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  1. My cats keep trying to eat my ponies hair D:

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    2. HanPolo


      Oh god that last comment just made my day...

    3. Toothless the Night Fury

      Toothless the Night Fury

      Better enjoy it; I spent 5 minutes on it. D:

    4. Breeface621


      Dear god that is wonderful XD

  2. Breeface621

    Movies/TV Any other HUB shows?

    Dan Vs. is good and they have doogie howser M.D. (not a hub specific show but its my favorite thing ever)
  3. My mom got the Hub and internet :D

  4. looks super awesome ... i want a twilight hat -_-
  5. i hate February -_-

  6. i hate February -_-

  7. i hate February -_-

  8. I wish people would stop asking to look at my sketchbook

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    2. Breeface621


      hurr hurr honestly that should be rephrased not people more like people who will not accept what is in it

    3. Cynic


      No, I understood what you meant. But yeah, I agree with you. I hate it when people are watching over your shoulder as you're drawing. I've always felt paranoia about that.

    4. Breeface621


      Yes! thank you! no one knows why i wont draw in class or anything you are the first person to understand this.

  9. Went to target for foo came out with ponies

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    2. Breeface621


      They aren't blind bags but in the toys r us in rockaway new jersey they have blind bag ones.

    3. Fghik


      Hmmmm...New Jersey eh?


      That's only like 2437 miles away. XD

      Suppose I'll have to wait until they migrate their way to me.

    4. Breeface621


      Well I suppose most toys r us would have them if not most game shops (D&D and other card games) are willing to special order just about anything

  10. I feel bad for saying it but its seems pretty logical. id like to think there parents live far away and cloudsdale is more training camp for kids kind of thing to make them strong fliers and learn to do pegasi jobs.
  11. would anybody be interested in a tutorial video to do pony hair?

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    2. Breeface621


      really? would you like the first to be rarity ;)

    3. Lady Rarity Pony

      Lady Rarity Pony

      Yes! I have no idea how to brush the hair without messing it up :P

    4. Breeface621


      no problem ill do how to curl it all nicey

  12. ART BLOCK!!! GAH!

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    2. Breeface621


      Draw all the things?

    3. ScottishUnicorn


      Yes draw all the things, if you just draw what's around you then you have something to draw. Plus drawing from life is key to being a better artist.

    4. Breeface621


      :3 I think i will!

  13. Can't stop think of twilight as a cheerleader who fights zombies now -_-

  14. Breeface621

    Pony hair

    I'd love to do new plugs but my supply budget wouldent allow it and that seems to be the subject of a bulk of the tutorials
  15. Breeface621

    Pony hair

    Tutorials seems to be my best bet :3
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