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  1. So I'm back and addicted to tumblr.

  2. Granted, 4chan ban-evaded anyway. and you still only get one wish. I wish..I knew if the Hope Diamond was really cursed
  3. This pony doesn't have the Hub D: TPAM is redrawing something they already drew some time ago.
  4. Granted, but the paparazzi suffocate you :U I wish tomorrow is a good day.
  5. True! <3 TPAM is listening to rambling right now
  6. Oooh yes. Good song too. c: TPAM dreads going to a certain class.
  7. Granted! How're you feeling after your lobotomy? Oh right.. No emotions <w> I wish I didn't have to take Advanced French 3 with a stupid teacher
  8. Narwhal!
  9. If you want to hear more music like this I suggest talking a look at Yourenigma on youtube. He's got some amazing stuff- even a Toccata for the Parasprites if you like that.
  10. Evil Enchantress (Flutterguy) At the Gala (Best Night Ever) Flim Flam Brother's Song Smile, Smile, Smile Love is in Bloom Yep. :3 I can't choose which is my favorite out of those.
  11. Lobotomy.