so I'd choose the Razor, myself.
  7. I mostly game on the PC now, here's my Steam profile
  8. Technology

    I recently upgraded by PSU and went Intel, so I'm rocking a i5-6600k OC'd to 4.2Ghz. It works beautiful got Gamecube emulation and even stabilized my performance in some games that are more CPU hungry. Next big upgrade I have my eye on is a new case, new MOBO (this one was defective to where a SATA port fell off with barely any any accidental stress while adjusting wires but I couldn't RMA because I was using it for school) and either a 1070 or 1080 depending on what prices do with the release of the 1080ti. Also new fans and stuff because I'm going purple lighting and dubbing the new build that transitions into NICOLE. Also finished the new Doom recently (working on clean-up duty 100%ing the maps now) and loved it
  9. Been getting back into traditional art (using a lot of Primsacolor Pencils since I first found some cheap on clearance and got hooked enough to shell out like $50 on a proper set plus hard lead fineliners) Everything is SFW, but a warning my blog and DA DOES have some mildly NSFW stuff since I do figure drawing and artistic nudes
  10. I don't have the final picture uploaded anywhere yet, so here it is:
  11. Tails instinctively pressed his ears against his head and cringed as the explosion drowned out his mother’s voice. He stood stunned for a moment before beginning to panic as he realized it was the sound of somewhat close gunshot. The sound was unmistakable after so many times. dealing with Eggman’s robots or having mishaps with GUN. Was there someone in trouble nearby? “Mom, are you ok-” he trailed off as his eyes fell on her body and he stared into her wide eyes, now already starting to fog over. His mind reeled as he noticed the telltale hole in her forehead and blood already pooling underneath her. She was dead and he had little idea how to move her to safety or deal with whoever shot her if they closed in. The thought also entered his mind that someone might’ve heard the shot and would come to find her this way. It occurred to him that he had to at least to try to move her before that happened and he grabbed her feet. Surprisingly, she wasn’t as heavy as he assumed a four-and-a-half foot tall, biologically 19 year old girl would be. He noted she wasn’t much heavier that Sonic despite being well over a foot taller.. Why was he pondering something so random is such a dire situation? Was is some kind of coping mechanism he had developed to stay calm under pressure? Before he could wonder for much longer he was greeted with footsteps approaching behind him. “Going somewhere?” Asked a young, male voice, “or just saving me the trouble of hiding this mess?” Tails froze and tried not to panic as the footsteps came even closer. “Just look at her face, I guess she lived just long enough to realize what was happening. Keen enough senses to register that miniscule window between the gunshot and the impact, perhaps?” He laughed, “I wish I had a camera.” Tails stayed still, his heart beginning to pound in his chest as something between fear and anger washed over him. Who could kill someone, kill his mother in cold blood and laugh about it like it was just some sick joke. “Are you going to say something, or will I be forced to continue talking to myself?” The killer asked. “What do you want?” Tails growled. “Just a way to amuse myself, and I’m off to a good start.” He chuckled , “So tell me, if that useless woman is your mother, don’t you want to see who put a bullet in her head?” The kit’s body shook as he felt the warm breath on his neck, and he looked up and stared into the man’s one good eye. The killer in front of him was an arctic fox not much older than Sonic clad in all white. The boy’s single, icy blue eye stared at him somewhere between excitement and curiosity, but the hint of malice was unmistakable. ‘How can you find killing people in cold blood fun!” Tails shouted. “Would you like a demonstration?” The man reached out and grabbed Tails by the throat, lifting him until his toes barely touched the ground. “Let me go-” Tails trailed off as he noticed the cybernetic arm now threatening to crush his throat and thought back to the previous night. “That damn cybernetic arm caught me off guard,” his mother’s voice echoed in his head “You’re the creep that attacked her last night, aren’t you?” Tails asked. “I see she doesn’t keep anything from you,” the boy smirked, “My name is Isa, but you can call be Frostbite.” “I could call you a lot of things, but I don’t feel as comfortable swearing as my mother does” Tails said. “Clever little mutant, aren’t you?” Frost teased. “I am an eight year old with an IQ of 200,” Tails answered. “Yet you still need mommy,” Frost glanced over at her body, “no idea what that bitch sees in a useless mortal like you. Weak and useless excuse for-” “I think you’re just mad because she kicked your butt last night,” Tails growled, “Only because she caught me off guard!” Frost growled back, “that worthless excuse for an immortal couldn’t fight off a child.” “Big words from a bully that had to shoot her with a sniper rifle to get this close,” Tails said. “You think being pragmatic makes me weak?” Frost sneered, “even with how dirty she fights.” “It makes you a coward, and at least she has the courage to face someone instead stabbing them in the back like you would,” Tails growled, “You’ll never be even a fraction of the warrior she is.” Tails watched in shock as Frost smiled and chuckled, reaching for something behind his back. His resolve started to slip and he struggled as a knife came into view. He the cold steel pressed against his neck and fought back a tear as the adrenaline faded away and he realized how how trouble he was really in. “Mom, you can come back from the dead any time now. I think I need some backup,” he silently pleaded. “I think you can guess I won’t kill you. You’re smart enough to realize I would’ve done so right after I blew your mommy’s brains out if I wanted you dead,” Frost pulled back the knife and lightly thumped him on the head with the flat of the blade. “Ouch,” Tails muttered “But that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t enjoy breaking you with less lethal methods , or your little friend,” Frost opened his hand, now only gripping the knife with this thumb and index finger to reveal a blue ribbon tied around its handle. Shock filled the kit’s face as he realized where it came from, or rather who Frost had taken it from and what that meant. “What did she ever do to you?” Tails asked, his voice beginning to shake. “Absolutely nothing, I just needed a little extra insurance and she was easy to take,” Frost chuckled, “so naive and trusting until I dragged her off.” “If y-you’ve hurt her,” Tails tried and failed to sound intimidating, but couldn’t hide his fear. “Relax, your little friend is fine,” Frost waved te knife in front of Tails eyes, cause them to track it back and forth, “I decided playing with her wouldn’t be as fun without an audience.” h “You won’t get away with anything, my friends and my Uncle Kai will come after you, not to mention what my mom will do when she wakes up,” Tails said, trying to keep his panicked his voice calm. “What makes you think I’ll give her the chance to wake up,” Frost laughed. His heart seemed to jump into his throat as Tails watched the knife moving over his mother’s body. The tip brushed against her, and though though it didn’t cut the sound of it scraping against the fabric of her clothes was horrifying. “Leave her alone,” Tails tried his best to sound strong, but it wasn’t an easy task while fighting back tears. “I could do so much to her, so helpless,” Frost reached out and softly ran the knife down her face, letting it rest on her cheek, “an eye for an eye?” “You coward, you know you can’t beat her so you want to pick on her while she can’t fight back,” Tails muttered. “What you call the way of the coward I call the fun way,” Frost inched the blade towards her eye and blood trickled down her face as the tip dug deeper into her cheek. “Please,” Tails finally started to break down, “don’t hurt her…” “Begging for mercy, now?” Frost chuckled, “this is too easy, maybe I’ll see what happens if sink this into her skull through her eye socket” The blade rose high above her and Tails watched in horror, unable to even bring himself to force his eyes shut. He winced in anticipation and it hovered in the air for felt like an eternity before it was plunged into her chest “Relax, I was just screwing with you.” Frost twisted the knife and a sick crack came from her ribs, “That face and those eyes are too pretty to ruin and leaving my mark through her heart is just as poetic.” “Y-you know she’ll come after both of us and so will my friends.” Tails whimpered. “You hope she cares about an useless, mutated mortal like you that much,” Frost reached into his coat pocket and pulled out some rope. “She does care about me, she’d never turn her back on me like that,” Tails choked. “You only hope she’s foolish enough to waste her time on such a fragile creature,” he tossed Tails over his mother’s body and held him down, binding his hands and Tails together, “I know about the little tricks you can do with these.” He nearly gagged at the smell of his mother’s fresh blood starting to pool not a foot from his face, in addition to some other smells he didn’t want to speculate on. The rope dug into this wrists and Tails winced as Frost pulled it tight, but he couldn’t move or struggle due to the awkward position was forced into. “It’s not stupid to care about someone, and I know she’ll save us,” Tails mumbled. “Risking your own life for someone that will just waste away in 70 or 80 years, while you could live forever is the height of stupidity” Frost jerked the rope tighter, “or do you have a reason why it isn’t, you little runt?” “Because she’s my mom she loved me as much as I love her,” Tails fought back a tear, “but someone like you could never understand that.” “Good riddance, then. Caring about anyone but number one would get in the way of my fun,” Frost scowled, “despite my doubts, I hope she does come instead of running away with her tail between her legs. I want to make her watch.” “She WILL come,” Tails said quietly as he felt something come down over his eyes and felt it being tied behind his head. Laughter echoed in his ears and he felt himself lifted over Frost’s shoulder. He shuddered as he heard a soft thump before Frost began to walk. He could only hold to some last shred of hope and pray to the higher power she believed in that it would protect them both. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The place he had been taken reeked of the mold and dampness, and the cold, concrete floor made him assume it was one of the warehouses by the docks. To his relief he had been up against a small, shaking body that he realized was Cream and though he hadn’t tried to talk to her yet, she seemed to be okay. “Hey, Cream, it’s me.” He whispered, still holding back tears “Tails?” She sniffed, “Did he take you, to? Are you okay?” “Don’t worry, I’m fine.” Tails assured her. “I’m scared,” Cream whispered, “he keeps threatening me and I think I heard him talking to Doctor Eggman: “How did I not guess? ” Tails thought to himself, “it’s going to be okay, Cream, someone will come for us and he’s going to be in deep trouble if my mom is the first one here.” “You think Aunt Mel will really be able to find us?” “She’s lived a really long time, and I’m sure that makes her smarter than someone dumb enough to work for Eggman,” Tails felt around and gripped her hand, “I’ll protect you until then, even if have I bite him to keep him away.” Cream let out a small giggle, “thank you.” For several moments Tails heard nothing in the tense silence but both their breathing and the occasional irregular footsteps that he assumed was from Frost and his cybernetic leg. He was going mad not being able to see exactly where their captor was only having his hearing to keep track. “Tails, are you scared, to?” Cream spoke up, “it sounds like you’ve upset.” “A little, everyone get’s scared sometimes.” Tails took a deep breath. “But we don’t have to be as scared because we’re not alone and our friends will find us,” Cream sniffed. “Right,” Tails felt her squeeze his hand and held it tight, “We just have to wait it out together.” His heart jumped in his chest as he heard close footsteps and a laugh, along with the beeping of some sort of device. “Still holding onto the hope that coward of a woman will came save you?” Frost said “I told you, she will come.” Tails choked. “What makes you think an immortal with the entire world at her fingertips cares about some disfigured mortal.” The device beeped again. “Because she’s my mom and I trust her.” “Please, just because she decided to play mommy for a while doesn’t mean she cares for you anymore than she would for a pet.” “That’s not true,” Tails raised his shaking voice. “You really think she can afford attachment to creatures she’ll only watch grow old and frail, and then eventually die while she retains her youth and lives on?” Frost laughed, “Such pathetic, blind faith in such a weak excuse for a warrior.” “Please don’t talk about her that way,” Cream squeaked. “Not like you can do anything about it, little girl.” Frost stepped closer, “You’re even more useless than the flea-bag she calls a son.” Cream softly whimpered. “Leave her alone,” Tails voice began to shake “Or what, you’ll start crying again?” “When my friends and my family get my hands on you,” Tails choked. “How many times must I say it to convince you how miniscule the chances of that bitch you call a mother really caring, or that flea-bag wolf she calls a protege are?” Frost clicked another button, “As for the others?” Tails whimpered, he didn’t want to let Frost inside his head but fear was making him irrational and he couldn’t block out the insults. The repetition of the idea that he knew in his heart was false only made it dig in deeper and deeper.. More than anything though, it hurt hearing his friends and family talked about that way. “Sonic doesn’t have the will to do what it takes to stop me, Amy can’t go five minutes without something capturing her, and Knuckles is so stupid I bet I could make him help me.” “Somebody WILL come,” Tails choked. “Tails, I’m scared,” Cream sobbed. Something that felt like heavy canvas suddenly fell over Tails head and he squeezed Cream’s hand once again as she gasped. “Now if excuse me, I have something to attend to while you think about what I’ve said.” Frost began to walk away as he clicked several more buttons. His voice was distant, but Tails could still make out his half of the conversation. “Eggman, I tracked down some bait and provided the fox’s mother shows, the job should be done soon. That useless spy of yours that didn’t have the guts to help was snooping around, and her pitiful conscience should entice her to go tell the women ” Frost said, “Yes, I can bring proof if you insist.” “Could he mean Rouge?” Tails thought to himself. “I already you told you, I’m working for pleasure that’s all that’s in for me. I have no interest in your “empire” or helping you create it,” Frost sighed and the device clicked before he raised his voice, “Now we play the waiting game and you pray to whatever deity you feel comfortable with that someone shows, and that they show before I grow bored.” “Why do you hate her so much, anyway?” Tails asked. “Take a guess about why I’m missing so many extremities,” Frost growled. “I bet she had a good reason,” Tails shot back, knowing that he had to have done something unspeakable to make someone like his mother leave him in such a state. “She didn’t approve of my hobbies, or the project I was working on when she stumbled upon me.” Frost laughed, “She’d despise my plans for you.” “You know, I’m not afraid of you,” Tails lied. “Is that why you keep crying and then trying to hide it by yelling?” Frost said, “maybe I’ll break you facade by having my fun with the girl first and making you watch.” Cream begin to cry and Tails once again squeezed her hand, deciding to ignore Frost and do his his best to calm down. “It’ll be okay, I promise,” he whispered, choking back tears. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What felt like an entirety passed before Tails heard a completely different set of footsteps approaching, the unmistakable sound of boots hurrying across the concrete. “I’m here, you son of a bitch!” A female voice shouted The kit’s ears perked up and he felt a rush of hope as he realized it was mother, but he couldn’t speak through the duct-tape Frost had stuck over his mouth after goading him into another argument. Eventually the arguing between Frost and his mother cumulated in the tarp, blindfold, and tape being removed. “Mom? Is that you?” It was all he could manage in his nerve wracked state. “ “Yes, I’m right here and I’m going to get you both out of here, somehow. Just hold in there.” His mom called. Was it finally over?
  12. I'M ALIVE ------------------------------------------------ *knock knock* “Mind if I come in? I brought cookies.” Melinda peeked inside MIles room where he sat in front of his computer scrolling through video files. “I don’t mind.” MIles turned his chair and smiled. “Took them out of the package myself,” she grinned, “that counts as something, right?” “As long as nothing burst into flames, we’re good.” Miles laughed. “Very funny,” she sat the plate down on his desk and watched him grab one, “working on something?” “I finally recovered the video from that bug.” Miles said. “Cool, anything good?” “Well, it got this one of us in the funeral home.” Miles clicked a thumbnail and footage of him and Melinda sitting and laughing in the casket filled the screen. “Can you get some shots for the album from that one?” Melinda asked. “If you listen close, you can hear Daniel’s hand hitting his forehead,” Miles laughed. “Poor guy.” Melinda placed a hand on his chair and leaned over closer to see the screen as Miles cycled through clips, “There’s the gas station, open that one so I can if I looked cool swatting it.” The clip opened and and Miles fast forwarded to the point his mom approached the back hall. Melinda watched intently as the recording of herself turned and glared at the camera before making a quick movement that sent it is spiraling around the room. Once the image stopped spinning the bug directed itself at Miles, who was concentrating on the coolers full of soda. Melinda squinted at the screen as a dark pink, male hedgehog caught her eye in the background. Semi-long quills tightly pulled back, dark overcoat, dark gloves, coffee in his hand. He seemed out of place loitering around in a gas station. The fact she knew he couldn't've been immortal eased her mind some, but it still struck her as odd to see someone that stood out so much. “Something wrong, mom?” Miles asked. “Nah, just forgot how cute you are when you’re concentrating,” Melinda teased. “Mom!” Miles jokingly exclaimed. “Sorry, mom moment.” Melinda laughed, “anything else interesting?” “The bug has some really old data, looks like Eggman isn’t very through clearing them out and It was an old one he had on me before.” Miles scrolled back to the oldest video, a thumbnail showing Sonic and him at what looked like a crime scene. “Is this when it happened?” Melinda asked “The wreck, I mean.” “Yeah,” Miles bit into a cookie, “uh, don’t worry. It doesn’t bother me now because everything worked out.” “Good, I was about to ask,” Melinda leaned over and placed her hand on the back of his chair, “Think it would be okay if we watched it, so I can maybe see how things went for you guys?” “Sure, I guess it might also help completely work through it,” Miles clicked the video and it opened to him and Sonic. Melinda’s eyes drifted to the officers and medics littering the background as the two boys talked on the screen. Her ears stayed fixed on their conversation despite her wandering eyes and she smiled at Sonic’s promises to help the kit. Just as a female paramedic approached she caught herself staring at a familiar figure talking to one of the police officers. The same pink hedgehog from the station, could it just be a confidence? She snapped out of her daze as the bug followed them inside the ambulance. Miles didn’t react, having closed his eyes before he climbed inside but she noticed Sonic wince as he looked up at the gurney that held her currently lifeless body. She had to admit it sent a chill down her spine to actually look at her own battered corpse. “Something wrong, mom?” Miles asked “I was just wondering if this what a ghost would feel like looking back at it’s own body,” Melinda said. “I guess is kind of creepy. If there’s such a thing as a soul I imagine yours generally stays there until you wake-up, so you never seen what happens afterwards. Almost like being in a deep sleep.” Miles said. “I mean, it’s not like I’ve never seen one of us like this before. I was even there when Kai came back for the first time and he wasn’t the first immortal I’ve seen reborn. Then there’s the numerous times afterwards” she shivered, “it’s still weird seeing myself, though.” “You want me to stop it?” Miles asked. “No, I’m fine,” she smiled and picked up a cookie. “Just making sure.” Miles smiled up at her and took one as well. A smile crept across her face as she looked back at the screen, which showed Sonic hugging Miles and assuring him he wouldn’t be alone. “He may be awkward and sometimes not know how to show it, but he does care about you a lot.” Melinda said. “I know, we’re kind of like brothers now after everything we’ve been through. Like the mess with Shadow and The Space Colony Ark” Miles said. “I was scared out of my mind until everyone made it back okay.” Melinda said. “I think you hugged me and whimpered for like an hour once we were alone,” Miles giggled. “Sorry, I got emotional,” Melinda chuckled. “I was happy to see you, to, so I didn’t mind.” Miles smiled before looking back at the screen and Sonic’s worried expression, “I think Sonic was hurting to, when he thought you were gone.” “I’ve never seen him looking that uncomfortable before,’ Melinda said, “I wonder that has anything to do with how violently he reacted when he thought I was some kind of double, aside from being worried you were in danger.” “Maybe, but he didn’t act as weird as Knuckles did,” Miles started to giggle, “do you think he really thought you were a ghost?” “Like I said before: he probably thought I was some ancient spirit there to ream him over losing The Master Emerald so much,” Melinda said. “Not to mention it getting broken, twice.” Miles said. “A part of me hopes it happens again, Tikal seemed like a nice girl.” Melinda said, “must suck being all cooped up in there.” Melinda looked back the screen in time to see Sonic approaching the wreckage. She noted the painful cringe on his face as he got a good look at it right before the camera spun around to view the bloody mess. He really must have gotten close to her and got hit hard when he thought she gone. “Amy is about to show up, brace yourself,” Miles said. “Oh God, that poor girl.” Melinda almost whispered. The scene continued and the camera remained trained on Miles as he carefully pulled a familiar trenchcoat from the backseat and smiled, holding it close. “It’s okay if you were worried about me,” Melinda said, “it had to be stressful with all the public drama breaking loose.” “It still smelled like your perfume.” Miles blushed, “So it was like having you there again for a minute.” “With everything that coat has been through, I think it’s sort of a security blanket for both of us.” Melinda chuckled, “For me it’s how I hide my sword in a time when they’ve fallen out of favor for self-defense, and for you it must be almost like a part of me since I’ve worn it your whole life” “Yeah, everyone used to ask about it on occasion because it’s so out of place now for most people, especially that bright color,” Miles looked up her, “Sonic asked me once if you were a detective and Cream thought maybe you were a PI like Vector when she first saw you in it.” “I guess I’ll have to retire it to the closet and get a new one now that I’m going undercover, maybe something in blue?” Melinda pondered her options for a moment before a shrill voice brought her attention back to the screen. Amy was running up to them and Melinda once again caught a glimpse of pain on Sonic’s face, as well as Amy’s when it was explained it was really her in the Ambulance. Miles flinched as Amy pulled him into a bear hug and held on for dear life before Sonic coaxed her to give the kit space. She had to wonder about how close everyone must of gotten to her for their reactions to unfold this. There was no doubt she considered Tails’ friends her friends as well, but it never occurred to her how strongly they may reciprocate those feelings. “If you need anything, don’t hesitate to call me,” Amy said “Deep down, that girl cares about everyone a lot more than she lets on, doesn’t she?” Melinda asked. “She kept asking if I was okay the entire way there when I took her to the workshop for you to tell her the truth. It was kind of weird because she’s never acted so... that,” Miles stopped for a minute, his face betraying thought as if couldn’t find the word “nurturing towards anyone but Cream before” “There more to that girl than fangirl obsession and righteous fury,’ Melinda said, “Like the way she almost lost in once she knew it was really me.” “I’ve seen her emotional before, but never anything that genuine.” Miles said. “Poor girl. I’m glad her and everyone else have been so understanding but I feel like I still have a long way to go making up for all those hours spent mourning me.” “You’ve already done a lot, and I know Sonic thinks it’s cool, so at least he doesn’t mind.” Miles said. “It almost feels like fate that he came into our lives,” Melinda smiled at the footage of the two boys walking down the sidewalk in near silence, Sonic’s arm protectively around Miles’ shoulders, “I get you see you so happy now instead hurting and lonely” “I wasn’t completely alone, I had you and Uncle Kai,” Miles said. “You should drop in to see him some time, I think he feels like he doesn’t see you enough anymore,” Melinda said. “Maybe on the way home from my workshop sometime” Miles smiled “He’s also welcome to stop in at the workshop when I’m up there, I never really have showed him around.” “maybe I should, to, “ Melinda ruffled the fur on his head, “We haven’t been in a shop together in months and I miss the smell of grease, gas, and oil” “Maybe you can get a new car and we can tune it up together,” Miles said. “Sounds like fun,” Melinda said. “Hey, mom?” Miles asked “What, honey?” “I’m glad the secret is out so you can be more like one of the gang, now.” Miles looked up her, “maybe even find a way to fight Eggman with us” “Me to, I’m glad there’s one less wall between me and everyone.” Melinda smiled and ruffled his head fur, “and I’d love to play hero sometime.” “I love you, mom” “Love you, to, kiddo.”
  13. Technology

    Doesn't the 1070 perform similar to a Maxwell Titian, or at least pretty close. Got some goodies (finally switched to SSD and did fresh install, my old boot HDD is now a dedicated game drive) With the new cooler I managed to do some overclocking (still getting good CPU temps maxing out at 56 degrees during torture test, to)
  14. Technology

    I mean, that's kind of the issue. Not a lot of games aren't really well optimized for higher resolutions yet , especially huge open world games on a fairly old engine (it's an updated version of the Skyrim engine, which itself is based on the even older Gamebryo engine used for Fallout 3.
  15. Technology

    My setup right now (mouse not pictures but it's just a semi-cheap wireless logitech)