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  1. Mine is legotankman and thank you i will join you soon. I hope been having connection error's to get in. Should i be Nod or GDI? Thanks Center west or north or south west
  2. I was wondering if anyone here plays Command and Conquer Tiberium Alliance. I'm looking for a clan or want to make one. I've been looking around and i'm new to the game just wanted to see if any more GDI or NOD people out their.
  3. I got the shivers just watching this. Have to agree with Celtore. This is one scary *** map almost stopped watching just so I don't get nightmares.
  4. Tank Legend

    Movies/TV Favorite TV Network

    My favorites would be History and science channel sometimes military and spike as well. Yah American Pickers and Gold Rush. O and syfy
  5. Delta looks amazing in this. Did you get this off the scean in your fan fic. Still just another great piece get them to do more. Plus great cake hat.
  6. What pizza companies do drawing request YES SO AWESOME. I'll start doing orders everywhere so happy yes.
  7. Tank Legend

    Movies/TV Case Closed (Detective Conan)

    I'll take a look at it man. Hopes it's good if not I'll kill you. Jk but do you have a website to watch this on. Free
  8. Tank Legend

    Because I was sad

    You no that person said pa not ma. But so sad at least you got to know them I never got to meat any of my Great grandparents.Great pic though.
  9. So smooth again your awesome at this. I really wish I had these types of skills to do this. But good work once again.
  10. Mr. Pibb because I don't get to have it as often as Dr. Pepper. I think they both taste the same though Pepper may be a little bit stronger than Pibb though.
  11. So Prince Blue Blood, Shining Armor and Lord Fancy Pants don't they count as Royalty. Hmm i think I'm right not foreshore though.
  12. Seeing how this is only female royalty have to go with Princess Celestia. Why are their no male royalty on the list hmm?
  13. I know what other TV series I'm going to watch this fall. Thank you so much I would of probably never have heard about this tell it was to late.
  14. I'm taking 8 classes. But is still have Vacation for another 3 weeks so I do not need to worry yet about school.
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