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  1. Technology The Glorious PC master race thread

    That's a coincidence because I needed to make an emergency keyboard run after an incident and took it as a sign to pull the trigger on a more budget end Mechanical
  2. I think it might be time to update your PC specs in your About Me.

    1. Shoboni


      Gonna have to wait until I can get a new case and mobo.

      Mine isn't in very presentable shape due to having the side panels off and my mobo popped a SATA port during installation, leaving with a board I couldn't RMA since I needed my PC for school.


      The case blew a USB 3.0 port, so that's why it needs replaced.

  3. Technology The Glorious PC master race thread

    Not all of the 700 line were Keplar, The GTX-750/750ti and GTX-745 (which seems to be an OEM only card) were both Maxwell.
  4. Technology The Glorious PC master race thread

    Got my GPU overclocked and stable. I'm doing good on temps to with a max of 65 degrees under torture test in Furmark.
  5. Technology The Glorious PC master race thread

    I think the fact they can't seem to keep up the supply chain running and the shifty shit they did with the MSRP fixing hurt AMD bad with Vega. Not to mention the fact they still only have blower-style reference cards on the market and only went high-end with the cheapest card having a $400 MSRP.
  6. Technology The Glorious PC master race thread

    I know they avoided 800 because of the old 8000 series cards but it would actually be sound sound if they continued and used a skipped number to indicate like an incremental upgrade and a single count up for designate an actual new generation of cards. Like they did with 700-to-900 being a small boost and then the jump to the 1000 series being a new generation with a massive performance leap.
  7. Technology The Glorious PC master race thread

    According to the Nvidia sub-reddit the next generation of cards might be another 700-to-900 series situation with tweaks over performance increases since they're targeting improving non-gaming features like stuff for media encoding and other productively uses.
  8. Technology The Glorious PC master race thread

    Not sure my max because I have no reason to turn Vsync off. I'd imagine maybe 100-140 since I have so much GPU overhead with the 60FPS lock. Yeah, I nabbed a 6GB model for $300 with rush shipping off Newegg and that was because I paid a bit of a premium for a decent double-fan cooler. There was single-fan cards for far cheaper and a Zotac on flash sale right now so you can get them for not much about the $260 MSRP.
  9. Technology The Glorious PC master race thread

    I thought about a 1070, but then I decided I couldn't really justify the $125+ price premium for 40% more performance when I'm targeting 1080p and the 1060 is already such a beast at that resolution. I'm happy so far though, I'm getting 50FPS minimums in the problematic areas in Fallout 4 with only the concessions below ultra of tweaking the dynamic shadow distance in the .ini file and turning Godrays to low. Which is impressive with how much of a trainwreck the optimization in that game is. Rise of the Tomb Raider runs beautiful with frame dips only in a couple weird spots at the Very High preset with the one setting that defaults to normal with it turned to high. Doom and it's awesome optimization are a locked 60FPS at only 70% GPU usage with Ultra and the Nightmare options on the two settings that go that far enabled, of course.
  10. Technology The Glorious PC master race thread

    I ascended from Maxwell to Pascal and damn is it a huge upgrade.
  11. A mentioned in a comment below, this account belongs to a violent-anti-brony that actually made terrorist threats against a theater showing the new MLP movie.

    This account needs to be banned.

    1. PinkiePie97


      It's possible he already is banned. Since the forum software was upgraded, we can view anyone's profile, regardless of whether they're banned or not.

  12. Open letter to staff:

    Please fix the text entry box in the forums so the box showing how many characters you've entered doesn't obscure part of what you're typing.

  13. The reasons why alicorn OCs are bad and hated

    We have four in the show already and confirmation with Twilight that powerful enough unicorns with the right guidance can ascend, so I don't see the issue with well written and used Alicorns that make sense.
  14. All consumer fireworks have been legalized at the state level in Iowa and my city and county choose to honor the repeal and allow them around the appropriate holidays. It's a big milestone and it's gonna make it a fun 4th this year.

    1. FlitterFlutter


      While they are not legal here... the police just turn a blind eye. 

    2. Shoboni


      My city basically had that going because it's like 45min from a discount fireworks store right on the MO border.

      There was largely an unspoken "preferably stay outside city limits and don't cause trouble and we'll pretend we didn't see or hear any"

      They're officially legal on paper now, though and fireworks sellers are already discussing getting permits to open temporary stores and stalls during the window in which they can be sold every year. 

  15. Technology The Glorious PC master race thread

    I have a wireless one from the company in a similar design and I really like it. The side buttons are great.