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  1. Merry Christmas! It's been decided so by Discord's fanclub! Enjoy!

  2. I'm not very great at social activities like small talk and chatting even though I would like to make friends with people. If I speak my voice is usually soft compared to others in the room. No matter how hard I try I can't make people pleased or happy. This affected my self esteem and anxiety pretty badly to the point that I decided to seek counseling for it to find a way to help solve this issue. Counseling isn't always for everyone and it isn't easy to open up. In a way it helped me to be more independent and be free to ask about how to learn communication but not give out too much person
  3. Limestone

    Movies/TV Best TV show openings?

    Toad Patrol was a show that used to be on Toon Disney.
  4. Limestone

    Mega Thread Last Movie You Watched?

    Joseph king of dreams was okay but the Prince of Egypt was a better film.
  5. I'm hoping with Twilight being a Princess it will help bring her development as a leader not a Mary Sue status. Ponyvile? I'm not sure where she might rule.... Most ponies would want obey her except those who are evil or question her leadership based on a moral standard. I don't know what will happen in Season 4 but it would be cool if the mane six and the other characters can explore Equestra and have more adventures.
  6. I had spine surgery a decade ago and the doctors placed a rod in my back for my spine to keep it straight. After the surgery I was in bed for weeks, then on a wheel chair, then I painfully learned how to walk again.
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ERLtsRIdeug This show used to be on Toony Disney a long time ago. There are currently only 13 full episodes available on youtube. Just wondered if anyone seen it before.
  8. Cossid stood up to follow the others and then drew back her wings before she flew in the sky looking out for anything unusual or if anypony is pursuing them on their way to their destination. "I hope we can all get there safely..." she thought to herself.
  9. Cossid held and petted Click as she meditated on the different options on how they would reach underground. "I'm not sure if we should split up or not..." she thought, "...but I agree with Zhooves...whatever everyone else decides to do is fine. Purplepower is right we must hurry we shouldn't lose any chances of getting in...What did Willowmist wrote on her paper and placed in her bag?"
  10. After Cossid exited out of the tunnel she became exhausted then fell face down onto the ground. She slowly sat up as she tried to pay attention the group's conversation. "An art gallery entrance? Never knew there was one. That could work and if we do follow Purplepower's idea to hang at the bottom of the train to get there then those guards would at least never expect us to return back...." she thought.
  11. Cossid hesitantly jumped and flied into the dark tunnel as she followed the glowing band's light. "I hope everyone will make it okay" she thought hopefully while looking back at the train and saw the figures over at the front which made her more nervous. She bumped against the wall which bruised her wing a little and then began to try to focus on escaping.
  12. Cossid nodded in approval and felt eager to leave the train with the others. She gathered her items and Click while spreading her own wings to prepare herself to follow them. "I hope the guards won't chase after us...But if they do we can surely get there faster than them right?" she thought nervously.
  13. Cossid observed the food that Faceless brought in from the food carriage and his conversation with Purplepower. She looked at the window and saw the tunnel ahead "Hopefully we will be at Canterlot soon...I wonder how much had changed since I had last been there?"
  14. Cossid flew over to see what picture Purplepower, Zhooves, and Honey were talking about. Then she smiled at the picture "The Pegasi Exploration Group...Looks great to me...this design could be used for the team's logo" she thought. Cossid turns and then finds Click discovering its food supply and ran off to stop it from eating too much.
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