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  3. Happy Birthday, Rarietty. :)

  4. Parasprites are always annoying. COULD YOU PLEASE STOP REPRODUCING AND EATING EVERYTHING?!?! TPAM thinks very highly of themselves/has very high self-esteem,
  5. What made my day: Having a chocolate chip cookie bake-off with a group of three friends. I lost, but it significantly improved my day, for a very good reason. What completely ruined my day year, just yesterday I found out that my grandfather had passed away. He had been sick for a while, but I didn't expect it to happen this soon. I had seen him a month ago, but I feel guilty for not bothering to say goodbye in someway. He's in a better place now, and he'll always be in my heart. That's also why the cookie bake-off even happened. I was in a horrible mood, so my friends tried to cheer me up. Sorry for being depressing.

  7. This...is hard, to say the least. Ranked mostly by the number of songs I like by them. Also included are my favorite songs by them just because I want to. 5) Odyssey Eurobeat-Favorite Songs: Basically every single one of his show remixes. Also, Diamond Dogs, Luna and Gone. 4) PonyPhonic-Favorite Songs: The only two original songs he's released. Seriously, it says a lot when a guy who's only made 2 songs plus a cover makes it onto a top 5 musicians list. His two songs though are probably my 2 favorite in the fandom to date. I've listened to Lullaby for a Princess over 200 times according to ITunes (and that doesn't count the dozens of times I've listened to it just on Youtube) and I still get emotional. 3) Stormwolf-Favorite Songs:Perfect Picture, his remix of Icky Nightmare and Night Mares, Shadow of a Flower. Mainly on this list due to his collab with Glaze on Fruits of her Labour, which is definitely my third favorite Brony song (and my ringtone). I just realized that I'm humming it as I type this. The melody is just so pretty. 2) Aviators-Favorite Songs: Friendship, Never Back Down (with d.notive and Yelling at Cats), Spirit of Chaos, Monster, his remix of Eurobeat Brony's Luna. 1) Woodentoaster/Glaze-Favorite songs: Fruits of her Labour (with Stormwolf), She's a Pony Remix, Pinkie's Lie, Nightmare Night...actually, all of them. I haven't heard a song by him I have not liked. His music is just so replayable.
  8. I absolutely hate the notion that for a show to be good among an older male demographic, it has to "toughen up" or be not "girly". Face it, as a female myself, I admit that MLP is a feminine show. It's very pink, centers around princesses and episodes evolve around stereotypically "female" things (sleepovers, fashion, weddings...). This show is also very childish and Bronies seem to be convinced that their show is something of "epic" proportions, even though it's less "epic" or "adult" that most cartoons these days and films that the target demographic would be watching (e.g. Pixar, Disney or Dreamworks films). It's not a bad thing, and people have to stop convincing themselves that this show is "manly" or "epic". It's not. It's just a simple, innocent cartoon about cute ponies that many demographics can enjoy. Also, a guy watching a "girly" show should not be ridiculed (which I recognize is mostly society's problem, but the idea of losing or gaining manliness because of a TV show you watch is dumb).
  9. Maybe they're going to do showings in select theatres. Possibly pre-release screenings/premieres or something? I think a lot of straight-to-DVD movies have premieres in actual movie theatres. As far as I can tell, the movie will most likely be a TV movie anyway, so I doubt you'll have to pay to watch it regardless. An Equestria Girls stage production would be quite interesting. It would definitely work much better than an actual MLP stage production. Sure, it would probably be very weird, but less weird than massive horse costumes prancing around a stage.
  10. I really don't see why I shouldn't be, considering it seems like season 3 is the same general quality of the first 2 seasons, just slightly shorter. I'm sure season 3 probably would have been my favorite season if there were another 13 episodes of the same quality as the first 13. Let's see... It had some of my favorite episodes of the entire show (Sleepless in Ponyville and Magic Duel are my two most favorite episodes PERIOD, and Just for Sidekicks is probably in my top 5 and MMC, Crystal Empire and Wonderbolt Academy I particularly love), one episode I hated (SAYS) and one that I thought was "meh" (Apple Family Reunion, not because the episode was bad, but nothing stood out to me as particularly "good" either). KCAFO really bothered me because of the ending, but all-in-all it was an excellent episode humor and animation wise. The rest of the episodes were excellent in their own ways. Compared to season 1 or 2, at least in my opinion, season 3 probably had a way lower "good episode to bad episode" ratio. Also, this is the best Rainbow Dash season. She was awesome this season, and she rose all the way up to being one of my favorite ponies. However, since Rarity is my absolute favorite, I kind of have to take points off of season 3 just because they couldn't fit in an episode for her anywhere.
  11. Note to self: everytime something pony related is about to come out, go on 4Chan's /mlp/ and read all of their (always negative) reactions. They seriously lowered my expectations for this, and that turned out good for me considering that I was blown away by how much better it was than I expected.
  12. It was certainly pretty, that's for sure. Probably the best animated video that's longer than five minutes from the fandom to date. I liked Snowdrop's design, and she was pretty adorable. Voice Acting was OK, but when Snowdrop first opened her mouth my brain instantly connected her to Fluttershy and I couldn't shake the feeling that her voice actress was drawing too much of Fluttershy's voice for her Snowdrop voice. The idea of a blind pony was nice, although really, they were playing it up maybe a bit too much for my liking. Snowdrop being teased by her classmates comes to mind, but there's also this scene that left a really bad taste in my mouth. The one where Snowdrop and her mother are talking about wishing on stars, and Snowdrop asks if she could wish to see. Her mother tells her that it's better to "save her wishes for something really important". Sure, I get the message that they're trying to send here. However, right after this, there's this tiny bit of dialogue: Snowdrop: "Don't I really need my eyes? Mother: No, not you. You're too special for that. Something about that really rubs me the wrong way. I just can't put my finger on it. Yeah, the feels were very forced, but they were there all right. I did get a bit teary-eyed. Overall, it was pretty good. I mostly admire it for it's ambition and animation.